Voyeur Husband

In bed with his lovely wife, Steve Benson enjoyed the
thrill of having Jill frantically sliding her slick and
horny cunt down over his stiff throbbing cock. Closing
his eyes, Steve's mind brought back the erotic images
of the other week as he pictured his beautiful young
wife being fucked out of her mind by his buddy Mike
Jones. He had set it all up himself, giving his buddy
Mike the okay to put the make on Jill, hoping that Mike
would be successful in seducing Jill and that he would
get to watch her taking a big black cock up her tight
little cunt.

Steve still couldn't believe that he had actually
witnessed Jill taking the entire length of Mike's big
black boner up into her tight little snatch. Had he not
witnessed it for himself, Steve would never have
believed that she would succumb to the temptation of
being fucked by a big black buck, nor for that matter
being able to take such a big boner up into her petite
little body. He could still picture Jill literally
being nailed to the laundry room wall, her legs up in
the air wrapped around Mike's muscular body as he
hammered his big black prong into her snatch time and
time again.

The sensation of Jill's sheath sliding up and down his
sensitive cock, combined with the image of her first
encounter with a big black buck, Steve was about to cum
...but far too quickly for his horny young wife.

"Oooooh ...oooooooooh ...oooooooh!" he heard Jill coo
as she worked herself onto his cock. Far too stimulated
from the images his wife taking a big black cock along
with the sensations on his cock, Steve groaned and then
began to spurt his load far too quickly to satisfy his
now frustrated wife.

Jill couldn't believe what was happening, her once
virile husband was spurting his jizz into her already,
causing her to stammer out in disbelief "No ...no
...don't cum yet! I haven't gotten off yet!" To her
dismay, Steve weakly apologized "Oh, sorry, hon ...I
got too excited!"

Then, her husband's now useless tool quickly shrunk and
was being pulled out of her. Falling over to her side
of the bed, Jill was totally flabbergasted as her
husband pulled the sheet up to his chest and then
turned over onto his side.

With her husband fast asl**p, Jill touched herself in
search of some satisfaction, then her thoughts drifted
back to the other week, when Steve's shipmate had
stopped by to hook up the washer and dryer. "Why can't
I stop thinking of him? He made me shiver and made me
turn to putty with the touch of his hand! God ...what
if he touches me again?

Will I be able to resist his advances?" she asked

Finger diddling her slit, searching for and finding her
sensitive clit, Jill shivered with pleasure as she
pictured going down upon the meaty black cock that Mike
Jones possessed. She remembered how thick it was,
barely fitting into her widely stretched mouth,
recalling how awesome it felt to have a big muscular
man quivering and moaning under her touch. Then she
chastised herself, asking 'How can I cheat on my
husband? How can I do such a thing when I'm happily

I just gave the vow to be faithful to my husband a
short while ago! And now I'm thinking of being
unfaithful with another guy ...again! Why wasn't I able
to resist his friend? Why did I want him to stick his
big cock into me?' she asked herself. But then Jill
remembered how Mike had set her down upon the washer,
spread her legs out wide and began to eat her alive,
causing her to shiver and secrete her slick juices.
'God, why do I keep thinking of him? My God, he's so
much bigger than my husband!' she recalled.

Jill worried, asking herself 'Can Steve know I'm no
longer the true and faithful wife by looking at me?'
She swallowed, wondering if her husband had noticed the
difference the first time he made love to her, after
having been unfaithful with his shipmate, that her slit
was obviously stretched so much wider than before. She
knew that not enough time had lapsed to have her cunt
muscles tighten back up, that surely Steve must have
noticed the difference as he easily slid into her
versus always needing to take some time to fit himself
in her.

Recalling how her husband's shipmate had pushed her up
against the wall and nailed her to it, Jill wondered,
'Why was it so thrilling to have another man make love
to me?' Remembering how Mike Jones had sat her back
down onto the washer after cumming deep in her, Jill
would later find out just how much of the thick jizz
had leaked out of her when he had pulled his big dong
out of her leaky slit. When she later had gone to do
some laundry, Jill had been surprised to observe the
dried streaks of semen that had earlier oozed out of
her and down the side of the washer.

