She wanted a huge cock

A year ago, I witnessed my wife with another male. I've
read many stories about this and couldn't believe that
some men liked to see their wives with other men, and I
didn't think I would like to see that either. But as I
watched them together I got excited and hard and just
kept watching. I wasn't angry, I was "hot".

What I saw was my sexy 24 year old blonde wife, with
her short skirt up around her waist and A sixteen year
old boy with his hand on her cunt. She was stroking his
huge hard cock with her hand.

At first I was mad, but as I watched them enjoying each
other and the excitement on my wife's face I became
more curious than angry. The boy's cock was at least
ten inches long and very thick. (My cock is about 7"
long and he embarrassed me by his size.)

And the look on my wife's face as she stared and
stroked this giant cock was something I had never seen
before. As I watched (stroked myself), I saw her bend
down and kiss this boy's cockhead. Then she took it in
her mouth and sucked him until he came all over her
face and breasts. I watched with a raging hard-on as
she licked up as much as she could and then started
fucking his fingers.

My face burned with humiliation when she screamed that
she wanted to feel a "real" cock, inside her and begged
the boy to fuck her. As I watched, she climbed on to
the boy's lap and hugged boy to her and began to ride
his lap like a mad woman.

Finally I could tell that she'd cum on his stiff member
as she slumped over him. Then as she sat there, still
impaled on his teenage cock she asked him to meet her
again tomorrow afternoon. He smiled and reached up and
massaged her tits in his sweaty hands.

I heard her say that she wanted his cock all the time
and that her husband's cock was too small to do what he
did to her pussy.

Finally they were sated and began to dress. The boy put
on his pants and walked out the door. I stepped back
and tried to hide, but he saw me and yelled to my wife
that he thought I had been watching them. My cock was
still hanging out of the fly of my pants with cum all
over the place. The boy walked up to me and asked if I
had seen them fucking? And looking down at the mess on
my pants, if I liked watching?

I stammered a little and finally said, "No."

But he just smiled squeezed his own cock through his
pants and said that he thought that I liked seeing him
please my wife.

At that moment my wife walked out of the bedroom and
looked at the boy fondling his cock, then she looked at
me and asked me if I had liked watching them.

It was no use, I said that it turned me on a little.

Then my wife suggested that we all go back in the
bedroom and talk about it. The three of us did as she
said, and my wife sat between us on the bed and
admitted to me that the boy's cock really felt
wonderful and that she wasn't going to give him up. She
said that my little cock just wasn't enough for her,

The teen then unzipped his pants and grabbed my wife's
hand and put it on his hard cock and told her to jack
him off. She did, as I watched. He was magnificent, his
cock looked so viral, so huge next to my wife's small

Then the boy told me he was going to fuck my wife's
mouth and that she loved that, and that I could watch
them if I wanted. I wanted to bust him in the mouth,
but I wanted to watch my wife giving that magnificent
dick a blowjob even more so I just sat there slowly
jacking on my cock.

The boy stood up and my wife knelt down in front of him
and took his huge cock into her open mouth and she
sucked it, looking at me from time to time. He shoved
more in, making her gag, but she didn't pull away. The
little bastard looked at me and asked if I liked seeing
him fuck my wife's mouth. He said that my wife really
liked to fuck his cock with her mouth. He told me to
ask her.

She removed her mouth from his dick just long enough to
beg him, "Please keep fucking my mouth. Fuck it hard!"
And then she grabbed it and shoved it back into her

I couldn't believe what was happening. Then apparently
the boy was getting tired of his blowjob, because he
told me to move off the way so he could poke the hell
out of my wife's pussy with his big cock.

My pretty wife yelled, "God, yes!!! Stab me with that
gorgeous horse cock of yours." And she jumped onto the
bed and spread her legs like a willing whore and the
boy climbed on top of her and shoved with one swift
thrust all the way into my wife's pussy.

It was an amazing sight to watch that monster
disappearing and reappearing from her stretched cunt as
he humped merrily away. Finally, as they were both
cumming, the boy looked my way and said that my wife
was a really good fuck and he was glad that she loved
his cock and that he was going to ruin her for me. My
just moaned, "Fuck me with that giant pole and I'll do
anything you want." And she hugged the boy to her as
another orgasm wracked her body.

When they were finally done, my wife told me she loved
me and that we could stay together but she needed the
teen's big cock, and she needed it all the time.

Then my sweet gorgeous wife looked deeply into my eyes
and said, "But honey," she told me, "The only way I'll
know you're alright with this is if you'll kiss Kevin's
cock and then help him put it in my pussy. If you can't
bring yourself to do that, then I can't see us staying

I sighed in resignation and reached for the boy's dick.
After all, I wasn't about to lose my pretty wife and
the hot sex that was going to take place around here
from now on.

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