Coming Home with a BBC

I was really upset when my daughter called from another
state and announced that she had married a black man. I
was even more upset when she said he lost his job and
they were moving back here to live with me. I had been
divorced for years but raised in the Deep South where
white and black didn't mix much.

Then the day came, I tried to avoid them by doing
normal household chores and other things I had put off
for years. My daughter obeyed his every wish. Getting
him this and that and telling me how great he was. I
was so relieved when night came and I got to the
privacy of my own bedroom.

Later however, I had to get up and get a pill I take at
night I forgot earlier. On the way to the kitchen, I
could hear voices, one of them sounded very distressed
so I went down the hall to find out what was going on
in my nightie. When I got to their room, the door was
cracked so I looked in.

My daughter was on her knees in front of him. Her ass
was red and I knew she had been spanked recently. She
was begging permission to lick his ass and cock while
he was twisted her nipples and smiling down at her. I
knew I should have said something but my body was
betraying me and I felt moisture in my pussy.

Lowering my hand, I started rubbing it watching as he
turned on the bed and presented his ass to my daughter
who plunged her face in and was making slurping sounds
rimming his bum hole. His ass was very attractive and
the humiliation of my brat daughter was turning me on
more. I started rubbing harder watching the action. He
was now telling her to use her tongue as a dildo as she
was pushing it deeper and deeper in his ass.

His cock was rock hard as I saw him turn around and
sit. Pointing to it, Sue my daughter engulfed it in her
mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on it.
He was telling her to get it harder because he was
going to shove it in her slut ass hard. I came at the
thought and bumped into the door. Both stopped what
they were doing as I ran back down the hall into the
kitchen to avoid them.

I got my pill from the upper cabinet and turned around
to return to my room when I saw him naked standing
there. My eyes were staring at his rock hard cock and I
sure my mouth was drooling.

"You were watching me train your slut daughter weren't
you?" he asked in a commanding voice.

"No," I lied, "I just came to get one of my pills and
go to bed." I avoided looking at him but couldn't help
glancing down at his cock.

"Don't it make you upset that your daughter is my slave
and I can use her any way I want?" He asked.

"She's old enough to make her own decisions," I
replied. Boy I wanted that cock in my pussy as I
continued to focus on it. My knees were weak and I felt
I would drop any minute.

"Get on your knees and suck my cock slut," he

I couldn't resist. Dropping to my knees, I started to
engulf his cock in my mouth. It was too large to get
the whole thing in so I bobbed my head trying to get as
much as I could. I couldn't believe I was actually
doing it as my pussy juices were flowing in my panties.

"Get on all fours and follow me to the bedroom he
commanded withdrawing his cock to my bitter
disappointment. I'm going to fuck your daughter in the
ass and you are going to hold it open for me." He
commanded. I crawled behind him so excited I almost
peed in my panties.

When we arrived, Sue head was on the floor and her bare
ass was high in the air. She heard us arrive and begged
him to shove it up her ass. I saw the look of lust in
her eyes as she ignored me and wiggled her ass for him.
Upon command, I got to her side and spread her cheeks
open looking down at her asshole, which I knew, was
about to be stuffed.

He commanded me to beg him to fuck it, which I did as
he got behind and started pushing it in her asshole. I
watch it go all the way in and heard her moaning behind
me as I felt my own pussy flowing. He was pumping in
and out as I wished it were my pussy that needed it
badly. Finally he came and withdrew his cock demanding
I clean it with my mouth.

Normally I would have thought it was disgusting and ran
but I was so horny I opened my mouth as he plunged it
in. The salty taste was there but it felt so good just
to be in my mouth as I sucked it dry. When he pulled
out, he made me lick her asshole clean as I bent down
and started running my tongue inside her butt.

"Looks like I married two sluts," he laughed as I was
working hard on her asshole as she was coming from the
tonguing. When she came, he demanded I get up and
remove my nightie and panties, which I dropped
immediately. My daughter was demanded to get on her
back on the bed and I was told to get on top of her in
reverse order so we could lick his other cunts.

I was more than eager shoving my tongue in her soaking
wet pussy as she was doing mine. He was calling us
whore and slapping my ass, which was driving me wild
with excitement. Soon we both came and laid exhausted
on each other drifting off to sl**p. I had never been
more satisfied in my life.

The next morning I was wakened by a hard slap to my ass
telling me to prepare breakfast. I got off my daughter
and was trying to put my nightie on when he slapped my
ass and told me I could wear nothing in this house
without his permission. I ran to the kitchen and
prepared breakfast as I could hear them making love in
the bedroom.