Jill hadn't even protested or argued when Mike Jones
had lifted her up into his arms and carried her into
the bedroom that she shared with Steve. She recalled
how he had laid her at the edge of the bed, then while
he was still standing, gave her the fucking of a
lifetime. With her legs straight up, ankles resting
upon his shoulders, her husband's shipmate had sent his
lengthy torpedo deep into her. Never had she cum so
much nor had so much jizz fucked up into her twat.

The next morning, when his wife asked if he would be
seeing his friend Mike soon, Steve indicated that he
probably would that day. When Jill asked him to see if
Mike could come over to fix the leak near the washer,
Steve knew that his horny little wife needed and wanted
to have more than the window fixed. Knowing that he had
left her totally frustrated the night before, Steve
chuckled and thought 'I'd better have Mike bring his
roter-rooter also!' "Let me call and see if I can reach
Mike right now, honey!" he obligingly advised.

Going into the bedroom to use the phone there, not
wanting to have Jill overhear his conversation, Steve
dialed the number to the ship that was drydocked at the
pier. As the phone was answered, he advised "Yeah, give
me Mike in the boiler room!" Hearing Mike come on the
phone, he advised "Hey, Mike! Mike, this is Steve! My
wife is asking if you could stop by to check the leak
in the laundry room?"

Steve smiled as Mike laughed on the other end of the
line, asking if he was going to be hiding out again to
watch Jill get banged. Upon Mike's asking if he needed
an excuse to be given to the officer on duty, Steve
replied, "Yeah ...tell the ensign I'm going down to the
base dispensary for a check-up as I'm not feeling
well!" Upon hearing Mike's next question, Steve
responded "Anything special? Yeah ...I'd really like to
see you stick that big cock of yours up her sweet
little ass!" With Mike laughing on the other end and
telling him he'd be over, Steve chuckled and advised
"Yeah, fine. See you in about an hour."

Going back into the living room, Steve sat on the sofa
next to his beautiful wife and advised "Yeah, I got
hold of Mike and he'll be here in about an hour!" "Oh,
great! About time we get it fixed!" Jill responded,
showing more enthusiasm one would expect just to have
an ordinary leak repaired, but her leaky snatch needed
to get plugged up real good. Steve apologized "Yeah, I
know! I've just been too busy to get to it! I'm sorry,

A bit later, as he neared the front door, Steve yelled
out "See you later, honey! I'm off to the ship!"
Opening the front door then slamming it shut so Jill
would hear it, Steve then quietly snuck back into the
bedroom while Jill was occupied in the kitchen. With
naval housing quarter quite cramped, they kept a
decorative oriental screen in front of the nearby
closet. Opening one end and closing it back up behind
him, Steve then slipped into the closet and partially
closed the door, leaving a crack to peer out through.

As the hour neared for Mike Jones' arrival, Steve heard
his wife's footsteps padding along the carpet and into
the bedroom. Peering through the crack into closet
door, Steve observed his lovely wife take off the blue
robe that she had on. Then she took off the lavender
nightie that she had worn to bed the night before. From
the dresser drawer, Steve watched Jill retrieve a sexy
and quite skimpy purple pair of panties that she
stepped into. Then his wife donned a matching lacy
purple night, just before the doorbell rang.

Steve swallowed as he could hear heavier footsteps
coming down the hall and towards the bedroom, his cock
twitching in anticipation. Then, upon seeing the petite
ivory white body of his lovely wife in the arms of his
muscular black buddy, Steve's cock was rock solid and
threatening to bust right out of his pants. Seeing Jill
being gently laid upon the bed, Steve wondered 'Isn't
she going to put up any resistance? Is she going to
make him put on one of my condoms?'

Sure, he had been an observer the first time around but
Steve thought that Jill would at least be apprehensive
in continuing to cheat on him, especially since they
had been married less than a year. But as Mike crawled
up onto the bed, there was no apprehension on Jill's
part at all, not in the way she leaned up to kiss him
passionately with her lips wide open. It was obvious
that they were French kissing, with tongues teasing
each other. Cock throbbing madly in his pants, Steve
watched breathlessly as his lovely wife kneeled over to
undo his buddy's pants, then reached in to pull out
Mike's big black boner.

