f****y of sluts

The first part of teenage years was kind of rough for me, I moved around from foster home to foster home. Until Mrs. Janice and her f****y welcomed me into their home. After first people would ask them what a white couple were doing by adopting an African American teen that had a few runs in with the law. They over looked all of my flaws and welcomed me into their home with open arms. The Morgan’s were a close knit white f****y that lived in this big rural farm house in Alabama. Bill the father of the f****y was 42, 5’6, 210, had a pot belly from all of the beers he would down on a daily basis. Mrs. Janice was 40 5’3 140, with a very petite frame, you could tell that she had potential to be a MILF. Their oldest daughter Kathy was my age 17, to me Kathy was sexy as hell she was 5’6 and already had the body of a grown woman. She started chatting me up asking me all kinds of questions about me; from the beginning I liked her. Their youngest daughter Abby was a few years younger; she was short, thick and looked a lot like Mr. Bill. I felt that I might like my new house; the girls helped me to my room. I was shocked to find out that I had my own room with a big king sized bed in it. Man I was going to make sure that I stayed here for a very long time.
The next week school began I was attending a private school with the girls. This type of surrounding made me feel as if I was on Mars or something. The football coaches were on me as soon as I walked thru the school doors asking me if I wanted to play. I loved football so I joined the team. I played quarterback we had a nine game win streak going on with the end of the season right around the corner; I was like a superstar at the school and around town. I had girls at the school throwing themselves on me. Kathy and Abby would always run any girl that got too close to me away. On my way to homeroom this chick named Aaron slipped a note into my locker, it read that if the team had a perfect season I could do anything with her that I wanted to do. I put the note back inside of my locker and ran to class so I could sit besides, to my surprise she had a seat open for me, I asked her what her idea of anything was she said that if I wanted to fuck her I could. We talked the rest of the day at school; I was pumped up hoping that Friday I would be able to pull another win off. I didn’t know that my two unofficial body guards had found the note in my locker. Kathy got pissed to high hell, she hated Aaron and she thought that I was going to be her down low boyfriend. When Friday came I had the best game of the season we beat our opponent 44-3, everyone was happy and Mr. Bill wanted to take us out to dinner so I had to postpone any plans that I had for the night. Once I got home I took one of Mr. Bills Viagra pills, I wanted to make sure that I was able to fuck Aaron all night long.
Mrs. Janice came in and told us that her and Bill were going out to a party and we had to wait until tomorrow to have our fun. I got mad as hell but I didn’t say anything, I acted like my body was to sore for me to do anything. I took a shower and laid down in my bed when Kathy came into my room she asked me if I needed a massage to help ease the pain. The only pain I had was in my big black dick, I needed to fuck something besides my hand. Kathy hands were working magic on my body she wanted me to turn over but I wanted to hide the raging hard on that I had going. She started tickling me and I gave in, my dick jumped out of my boxers shorts, Kathy put it back in for me. She told me that she read the note that the school slut left in my locker and that she could please me better than her. She took off her shorts and sat back down on top of me, she asked if I thought that she was pretty. I told her that she was sexy as hell and that I would love to fuck her, she slowly f***ed big black dick inside of her tight pussy. Most girls ran from pain but the pain made her keep going. She was purring like a little kitten while riding my dick, I got tired out the slow pace so I flipped her over and started deep fucking her while kissing. I whispered in her ear that she had some good pussy; Kathy told me that I liked being fucked deep and hard daddy. This made me go to work fucking her as hard as I could the bed board was banging on the wall real hard I blew a huge load in no time, I thought that Kathy would be mad at me for cumming inside of her but she wasn’t. She started sucking my cock trying to get it back hard again; it worked because she was sucking it like a champ. Abby came into the room and told Kathy you told me that I would be able to fuck him tonight also. Kathy told her that my dick maybe be too big for her to handle, Abby came and got in the bed and told me to fuck her with that big black dick. My dick slipped right inside of her wet pussy, she knew how to fuck better then Kathy did. She was asking me do you like my pussy daddy. do you like how your baby pussy feels daddy? She told me daddy I want you to fuck me doggy style, I got behind that big ass she had and pounded her into a orgasm, Abby kept saying fuck me daddy, fuck me and shot your load inside of me daddy, I came harder than I did the first time around. What happened next blew my mind Kathy and Abby got in the 69 position and cleaned each other out. I came over and put my dick inside of Kathy while Abby was eating her pussy, Kathy was telling her baby s****r to suck on her clit harder and for me to keep it deep inside of her pussy. Abby said shut up Kathy we got this, just make sure you eat all of his cum out of my fat pussy. I loved the way Abby talked, she was a true slut. While our three sum was in full swing the bedroom door full open Mrs. Janice and her husband walked in the room on us.