I was jealous wishing he was fucking me instead as they
arrived and sat down. I started to sit also, but he
yelled at me that a slave didn't eat without permission
and my place was on the floor cleaning his cock while
he ate. I crawled under the table and began licking my
daughter cum off it.

He was telling my daughter that his mother was arriving
today to see how his new home was and the place better
be spotless when she arrived. She was told to have
everything clean and to beat my ass if I didn't work
hard enough. He was going outside and improve his tan.

When he left. I got out from under the table and
started to sit down and eat when Sue slapped my ass and
told me to get busy. She said his mother could be a
real bitch and I better have the house clean before she
arrived. I started to protest when she slapped my ass
again and I turned and started cleaning dishes. Most of
the morning went by most of that way with my ass being
slapped on a regular basis. Most of which, I brought on
myself being horny walking in the nude with both of
them in the house watching.

Around 1 pm, the doorbell rang and Sue went naked to
the door and opened it. A large black lady in her mid
40s came in and said hi to her son. She lifted her
dress and presented her hairy pussy to our view in the
lobby. Sue immediately fell to her knees in front of
her and started licking her pussy as I just froze
watching. I felt a sharp pain to my ass as her son
slapped my behind.

What are you looking at slut? She has another hole that
needs servicing and I suggest you get your ass over
there now.

I ran over and got behind her looking at her large
hairy ass crack. Pushing my head in, I started licking
her asshole as I had done Sue's the day earlier. Her
ass was rather large as my face was buried between the
cheeks. She was moving her ass and moaning telling her
son what great white sluts he had as she climaxed. Both
of us continued licking till he demanded that we stop
and go to the middle of the living room and await

We watched as they sat at the table in the kitchen
making talk. Both of our cunts were dripping in
expectation as they came in. Sue was demanded to get on
her knees in front of him and lick his balls while I
was told to go to his mother.

She made me stand in front of her and told me to spread
my legs and grip my ass cheeks in back so I wouldn't
move. She was going to masturbate her slut, as she
called me, and if I came she was going to have to spank
me for being a bad little girl. Her finger felt so good
as she started rubbing my clit while I tried to
maintain my balance with the grip on my ass. I tried my
best to think of something else but her rubbing was too
much and soon I was rocking up and down on her finger
in climax.

She smiled and said I was a bad little girl and get
over her lap now. I went to her side and bent over as
she adjusted my position so my ass was direct over her
lap. I could see Sue sitting on Ben cock as I was
wishing it were I. The fiction of her large thighs felt
good on my wet pussy as I watched.

Not long however, as the first slap on the ass brought
me back to reality. Ow, it hurt like hell as the second
landed. I started promising to be a good little girl as
more slaps were being delivered to my ass as tears
formed in my eyes from the pain. My whole ass was on
fire as I wiggled and tried to put my hands back to
protect it, which she slapped also. My legs were
kicking all over as I pleaded and pleaded with her.
Finally she quit.

Ben called over and told me his mother liked to be
thanked after spanking a slut with a pussy licking. I
got down from her lap in tears and got on my knees in
front as she lifted her dress. When I plunged my face
in her large and hairy cunt, she covered me with her
dress. My ass was poking out in back and Ben was
commenting on how good a job she had done on it. She
told him she wanted to see if Sue ass could accept his
whole cock yet and he told her to watch.

She was soaking wet watching as I continued to lap her
pussy juices. Ben told her Sue had told him I had a
dildo in the bedroom drawer and she demanded that I
crawl out and go fletch it. I ran down the hallway,
picked up the fake cock and presented it to her
expecting she would shove it up my cunt. Instead she
told me to turn around.

Holding the cock in her lap, she told me I was to sit
on it and shove it in my ass while I watch a real man
fuck his woman. As I bent down, she pointed it at my
asshole and I slowly started working it in. It hurt
like hell but the action in front of me was turning me
on. Finally I had it mostly in when she told me to
bounce up and down on it and fuck myself.

She held it tight as I rose up and then back down on it
as it was feeling more comfortable down there. My pussy
was soaking wet again and pretty soon I was rocking my
ass up and down trying to get off as Ben climaxed in
Sue ass. She made me stop and pulled me all the way
down on the dildo in her lap as I sat disappointed that
I hadn't come yet.

"This slut wants a piece of your cock in her ass also,"
his mother said, "but I'm afraid she too tight ass for
a man cock yet. I have to stretch it out for you while
I'm here."

