summer school slut

I got the worst end of the school year news in the world. I had to go to summer school Calculus was a subject that I wished I could just skip. But I had to go, if I wanted to play football in the fall I would have to find a way to pass this brain wrecking course. The days leading up to the beginning of summer school seemed to pass bye at a snail’s pace. When I walked into the classroom my mood about taking this class changed. My teacher was sexy middle age white lady; she had some real long blonde hair, with some nice D cup sized tits, some thick thighs, and a huge plump bottom. The dress she had on seemed to hug her body, as if it was painted on her. I sat down in the front of the class making sure that I would get all of her attention. She introduced herself as Mrs. Megan and told us that this would be a fun course for those who were willing to learn a new and easy way to pass this course. As she was talking my mind began to wonder off, I was thinking about how it would feel to make love to her with my big black dick. I bet her husband did not even know how to fuck her right. I became so caught up in my daydream that my young dick began to leak pre cum. The first day went bye real smooth, except for the fact that when Mrs. Megan helped you with a math problem she would rest her tits on the back of your neck. Me being a young freak I called her name like a hundred times during the day. The gym shorts that I had on couldn’t hide the huge hard on that I had going, I knew for a fact that she had to see it. Because when she would go back to her desk it seemed as if her eyes were locked on me. Every day I had a million and one questions for her, calculus was becoming one of my favorite subjects.
This went on for most of the summer course around the last week Mrs. Megan asked if she could get some students to help her move some things around her house. Of course I was the first person to apply for the position. As it turned out I was the only student that said they would help out. After class was over she gave me her address and told me that she wanted to begin working at 8 o’clock a.m. Saturday morning. That night I did not get any sl**p all I could do was jack off thinking about Mrs. Megan. The next morning came and I was up and ready to go at six, around seven I hopped in my mom’s car and made my way towards her house. Once I got there I rang the doorbell, it took a while for her to answer the door. When the door opened my jaw dropped to the ground, she had on some short and tight cotton shorts, and a tank top. This was going to be a hard day for me, as she led the way I couldn’t see a pantie line in her shorts. This was a big mistake because my dick grew a mind of its own; it got so hard that it began to hurt. I told her that I needed to use the restroom before we started working; I had to find a way to make my big black dick go soft. After five minutes I got my big boy to go down, she told me that she had some boxes in the attic that she needed to take down. While we worked Mrs. Megan kept on bumping into me, this was driving me crazy because she bent over right in front of me while I wasn’t looking and my dick that was semi hard poked her in the butt. I could have sworn that she made a grinding motion with her ass, but I just thought that I was day dreaming again so I kept on working. Some reason we kept on making contact with each other while working, at one point it felt like she gave my dick a pat. After two hours of clearing out all of the boxes we took a break from working. She fixed me a glass of water and we sat down opposite of each other in the living room. She had her legs wide open, I could see a wet spot in between her legs, and this made my young black dick jump rock hard in a spit second. I told her that I need to use the restroom, when I got up she told me that it was okay I didn’t have to hide that huge dick anymore. She told me King I have noticed since the first day how you look at me, and you are always trying to hide that big black dick that you have. Then Mrs. Megan said as a matter of fact I want to see that big boy; I didn’t have the nerve to pull my shorts down so she came over and pulled them down for me. My dick jumped out of my boxer shorts and hit her in the face; the look in her eyes said a million things. She started licking my balls while giving me a hand job, this felt so great once she put the head of my dick in her mouth I almost blew a load. I had pre cum leaking out of the head she sucked it off gently and said damn that tastes good. She took off all of her clothes, and lay on the floor. Her pussy was shaved bald; she put one of her legs behind her head and asked me do you think you can handle this tight white pussy? I got on the floor and watched her finger fuck herself, she sucked on the fingers she had inside that tight pussy then she stuck them in my mouth, her cunt had a sweet taste to it. Mrs. Karen said again King do you think that you could handle this tight white pussy? I tried to put my dick inside of her but she said no, if you want to fuck me you have to taste this pussy first. I put my face inside of her pussy and began to lick and kiss on that sweet fuck spot she had. Mrs. Megan had her hands on the back of my head while fucking my face, she was telling me that’s a good boy eat that pussy good, I sucked harder on her clit when I put my middle fingers in her she started to go crazy, she began to have an orgasm while I was eating that hot married pussy, her cum had a great taste to it. I kept going until she could not take the tongue fucking that I was giving her.
