I can't get enough part 2

After I had gotten the glory hole slut to take down the sheet, so we could fuck face to face. I found out that it was a lady that used to work with my mother at the local nursing home. Her name was Tina; she had some DD sized tits, small waist and a huge ass. When I was younger she would tell me how handsome I was and that I was her little boyfriend. I used to spend countless night jacking my dick to the thoughts of me fucking her. Now I had her head over heels in love with my young pole. The both of us were shocked at first but all of that changed once she saw my fat black dick standing up like the solider it was. I slowly walked over to the bed, once I got in the bed she was trying to pull on my cock and fuck me. I saw that I could control this old slut and make her my sex toy. So I told her to lay back and leave my dick alone or she would not be able to taste or fuck it until later on. At my surprise the bold move I made worked, she laid back and began licking on one of her tits and fingering her pussy with the other hand. I joined in with her sucking hard on the other tit while rubbing her clit with my hand. I dug my middle finger deep down inside of her hot cunt, her pussy had my hand dripping wet. I began to suck the juices off of my fingers, this drove the old slut crazy, and she started begging me to fuck her. I acted like I didn’t even hear her I kept on sucking on her tits and finger fucking that fat wet pussy. I got up and got between her legs I rubbed my cock up against her dripping wet pussy, she was trying to f***e me inside of her with her legs that were wrapped around my waist. I told her to unwrap her legs and to relax, she said baby I can’t I need you to fuck me again right now, please fuck me please give me that big black dick of yours right now, I need it real bad. I was going to fuck her but I wanted to make my claim as king over her first. I drove the full length of my young black dick deep inside of her wet pussy, she let out a powerful yes, I’m sure the neighbors heard her. I gave her 30 seconds of good fucking before I pulled out and began rubbing the head of my dick around her wet clit. She was moaning and asking me to give her that dick right now; I acted like she was talking a different language because I kept on rubbing my dick against her clit. After a while of teasing I put my face in between her legs and began kissing on the inside of her tights. I kissed down towards her pussy she tried to push my face in her pussy but I kissed around it, I kissed my way back to her toes and I began to suck on them. The look in her eyes let me know that the King had her where he wanted to be. So I slowly kissed my way back down her tights this time when I made my way to her pussy I started sucking on her clit hard as I could, while doing this I dug my two middle fingers deep inside her pussy finger fucking her real good, when I could tell she was about to cum I stopped. She couldn’t take it anymore she got up and used her weight to pin me and my back my young black dick slipped right into her pussy without any problems she rode me hard as she could. I had one of her tits in my mouth sucking on it like a newborn baby. This only lasted one minute because she was having an orgasm so hard that my balls and legs were cover with her juices. Once she slowed her pace down I flipped her over and put her legs on my shoulder. I looked her in her eyes and said you are going to pay for that. I pounded my cock in her big pussy hard as I could while sucking on her tits. I would go from tit to tit while banging her wet guts in. This slut began to scream my name loud at the top of her lungs, telling me oh King Hut fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy good, I was sure that anyone who was outside could hear her saying my name. When she began to have another orgasm I fucked her harder I put my tongue down her throat to keep her quiet. She was pulling my dreadlocks hard, for some reason this made me shot a load inside of her hot pussy. When I came it seemed like it lasted forever, I broke down on top of her trying to catch my breath. She was grinding her hips and using her pussy muscles to get all of the cum out of my fat young dick, this was a great feeling I was in heaven. I laid down in the bed beside her, my cock still had some cum on it she began to lick and suck the rest of it off. To my surprise my dick stayed soft this time, she was happy because she said that she needed a break from fucking for a little while. At that point my stomach began to growl, I was hungry as hell, and she started to put a shirt on. I stopped her and told her that today we were going to stay in our birthday suits.
While she was in the kitchen I went a got another pill out of my pants pocket and put it under my tongue. I checked the fridge and saw that she had a six pack of Red Bulls I popped one open and downed the pill. She began talking about how shocked she was to see that I was the guy who had been fucking her like that. I told her that it caught me off guard also, that it was a dream come true for me to get a chance to make love to her. I began to tell her how I used to jack off thinking about her when I was a teen. I told her that I had a big crush on her starting from that day she picked me up from football practice. She told me that when she first heard my name on the chat line that she had been thinking about me and she wanted to pretend that it was my young dick that was fucking her, but she did not figure it would be me for real. While she was washing the dishes I walked up behind her and started kissing her neck and back. My young black dick was poking her ass; she gave it a good squeeze and told me that she needed to take a shower before we fucked again. I helped her clean up and put the dishes up. She went to the back and started running the shower, I waited until she got in and I joined her, I told her that I needed to clean up also. We took turns soaping each other up, before long this lead to us having a deep and passionate kiss. I turned her around, she put her hands on the wall and I began to fuck her fat wet pussy. With the way her pussy felt and the hot water hitting my chest it made me feel as if I was in heaven. I started talking about how I wanted to fuck her that day she picked me up from school when I was 16; I told her I could tell that she didn’t have any panties on that day, and that I had wanted to fuck her. This made the both of us cum at the same time. We finished taking our shower without any more sex, while we drying off she told me that she had took off her panties that day because while she was watching me at football practice she had got wet as hell down there thinking about me, and that she kept bending over in that sundress hoping that I would come and take her pussy. She saw the mailman pulling away from her mailbox, she told me that she was expecting some important mail and she had to check it. She put on a long house coat and went outside. When she came back in she told me that, we were missing a nice day outside. Her backyard was fenced in so no one could see in her yard. I had to remind her that if we’re going to go outside we would go in our birthday suits. I didn’t wait for her to give me an answer I lead her out back. She put two towels on the lawn chairs, I went back inside to fix us something to drink and I got some baby oil. She sat up and drank her liquor in two big gulps, and lay back down on her stomach. I began to pour oil over her body and gave her a great massage. While doing this I wanted to see how she would act if I licked her ass hole. I started kissing her big black bottom then I began to tongue fuck her ass, her soft moans let me know that I was doing a good job. While I was licking her ass she began to finger fuck her pussy. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so I did it for a long time. She gave me the baby oil and told her to fuck her, but to do it slow. I feed her ass my big black dick at a slow pace, while I was doing this started back finger fucking her pussy. She put the towel that she was laying on in her mouth and began to have a hard orgasm I could see her cum dripping out of her pussy. I was ready to cum myself, I told her to suck my nasty dick. She gave me a nice and slow blow job, I had a huge load building up in my balls, I put my hand behind her head and started fucking her face. I shot a huge load in her mouth she had cum running down the side of her chin. She got up walked inside the house and laid down on the couch. I went to the bathroom to take a much needed piss when I came back she was sl**p on the couch with my cum still on her chin. I had fucked that sexy mature slut to sl**p and the day was far from over, I flipped thru the television but there wasn’t anything on it so I fell asl**p myself.

King Hut

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