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When I was 17 my mom got a new job in Montgomery Alabama, we moved into a nice middle class neighborhood. When the summer came around I still hadn’t had the chance to make friends with any of the k**s my age. So instead of trying to meet new people I got my push lawn mower out of the garage, and went from door to door asking people if they needed their grass cut for a cheap price, after about four houses with no luck, I walked to the house that was at the end of the cul de sac. When I knocked on the door a lovely middle aged white lady opened the door I told her that my name was King and she said her name was Mrs. Karen, she had some long blonde hair, and her eyes were blue like the sky. She had a body that most teenaged girls would kill for her toes even looked good to me. She had on a short house robe. I could see her huge tits trying to bust out of the gown that was holding them in. I stuttered over my words do you need a lawn service man for a cheap price? She had a smile on her face, I thought that I was going to have the same type of luck but she said sure her husband couldn’t cut the grass because of his back problems. I told her that I would charge $25 for cutting the grass, and plus $10 for any other odd jobs she wanted me to do. I got to work right then, their front yard was not a problem to cut, the only problem I had was the sun. It was kicking my butt, so I took of my shirt and wrapped it around my head. After about 45 minutes later I was done with the front yard so I moved to the fenced in back yard it was really small with hardly any grass. Before I began to cut the grass she came outside with a glass of water for me. I drank it fast and asked her for another one. While she walked away I couldn’t help but notice that she had a huge ass. My cock began to grow inside of my jeans. When she came back outside she kind of slipped and most of the water got on her tits, she was trying to dry them off and one of those huge melons popped out. My eyes were glued to her chest and my dick was about to bust out of my jeans. To my surprise she took her time putting it back in. She said with a big smile on her face that a man hasn’t looked at her like that in years. I went back to work and finished cutting the grass. I really had to get this money so I could go to the mall and movies later on. When I got finished she had made me a cold cut sandwich, she showed me where the restroom was so I could wash up before I ate. It felt great to be inside the A/C, when I came back into the kitchen she was setting in the living room sipping on a glass of wine. I sat down and began to eat the cold cut and chips; it didn’t take long for me to eat it up because I had skipped breakfast trying to make a few dollars. When I got thru I washed my plate off and put it up. When I walked into the living room where she was she had one of her legs propped up, All I could see was her hairy blonde pussy hairs this made my young black dick got rock hard. She had a big grin on her face and asked me if I liked what I was looking at. I said yes I do. She asked me if I had ever had sex before, I told her that I knew a lot about sex to be my age. She said yea right prove it, I took my shoes and jeans off, the way my huge black cock jumped out of my boxers made her leap off of the couch. She was on her knees in front of me squeezing on my fat black dick. She tried to suck on it but it was too wide for her small mouth. I laid her back on the couch I had to eat that pretty pussy that she had. I sucked on her clit and finger fucked her pussy until she began to have a body shaking orgasm in my mouth. After her orgasm passed over I pulled her bottom off the edge of the couch, I began rubbing my cock up and down her pussy. She was trying to see what I was doing I told her to relax this big black dick was going to fuck her real good. She told me to be easy because her husband was nowhere near this big. I slowly fucked her until her pussy got used to my young fat dick. I rubbed her clit with my thumb while fucking her; she was squeezing her tits while I did this. I pushed her legs back and began the suck her tits while keeping my dick as deep as possible in her tight pussy. She was acting like a real slut telling me to give her my entire big black dick; I fucked her as if I was a porn star. She had two orgasms back to back while I was fucking her. I asked her if I had to pull out, she said no I want that hot sperm inside of me. I gave her a load so big that it was dripping out of her when I pulled out. She got a wash cloth for me to clean up with I, thought she was going to do the same but she just put her panties back on and gave me $35 the ten was for the odd job I did. I gave her my home number and she told me that she would give me a call when she needed some odd jobs done. An hour later her husband came home from work she told him that she had found a new lawn service guy and that I had just moved into the house at the entrance of the neighborhood, Sam knew what this meant so he started to pull of his work gear off and began to take off his wife panties, he saw the cum spots and he began to eat her