Mrs. Megan got up and told me to follow her to the bedroom. We stood beside the bed tongue kissing like to high school k**s; I had my hands on her ass gripping it hard as I could. She pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me. She asked me again do you think that you can handle this tight pussy King. I asked her do you think you can handle my fat black dick, she told me that she was going to fuck my brains out for making that statement. My fat cock slipped right into her hot wanting pussy it felt so great to finally be inside of this sexy MILF. She was riding my young black dick like a real cowgirl; I could feel her pussy juices running down my hairy balls. Mrs. Megan f***ed her huge tits into my mouth and told me to suck on them hard; she was trying to make her whole tit fit into my mouth. She was acting like a true slut telling me that it was a mistake for me to flash a huge cock at her like that all summer long and I had to pay for being a naughty boy. Her talking made her have a huge body shaking orgasm on me, she broke down out of breath. I flipped her over and placed her legs in the pit of my arms; I looked her square in the eyes and said now you are going to pay for being such a filthy whore. I began to pound that tight white married pussy with such f***e that it was taking her breath away. To my surprise this made this slut have orgasm after orgasm. She pulled me in to kiss her and I slowed the pace down, grinding deep inside of her hitting the bottom of that pussy with my fat black dick. Mrs. Megan told me to feed her my strong black sperm I give her what she was looking for I shot a huge load deep inside of her. For the next two hours we fucked every way you could think of, I got a chance to shoot my hot sperm inside of her two more times before I left.
The last week of summer school went bye great, Mrs. Megan was dressing like a true slut for me. She gave me a blowjob in her car during lunch the last day of class. She gave me a note saying that she wanted me to come over her house this weekend to help out again. When the weekend came around my f****y from out of town popped up. I had three cousins over and I couldn’t leave them at home alone so they had to come over to her house with me. When we got there I told Mrs. Megan that I brought some of the f****y over to help out, at first she seemed shocked but this changed when I told everyone to show this slut how our f****y packs. All of us had huge dicks, all Mrs. Megan said was let me get the camera out I want to video this gangbang. All five of us went into the bedroom in our birthday suits, Megan lay down on the bed my cousin Drake began to eat her tight pussy while Phillip and Derrick sucked on her tits, and I had my dick in her mouth. This slut was already having an orgasm while Drake was eating her out. Drake asked if he needed a rubber and Mrs. Megan said no she wanted to have her body filled up with our cum. Drake didn’t waste any time he began to fuck her hard and fast Megan milked his dick in no time. With his cum dripping out of her pussy Phillip pulled her to the edge of the bed and put her legs on his shoulder. He took his time fucking her nice and slow this was the first time he had some white pussy so he made love to this hot slut. This was driving Derrick over the edge this was also his first time getting some head from a white lady. He shot a huge load on her face. Seeing the cum dripping off of her face made Phillip cum, Mrs. Megan said that it feels great to have a load in her mouth and in her pussy at the same time. She had cum all over her face and she wasn’t trying to clean it off. I told her to get in the doggy style her pussy had so much cum inside of it, the feeling was great I gave her a real good fucking, she was telling the guys that she was in love with my dick, with me being the youngest of the group, it made me feel like top dog. I banged her hot cum filled pussy into another orgasm before I shot off inside of her. She asked Derrick if he was ready to fuck her, his dick jumped hard at the thought of fucking this sexy slut. Derrick told all of us to set back and watch him tame this slut. He rubbed his dick up and down her pussy making some of the cum leak out of it, Megan was telling him to fuck her now and stop playing with her. He told her to be quiet and enjoy the ride; he folded her legs back and started doing pushups inside of her pussy. He was biting on her tits while giving her his big dick Megan was having a body shaking orgasm while he was pounding her pussy, he waited until she was thru cumming before he asked her to get in the doggy style. He got on one knee and fucked her hard and slow while rubbing her clit with one of his hands. He asked her do you like this dick; do you like the way a black dick feels in that pussy? Her answer was oh god fuck me, fuck me, I’m cumming again. While she was having this orgasm he busted a huge nut inside of her hot pussy. Watching him fuck her like this had everyone else ready to fuck her again. Before the day was over we had made two films with slut, now once a month me and my f****y gangbangs this slut. She is my sex slave I have fucked her a million times this year.

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read this type of story too often 3/10