I was frozen in place but the girls kept going Kathy said damn King put your dick back inside of me. Abby asked her parents if they wanted to join the party. Bill was naked in a split second, Kathy told him that she wanted a dick in her mouth, Bill kept looking at me odd for a while and then he said damn son you have a horse cock, and I want to see if Janice can handle that. Mrs. Janice lay down on the bed for me to fuck her, when I pulled out of Kathy, she said mom don’t hog my dick, Bill is your man and King is mines. Mrs. Janice had a tight wet pussy my dick would not go all of the way in at first, with half of my dick inside of her she was cumming hard. I could see her cum oozing down my black dick; the full length was now inside of her. I began to fuck her in a grinding motion making sure that I hit every wall in her tight pussy. Abby was sucking on her mom’s tits and rubbing her clit while I feed her my monster cock. Kathy was fucking her dad’s brains out, telling him to fuck her harder, and that I had fucked her earlier like she was a cheap street whore. Bill blew a hug load inside of Kathy’s pussy, he pulled out and put his dick inside of his wife mouth while I was busy fucking her brains out. Kathy came up behind me and said go ahead and cum inside of her, I’m tired of sharing my dick with them. Mrs. Janice and I were putting on a show for everyone they just sat back and watched me pound my dick inside of her hot white pussy, when I shot off my load just kept on cumming. I had never seen that much cum in my lifetime, Mrs. Janice told Bill to clean that bulls cum out of her pussy, he jumped up and sucked all of my sperm out of his wife. Kathy told them that they needed to take their party somewhere else. Bill and his wife went into their room, while Abby lay in my bed waiting to see what we would do next. Kathy pointed for her to follow their parents but Abby said that she wanted to fuck me some more. Kathy wasn’t hearing that shit she made her little s****r leave so we could have to room to ourselves. Once we were alone we lay in the bed naked, kissing and filling on each other. Until my black dick got hard again, we made love in every position that we could think of, we both had a very strong orgasm. Kathy asked if it was okay if she slept in my room from now on out, I didn’t have any problem with that. She said that we were a couple now and that I could only fuck other girls if she agreed to it. After a while she fell asl**p, I had to take a leak, when I passed by Abby’s room she had her door open. She was finger fucking herself and saying Oh King I love the way your big black dick feels inside of me. I walked in the room and asked her if she needed some help? I got in the bed with her short thick ass. I placed her legs on my shoulders and pushed them as far back as I could her pussy was wide open. I gave her the fucking that she was looking for, she had two strong orgasms back to back, when her second one passed over I couldn’t hold back anymore I shot a huge load inside of her young pussy. She started sucking on my dick trying to get it back hard but Kathy was at the door her face was red as hell, she told Abby that I hope you enjoyed that because that would be the last time you get to fuck him in a long time. Abby laughed at her older s****r and said if that is what you think, I’m going to fuck him whenever I get ready, this pushed Kathy over the edge she was ready to fight right there. But I got in between this and said maybe we could work something out. Abby said that she didn’t want to share and she would find a way to make me her man. Now I only get to fuck Mrs. Janice and Abby when Kathy is gone or when her cycle is on. Mr. Bill plays the cleanup man each time I fucks his wife, the two of them have showed me a million new ways to have sex and I love it. I love this f****y to death; I’m living the life of a porn star.

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2 years ago
Mr. Bill is such a lucky man
2 years ago
damn good story.
3 years ago
A family that plays together stays together ;))
3 years ago