stormy night in alabama

The day began out dull as hell; the rain was coming down hard, the national weather station released alerts warning people in Alabama to take cover. This heavy summer down pour was sure to last for the next 24 hours. Jacob’s mother Mrs. Susan had called my mother and told her that it would be unsafe for me to go home and that it was ok if I stayed over to their place, and ride out the storm with them. I was a happy camper because Mrs. Susan was a real hot MILF; she had a habit of walking around the house in cut of shorts and halter top shirt. She was 5’7 145 with nice C cup sized tits, and had a real juicy ass. Jacob and I were trying to sneak and play Call of Duty online when his mom came in and made us cut it off. She said ok guys it’s time to take a shower because the power maybe off later on. Jacob went in first, I could hear him tell his mom that he was too old for her to come in and help him take a bath. I started laughing when she replied that I do this every night, and that he shouldn’t be ashamed because I was over there. Twenty minutes later it was my turn to take a shower; I went in hoping that Mrs. Susan would come in and help me out. I wanted her to see this big black dick I had, God must have heard my payers because two seconds later she was walking in telling to make sure that I washed behind my ears. My young black dick was hard as hell; her eyes became glued to what she saw poking out at her. She told me King you need to cover that thing up before someone gets hurt. My dick began to jump by itself, there were a million sly things running thru my head to say but I was dumb founded. The whole time she was in the bathroom with me I saw that she kept looking at the monster that I had between my legs. I turned off the water and started to get out of the shower I was going to ask her to help me dry off, but she had left already. I dried off thinking about how bad I wanted to suck on her tits and fuck her with this big black dick of mines. As I walked out of the bathroom Mrs. Susan was coming out of her room butt naked, Jacob said aw mom cover up please, she told her son you know I walk around like this every night before and after my showers. Jacob and I went into his room he told me that every night his mother didn’t put anything on until the next morning. If she walked around like that in front of me I would have to find a way to taste her sweet white pussy.
It had turned dark outside, the storm was still at full f***e, the thundering and lighting had the house rocking. The last thunder clap made Mrs. Susan coming running into the room where her son and I were. She jumped under the covers and asked us what we were watching, Jeepers Creepers 2 had just came on she said that this movie was scary as hell that we needed to turn it. After 30 seconds of fussing we all decided to watch the movie but we had to lie in the bed with her to watch it because she hated scary movies. Jacob lay in front of her and I got behind her. As soon as I got fully under the sheets I felt a hand on my dick, I could hear Jacob moaning as his mom was jacking him off also. She told me that whatever happens tonight stays between the three of us, I said ok in part because I wanted to fuck her sexy white ass right now. She told Jacob to eat her pussy while I sucked on her tits. I was kind of pissed because I had wanted to eat her out first, but I got down to business and began softly biting on her nipples. She was fucking her son’s face like a dog in heat. My dick was getting hard as hell watching Jacob licking on his mom’s pussy like that. I told him damn man save me some I want to taste it before she has an orgasm. We traded positions I was eager to show her that I had skills with my tongue also. I kissed slowly on the inside of her thighs and worked my way to her to dripping wet pussy. I dug my two middle fingers deep inside her and started sucking hard on her soft clit. Mrs. Susan put her hands on my head and said little boy I going to cum in your face. At this time Jacob and Susan was tongue kissing, like two school yard k**s. She had my face pushed so far inside her hot pussy that I could not breathe at all. After a minute and a half without any air she let go, she told the both of us to lie down; she started sucking on my fat black dick first. Mrs. Susan said she wanted to suck my dick ever since she walked in the bathroom on me earlier. Slowly she began to suck and lick on my fat head then she kissed down the shaft of it and started licking on my hairy balls. Man she knew how to make a man feel as if he was on the top of the world; she went back and forth between me and her son for a long time. Susan said she needed to be fucked good tonight, she told her son that mommy wants you to take your time and fuck her like a real slut, and she told me that I hope you know how to use that big black dick. Then the fun began, Jacob was first because he was the man of the house, he got on top of her and put her legs on his shoulders, I made my way in there and put my dick in her mouth, I made her deep throat my black monster while her son pounded his white dick inside her. Jacob was taking his time and fucking his mom like she was a street whore pounding her tight pussy and calling her nasty bitches telling her that he would fill her hot pussy up with a huge load of cum. Susan told her son that she loved when he treated her like she was a filthy slut. I was amazed because Jacob acted shy around girls at school and here he was fucking his sexy mom like he was a porn star, she began to buck back with all of the power in her body he had her cumming hard as hell, I knew then I had to try and fuck her better than my buddy or I would her about this for a very long time. After what seemed like a lifetime Jacob blew a huge load inside of Susan’s tight pussy, I pushed him off of her and put my black dick inside of her cum dripping pussy. Damn she was tight as hell, I slow fucked her pussy while sucking on her tits, I had to think about other things because I was fixing to cum all over the place but I found a way to hold back. She told me that she wanted to ride my dick, when she got on top of me the true slut came out of her. She wanted Jacob to lick her ass while she rode my fat black dick; I was busy sucking on her tits like a newborn baby. We had this slut cumming again; this was by far the best sex that I had in my whole life. Mrs. Susan turned to her son and said baby mommy wants you fuck her ass hole right now. As his dick made its way inside of her ass she began to have another orgasm while French kissing me. She told us that she would lead the pace of this because if it wasn’t done right she would be pissed off. Somehow she was working her pussy muscles on my dick and her ass hole was milking her son’s dick at the same time, whatever that slut did made all three of us cum at the same time. She cleaned the both of us off with her hot mouth; my dick was limp from fucking that sexy white pussy. The storm had passed over and all of us fell asl**p in the bed together. From now on out I would find ways to spend the night at my buddy’s house.

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3 years ago
it was a great story, all the others that you wrote. i'm trying to find a cuckhold couple.
3 years ago
It's call taboo
3 years ago
i wish they had a label for incest so i could avoid them. just not my thing.