pussy. She told him that I was a black teen with a huge young dick. They fucked like to wild a****ls for the rest of the day. A couple of days later she gave me a call saying that she needed me to come over and help her husband do something’s around the house. When I got there her hubby Sam greeted me at the front door, we walked to the garage and began moving things around most of it he said that it was junk, but it seemed to be in good shape to me so I told him instead of throwing it away let’s give it to the Salvation Army people in need could use nice things like this. He said that was a great idea, so we loaded it up on his truck. Mrs. Karen came outside in a pair on cut of jeans and tight tee shirt; she looked so hot in those jeans I couldn’t help looking at her sexy body. My big black dick got hard as hell thinking about how I had fucked her the other day. I was glad that she had gone back into the house. I kept loading the truck trying to make my dick go down; I got most of the things that we were going to haul off on the bed of the truck. We took it off to the Salvation Army and Sam stopped to get some beers. Sam told me to take a quick brake, before we started back to work. He began to move a few boxes around and he came across a box that had some old pictures in it. He sat down beside me and started showing me some old f****y photos he showed me pictures of their daughter her name was Kate. She looked just like her mom, she was attending summer school at Mississippi State University. Then he picked up a new box I saw that he began to shake a little bit but, I just thought it was a natural problem he opened the box and it had pictures of Karen in it, she was naked on some of the photos or they were fucking, or he had his head between her legs. I was like wow I bet she is a great fuck. He told me that she was a slut in the bed, just then she came back outside the both of us jumped trying to hide the pictures. She said Sam you have a phone call he went into the house to answer it. When he closed the door she said I want some of that cock in me a.s.a.p. I asked what about her husband she told me that he was going to have to go to the office for about 30 minutes that was his boss on the phone sure enough he said that he had to make a quick run and that he would be back in an half an hour. Karen asked me if I wanted a glass of water or anything else. I said yes I could use a glass of water, Sam left and we walked inside, as soon as the door shut she pulled my gym short's down and began to suck my hard black dick. She told me that she loved the way my big black dick looked and that she couldn’t wait to fuck it. She lead me to the spare bedroom in their house, At this time Sam was making a u turn and heading back to the house, he quietly parked his truck got out and walked around back to the spare bedroom window. By this time Karen head my face pushed up in her hot married pussy. Then she told me to fuck her with my big black dick I got up and she began to give me a short blow job just to make sure my monster was fully hard. Sam was on the outside window enjoying the scene that was taking place. Karen told me that I had to bust a quick nut because Sam may be back in a few minutes, as soon as my fat dick went inside of her she began to buck like a sex crazed whore, telling me to fuck her tight pussy, with my big black cock, and to fill her pussy with my cum right now. This drove me over the edge I shot a huge load inside of her, man her pussy was better than the first time around. Just as I pulled out Sam walked inside the room, I got scared as hell, but what he told Karen made me relax, he said I couldn’t wait until he left I want to eat your cum filled pussy now. He got down on his knees and began to eat my cum out of his wife. She started sucking my dick trying to get it back hard again; it didn’t take long for me to get it back up. Sam had cleaned out her cunt by now, so he began to fuck her doggy style, he blow his load in like 10 seconds. When he got thru I told her to turn my way I started pounding her already cum filled pussy with my big dick, I told Sam to eat her pussy while I fucked her from the back. As soon as his mouth touched her clit she began to moan and purr likes a wild a****l. I could see that her and Sam’s cum were running out of her wet hole, I told him to suck harder while I picked up the pace. Karen was giving Sam a blow job, I told Sam that it looks like my new slut loves to have two dicks at the same time, all she said was fuck me harder, this made all of us have a orgasm at the same time. Just like a good cuckold Sam cleaned Karen’s cum filled pussy up. When he got thru I told them, this is going to be a great summer that I now have a sexy slut to fuck anytime I want to. Karen came over to me and said King you can have this pussy anytime you want it. That weekend Sam’s work crew had to go out of town to clean up a storm area. When I came over to cut the grass Mrs. Karen had one of the ladies who lived up the street named Mrs. Fay over her house. Mrs. Fay was about forty years old, with a slim body, small, tits and red hair. She told me that her husband was overseas fighting the war on