I don't know who my baby daddy is?

I have a major problem, which I have no idea how to
solve. I may be pregnant by someone other than my
husband and if I am, the baby will be black. It's an
impossible situation, which is mainly my fault, and this
is how it happened.

I am a 35-year-old woman with 2 c***dren and I work for
a large multinational company as a personal assistant to
the divisional director. My husband has always
encouraged me to involve myself in my job and I always

A couple of months ago my company had some employees
over from a branch based in the United States to work
with us for 3 weeks. We were told it was all part of the
company policy of familiarising employees with other
parts of the company.

There were 4 men staying in a local hotel, which was
just around the corner from my house. My boss suggested
that the people in our branch office should socialise
with them in the evening and suggested that the company
would pick up the bill. This meant that most of the men
in the office volunteered to take them out to local
restaurants and pubs. I was not really involved but when
I told my husband about it he said I should join them
one evening for a drink.

I really thought no more about this until they arrived
on the Monday and I realised that they were black. From
this point I noticed that some of the people that had
agreed to entertain them suddenly had other things come
up and began to cry off. I was sure that this was
because they were black and I was annoyed and
disappointed with my colleague's attitudes.

The first couple of evenings were okay as my boss looked
after them one evening and a couple of guys and their
wives did the next. On the Wednesday afternoon my boss
asked me if I would meet them for a drink with my
husband and look after them for the evening. I agreed
and phoned my husband on his mobile to see what time he
would be home and to check that he could join us. He
said that he couldn't make it that night as he was busy
at a customer site and would be late back but suggested
that I go with them for a meal and a drink at their
hotel as it was so close to home.

I was reluctant, as I was concerned as to whet people
might think but he laughed and told me not to worry
about it. He said he had entertained women visitors for
his company so what's the difference.

After I came off the phone I decided to tell my boss
that I could not go that night. When I spoke to him he
persuaded me to go and once I admitted that my husband
did not mind he finally convinced me. Later that day I
met up with the visitors and found that I really liked
them. Jim, Phil, Dave and John were very pleasant and

We agreed that I would meet them in the hotel bar at
8:00 and they went back to work. As they walked away I
found myself watching them. They were all about 6 foot
tall and well built handsome men, charcoal black and
well dressed. When I arrived home at about 5:30 I cooked
the k**s tea and when they had settled down to do their
homework I had a bath. As I lay in the bath I started to
think about me being out with 4 men.

I lay in the bath with my eyes closed and I found myself
fondling my breasts. Suddenly I opened my eyes with a
start realising that I had been close to fantasising
about being unfaithful to my husband.

I got myself dried and dressed in a formal business
trouser suit and set about putting on my makeup. As I
stood in front of the mirror I suddenly decided that I
looked dowdy and felt depressed. I looked through my
wardrobe and found a black dress that I had worn to a
party the previous year. I tried it on and stood staring
at myself in the mirror. Not bad for 35 I thought but as
I looked I could see my bra clearly outlined in the
tight material.

I slipped the bra off and tried again. That looked
better but I was not sure about going out without a bra.
I also noticed that I could see the outline of my
panties but no way was I doing anything about that.

Finally I was ready and the time was nearly 8:00 so I
had to get going. I slipped on a coat and walked the two
minutes to the hotel. Once in the bar I spotted the guys
and sat down at their table.

They ordered me a drink and asked for the menus and we
started to chat. I seemed to be constantly refusing more
wine during the meal but they kept saying it was on the
company and I was not driving.

I was definitely getting a little d***k and I was having
a very good time and the conversation was about sex, in
a lighthearted way. I was sitting here surrounded by 4
very attractive men and I was the centre of attraction.
I could not help but flirt with them and when any of
their hands brushed mine I felt a tingle of excitement.

About half way through the meal the waiter told me that
there was a phone call for me in reception. It was my
husband phoning to say he had been held up and would
stay over in a hotel near the customer site and be back

When I got back to the table I told the guys that I
would need to get home after the meal as the k**s were
home alone and although they are 15 and 13 I don't like
leaving them too late.

The meal came to an end and I started to say my goodbyes
when they all got up and said that they would not hear
of me walking home alone and they would e****t me.

When we got home they said I had a lovely house and
somehow I ended up inviting them in. After checking on
the k**s I joined them in the living room and offered
them a drink. I was aware of being in the room with 4
handsome men and decided that I would ask them to leave
after this drink.

Jim poured the drinks and they looked like huge measures
to me but we sat and chatted for another hour. I noticed
Dave was looking at my legs and when I glanced down I
realised that my dress had ridden up until the tops of
my stay ups were showing.