Steve's eyes widened in amazement, his cock tenting his
pants as he watched Jill eagerly gobble up Mike's big
black cock. Bobbing her head up and down, Steve watched
as his once innocent young wife licked the length of
the thick pole, using the tip of her tongue to tease
his buddy's sensitive cockhead. He heard Mike groan
with pleasure, his muscular body stiffen in order to
keep control of himself and not lose his load
prematurely. Steve strained to hear the soft love talk
between the two lovers, then watched as Jill got out of
her nightie while Mike helped her out of her panties.

Unable to hear what Mike had just told Jill, Steve
wondered what was up next. Then he observed his
beautiful and once innocent young wife crawl up over
his buddy's prone body and ask "Like this?" With Jill
getting her head over Mike's big black bone while
settling her golden nest down upon his smiling face. It
was then that Steve knew he'd be in for a treat of
watching his lovely wife do a '69'er with is good
buddy. The way in Jill gobbled up the upright prong,
while moaning out her pleasure of being eaten out,
Steve knew now that Jill's innocence was no more and
she could in fact even make a whore blush.

Coming up for air, Jill shivered and moaned "OHHH! That
feel's goooddd!" as her husband's shipmate ate out her
juicy twat. It was such a fantastic feeling for Jill,
having a man enjoying himself as he ate her out, that
she rubbed her golden curls up against his face as she
fed him her sweet honey. This was something that she
could enjoy only with a man other than her husband, for
she feared what her husband would think of her if she
asked him to put his face up between her legs and his
mouth over her sex.

Steve watched as his lovely wife stroked the black bone
with her soft dainty hand while bobbing her head up and
down upon it. There was no let up by his wife as she
was obviously intending to bring Mike off right in her
mouth, something she had never done for him, always
telling him it was a 'filthy' thing to do. But in
observing the way she was performing on their marital
bed, such an act with another man was apparently not
'filthy' at all. Then he saw Mike's body quiver and
heard his buddy groan loudly "Ahhhh, baby ...I'm gonna

Even given the warning in advance, Steve saw that Jill
had no intention whatsoever of taking her mouth off
Mike's cock but instead continued to gam him. Then it
blew right in her mouth, evidenced by the torrent of
'filth' that poured out from the sides of her mouth as
she was unable to handle such a copious load of male
semen. 'Damn, she's going down on him like a fucking
pro!' Steve thought in amazement.

With the thick cock now drained and losing its stamina,
Jill kneeled back up to sit on Mike's face and
thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of being literally eaten
alive. It was obvious that her husband's shipmate was
an experienced cunt eater as he lapped up all the slick
juices she was secreting into his mouth, especially
when she heard him say "Oh, baby! So sweet!" Mouth on
her sex and thick fingers pinching at her sensitive
nipples, there was nothing better for a swooning Jill.

Now with Mike's boner beginning to revive, her husband
shipmate told her to switch around and prong herself
onto it. Obeying, Jill crawled down the bed and turned
to face the muscular black stud, then straddled him and
fitted the bulblike crown of his cock up between her
slick lips. Peering over the top of the screen for a
clear view, Steve's eyes widened as the thick shaft was
enveloped and his wife's petite body began to absorb
the monstrous piece of dark meat within her. 'God, she
never reacts that way to me! Man, he's driving her
wild! Godddd ...my wife is such a slut! That bitch!' he
thought to himself, all the while enjoying what was
taking place on his marital bed.

It was quite a sight, his lovely wife was such a petite
little beauty but well endowed with a beautiful set of
titties. Peering through the screen, Steve watched as
his wife fucked herself onto the lengthy black prong.
With Jill leaning forward, he could see her lovely set
of tits waving madly about as she rode the cock as if
she was riding home a stallion in the big derby. "Do
it!" Steve heard his wife moan out, encouraging her
lover to shoot his hot raw load into her. 'Damn, she's
letting him do it without a rubber!' Steve gulped.

From the sounds his wife was making, it sure sounded
as if she was praying, especially the manner in which
she continued to chant "Oh, God ...oh, God ... OH MY
GOD!" But with the squeaks of the bedsprings in the
background and grunts of pleasure from her lover below,
it was not a woman in prayer but the sounds of a woman
being fucked out of her mind.

Soon it was time for a change of positions as Mike got
Jill onto all fours to face the decorative screen that
her husband was hiding behind.