terror; she kept on looking me up and down while we made small talk. I went ahead and started cutting the grass an hour later I was done with everything. When I walked inside the back door both ladies had on some sexy gowns with no panties. Karen told me that Fay wanted to see how big my cock was, Karen began to give me a blow job right there in the living room. Fay was in shock that a young man like myself had a cock that huge. She began to suck on it also; she took the entire length down her throat without any problem. Karen said now that we have gotten to know each other better that we should go to the bedroom. I was in heaven I was fixing to fuck to mature white ladies at the same time. Once inside the bedroom no one wasted anytime I lay down on my back Fay sat her pussy in my face while Karen rode my cock, they started kissing and sucking each other tits Karen came so hard that she fall off of the bed. Fay jumped off of my face and got on her back she told me to fuck her, I guess she was trying to beat Karen to my hard dick. I was shocked that my dick when inside of her tight pussy so easy. While fucking we began to French kiss we had forgotten that Karen was in the room we fucked none stop for the next 30 minutes Fay had three strong orgasm before I shot my load off inside her wet pussy. Both ladies had enough for one day so I put on my shorts and shirt when I got ready to leave both ladies give me $35 apiece. I gave Mrs. Fay my number and told her that if she needed any help around her house to give me a call. Karen seemed as if she was mad about this but she didn’t say anything. I went home happy as hell; I jacked my dick twice that night thinking about both of the ladies that I just had fucked. Before I went to bed my phone rang it was Mrs. Fay she asked me if I could come over to her house first thing in the morning. I said sure, she told me to come as early as possible she didn’t want anyone to see me. I asked her what time she said around 6:30 I said cool. I didn’t get any sl**p that night, all I could think of what would take place the next day. I went into the bathroom and found some of my dad’s pills and I took one. The next morning came I was ready to go I got dress and told my parents that I had a lot of grass to cut today so I would get an early start. When I got to Mrs. Fay house she came to the door naked the pills that I had taken had me hard as hell already. She began to suck my dick right there in the kitchen, it felt like I was in heaven; she had the entire length of t in her slutty mouth. I blew a load that she couldn’t handle most of it ran down her chin. She just got up with cum dripping off of her chin and led me to the bedroom. I wanted to return the favor so I began to eat that hairy red pussy; she had an orgasm so strong that I could see her cum leaking out of that pretty pussy. I got between her and begun to rub my big black dick up and down her hot wet pussy. She slapped my hand away and pushed my dick inside of her. It was so tight and hot, that I had to take a second to catch my breath. We made love in every position you could think of for the next hour. A freaky thought came across my mind as I was fucking her in doggy style. I stopped fucking her and began to tongue her butt hole. My new slut was going crazy she liked having a wet tongue inside her ass. I asked her if she wanted to try anal sex, she jumped out of the bed and found the lube inside her nightstand. She told me that her husband didn’t like to have sex that way, and she loved to have a dick in that hole every now and then. She lubed up her butt and my cock, she got on top and cowgirl rode my big black dick in her ass. This mature white slut was fucking like a porn star, I took my thumb and rubbed her clit this made her ride my dick harder. We changed to the doggy position, she got a toy out while I was fucking her ass she put the toy inside her pussy. She told me to feed her my big black dick as hard as I could. I pounded that tight ass to sl**p, she had orgasm after orgasm, and I shot a huge load inside of her butt it felt so great. It was already 10:00 a.m. She said that she had to go take care of a few errands, and that she would see me later on. While I was walking down the street Mrs. Karen waved me over to her house, I couldn’t handle any more pussy this morning. The closer I got to her I could tell that she was mad, we got inside her place. She asked me did you just leave Fay’s house, I said yes, then she replied that I guess you have been fucking that slut to. She got down on her knees and pulled down my pants, she said your dick smells like her and began sucking my dick. She told me that Fay was playing a live video stream of us fucking, and that a few more ladies in their private club wanted me to fuck them. She asked me is my black dick hers; I lied and said that it was hers, but in my mind I was going to fuck every white lady in that club before the summer was over. Mrs. Fay had given all of the females my cell phone number. Before 3 p.m. I had a full week lined up; I was known as the lawn service stud. That summer I had more sex than I could ever imagine.

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