Jim was sitting next to me and I felt his hand on my
thigh. I told him to stop and said that I was not
interested, that I was married. He just ignored me and
pulled my face to his and began kissing me, deeply. As
he pushed up to me I could feel this huge swelling
between his legs that I could not believe.

I felt his hand massaging my breasts and neck while
someone was licking my ear. God I was getting turned on.
I could feel myself getting wet and hot, and I began to
wonder what it would be like to have sex with more than
one man at a time.

I broke away and said, 'No I can't, I am married.' As I
said it I felt hands pulling at my panties and hands
under my arms lifting me up. As I was lifted I felt my
panties slide down to my ankles and I was pulled across
to the low coffee table and my dress was pulled up over
my head leaving me totally naked.

'For gods sake!' I said. 'Leave me alone, I'm a married
mother, the k**s are upstairs.'

They all stopped moving and I looked around me. Jim and
Phil were naked and holding onto my arms, each with one
hand on my breasts. As I looked at them I was stunned,
each had a huge penis, at least 8 or 9 inches long. I
had never seen anything like it before, in fact I had
only ever seen my husband's and his did nothing to
prepare me for what I now saw.

Dave was standing to one side and was in the process of
removing his trousers. John was kneeling between my legs
with his mouth about 2 inches from my pussy.

I could feel his hot breath hitting me between my legs.
God what a sight, what should I do, I started to get
really turned on and was feeling very naughty. I have
heard that there is a thrill about doing wrong and for
the first time I understood it.

Dave looked at me and said, 'Shit, I thought you wanted
it. We didn't realise you really didn't want us to come
on to you. The way you were talking in the bar I thought
you were out for some wild fun.' Dave stood up and began
to slip his trouser back on.

I felt Jim and Phil release my arms and at that point it
was over. Jim started to apologise and moved towards his
clothes and I felt almost disappointed, let down. Then
at that point John licked my pussy from bottom to top,
slowly, and I swear I almost fainted. 'Are you sure
you're not feeling wild?' he asked.

Maybe it was the drink that was partly to blame but at
that minute I felt totally reckless. I reached down
between my legs and grabbed John's head, pulling him
hard into me. From that second it became a blur of
sexual activity. Phil turned my head and pushed his huge
penis between my lips as Jim started to suck on my

I felt them lay me down on the table and there were
hands everywhere. I could feel fingers probing into my
pussy pulling my lips apart and it felt wonderful. I
could feel someone moving my legs apart so I let Phil's
erect cock slip from my mouth and lifted my head to see.
Dave had removed his clothes and I saw the biggest penis
of the four of them.

I suddenly realised that it was going inside me within
the next few seconds. As I watched he nudged it into me
and as it slipped in a couple of inches I felt that
wonderful feeling that I could remember from 'before
c***dren'. I saw him tense slightly and I felt it slip
further and further into me.

Phil was getting impatient and started to pull my head
back onto his cock but I could not take my eyes off of
Dave. As he started to thrust in and out I had the most
incredible feelings and I started to cry out in time to
each inward push.

Phil gave up trying to get me to suck him and moved down
to my leg pulling it further out while John did the same
with my other leg. Jim began to lick and kiss my
nipples, which just about took me over the top. Dave was
pumping furiously now and I called to him to pull out
and not cum inside me.

My husband had a vasectomy after our second c***d and
until now I had not thought about it. That was a
mistake. Dave told me after that he got such a thrill
from realising that he was fucking me unprotected that
he just could not help but cum. He did cum at that point
and I have never felt anything like it. It felt like a
slap inside me, first one then another then another.

I wondered if he would ever stop shooting his sperm
inside me. He pulled out and I felt completely empty as
though something was missing. Not for long did I feel
this way as Phil wasted no time in getting between my
legs and filling the recently occupied space.

Once Phil had cum John and then Jim took their turns
until I lay there with sperm leaking from between my
legs onto the table and carpet. I was exhausted and a
little embarrassed now it was over. I started to get up
only to realise Dave had obviously got his strength back
as he straddled my chest and pushed his cock at my
mouth. I grabbed it and began to masturbate him over my
mouth while licking the end until he shot another load
over my face and neck.

They left soon after that suggesting that we meet up
again the next evening. I told them that would not be
possible, as I had to go somewhere. They suggested that
if I could get away I could come with them to a country
cottage in Devon that they had rented for the weekend.
They were leaving Friday afternoon and coming back early

I promised to try but said that it was unlikely. They
each kissed me on the way out and then I had a bath
trying to wash out the sperm they had deposited inside
me. It's not a fertile time for me but I think it'll be
by Saturday, so if I go, I will need some condoms.

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