Time and time again, Steve watched the petite body of
his wife shuddering uncontrollably in orgasm after
orgasm as she moaned for his shipmate to keep on
fucking her. Finally, shaken from her latest climax,
Jill fell forward onto the bed as Mike let his still
erect prong slip out of her. Then, Steve watched as
Mike got down behind Jill's tender white asscheeks and
nuzzled his face up into sweet ass.

Then his wife was being raised up onto all fours once
again. Seeing Jill turn back to see what was happening,
the look of fright appearing on her face, Steve knew
that his request of his buddy was now about to be
answered. "Ahhhhhh ...ahhhhhhhhhh ... OH GOD! ...it
hurts!" came Jill's painful wail. Steve watched
intently as his wife turned her head back to plead for
Mike to take his cock out of her ass.

Steve had to grit down on his teeth to keep from
busting out as Mike reached over to get a small pillow
and hand it to Jill, telling her "Just bite down on
this, sweetie! Ya can take it!" Then came the muffled
scream into the pillow as Mike lunged his thick shaft
up into Jill's tight little asshole. Though the
following screams were muffled by Jill biting down into
the pillow, the shrills that could still be heard had
Steve's cock rigid in know his pretty was being
buggered up her tight little ass.

For Mike Jones, getting his cock up the pretty bitch's
tight little ass was a pleasure in itself, but having
her own husband ask him to bugger his pretty wife was
unbelievable. Knowing his good buddy was just feet
away, hiding behind the screen and watching the events
unfold, Mike figure he'd give his shipmate an extra
thrill to heighten his fetish in voyeurism.

With Steve's pretty wife groaning in pain each time he
skewered his thick cock up her tight little ass, he
asked "Steve ever do this to you! Fuck you up yer tight
little ass?"

"No ...no!" came the agonized response from the blonde
beauty. "God, no wonder yer so fuck'n tight! Got myself
a tight little virgin ass, haven't I?" Mike gleamed.

"Ahhhhhh ... OH GOD! OHHH GGGOD!!" Steve heard Jill
moan again and again as Mike continued to slam into.
"Ya like it up in the ass, don't ya?" he heard Mike ask
his wife. "Yessssss ...oh, yes ...I LIKE IT!!" came her
response. 'Slam it to her! Fuck her up the ass!' Steve
mentally cheered his buddy on.

Observing what was taking place on the bed, Mike was
certainly going about it with great enthusiasm as he
shoved his cock deep into Jill's bowels.

Lunging in and out of the tight virgin ass, Mike wanted
to give the young wife something to remember him by,
the first guy to fuck her pretty ass and flush it out
with a load of hot soothing jizz. Then to taunt her and
needle his buddy, Mike chuckled "Oh, baby ...yer ass is
gonna so gaping wide ...Steve can take a swan dive in
it!" Then it was too much for him also, the pleasure
causing him to groan as he gave her an enema of hot

Awhile later, cock revived once again, Mike pulled the
young beauty back up on all fours to the side of the
bed. Her cunt was at the perfect height for him as he
stood next to the bed and took her doggie style.
Cumming in her ass was fun, but he couldn't pass up the
chance to deposit a dosage of his potent seed up into
her fertile womb while her voyeur husband looked on. It
was one hell of a mind-blowing thought in the
possibility of knocking up another man's wife with the
dumbass of a husband looking on.

With Mike getting dress and leaving the bedroom, Jill
fast asl**p after getting fucked out of her mind, Steve
crept out from his hiding place. Unable to resist,
Steve peered up between his wife's spread legs to
observe his shipmates cum oozing out of both her well-
fucked cunt and ass.

Rushing out to the living room, Steve caught up to his
shipmate, calling out 'Hey, Mike! Hold up, man!" Steve
then extended his hand to shake Mike's and thank him,
telling Mike "Fantastic, man! That was fuck'n great! I
just can't believe how turned on she got with your big
black cock up her twat! And when she took it up the ass
...wow, that was fantastic! I loved it, man!"

Mike just chuckled at his delighted friend, telling him
"Well, I loved it too!" Then Mike was in for another
surprise when Steve advised "I think the next time will
be even better! What do you think of me setting her up
for a gangbang?" Mike could only utter a laugh and
respond "Steve, yer a sick mother! But I hope you
include me in on it!"

He could only smile and shake his head in amazement
with Steve telling him that he'd certainly be included
in the gangbang setup.

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