Ben agreed and had Sue clean his cock and I just sat on
the dildo and watched. She pinched my ass cheeks and
told me to get up and get her a drink. Letting go of
the dildo, she said I was to keep it in so my asshole
could be stretched to proper size for a slut of my
nature. I waddle to the kitchen with my stuffed ass and
poured her a drink and brought it back sitting on my
knees in front of her.

She had Sue come over and lick her large tits in front
of me and tell her how they were what mother tits
should look like. I watched in envy wishing I had her
large tits in my mouth as I maintained my position. I
found myself needing to pee bad as I asked permission
to go to the bathroom.

Sue was commanded to prepare the toilet as I wondered
what he meant. His mother took my arm and lead me to
the bathroom and then I knew. A small k**-training
potty was placed on the floor by the normal john.

"This is your potty from now on," she told me. "Squat
over it with your legs wide at all times."

I bent down with legs spread having to look underneath
at regular intervals to see if I was lined up correctly
on it. She was and smiled as I started peeing. She then
removed her clothes and sat on the john.

"Come here slut. I am going to give you a close up view
of how a real woman takes a piss." She told me.

As I got on my knees in front of her, she grabbed my
hair forcing my face to her crotch. She started peeing
as it splattered down my face into the john below. I
just froze motionless as her piss ran down my chin in
the john and when it stopped, she demanded I clean her
pussy, which I did. The humiliation was complete as I
lapped her pussy. She got up and told me to clean my
potty and face and return to the living room as I
hurried to get the john down totally in humiliation at
the abuse I had just taken.

When I returned to the living room and stood in the
middle red in the face, Ben announced to me that his
mother was going to stay for the week and she wanted me
to be her pet. I was totally disappointed, as I wanted
his cock bad. I watched as Sue was crawling along the
floor wiggling her ass for his mother as she was
enjoying the entertainment. Ben told me to join her,
which I did getting down on all fours and crawling
myself. I was wiggling my ass as hard as I could still
stuffed with the dildo inside.

She had me crawl closer to her as she pinched my cheeks
as I passed teasing me with slut puppy. I was still
dripping wet at my pussy as she demanded I crawl behind
my daughter with my face buried in her ass as she
crawled. This felt better as I didn't have to look at
anyone as I crawled. I knew my face must be beet red.
Ben joined in by slapping my ass as I tried to
maintained my facial position. When we were told to
stop, I remained in position smelling my daughter
sweated ass and trying to catch my breath.

Ben and his mother had their fun watching us crawling
and finally let us rest for a moment.

"Get up slut," he said, slapping my ass. As I got up,
he grabbed my head forcing me to bend over with my face
in front of his cock.

"My cock is leaking, suck it slut." He commanded.

His words were magic to my ears as I gibbered his cock
in my mouth and started sucking on it trying to get all
his cum.

"She's a bigger slut than her daughter," he said to his
mother. "You may have to move in primitively to help me
with these cock crazed sluts."

"I know," said his mother who call Sue over to sit in
her lap like a c***d and was running her hand in
between her ass cheeks. "I think we'll have to cool
them down for awhile so we can get some rest. Sue sugar
go get mommy some small ice cubes."

Sue got up and returned with a cup full.

You know the routine; she told Sue as she turned around
and bent over spreading her ass. Ben mother started
pushing ice cubes in her asshole as she was groaning
from the freeze feeling in her ass. Finally she let her
go as Sue started walking around strangely trying to
get the ice to melt. She then call me over as I
followed Sue act.

The ice was freezing and it was all I could do to stand
still. She must have put about a half dozen in before
she let me go. I started walking around shaking my ass
trying to get the cubes melting quickly. I thought my
asshole was going to be freeze bitten before they
finally melted to their laughter.

"I don't think they're so hot now," laughed Ben mother
as we was rubbing our asses trying to get feeling back
in them. Sluts prepare us a meal before we starve and
it better be good.

Both Sue and me went to the kitchen still rubbing our
asses. She was right. We were no longer horny but damn
well got busy preparing the best meal we could find.
Sue was right. His mother was a real bitch and she
didn't want to get on her bad side if this was the good

When the table was prepared, they waited as Ben and he
sat down. Since we had prepared fried chicken
drumsticks, they made us get over their laps with me
again on Ben mother. His mother would eat the center
potion of the chicken and then pushed the end in my
asshole before pulling it out and putting it in my
mouth so I could eat the remainder. I figured Sue was
getting the same routine on the other side. I was
hungry and ate it anyway.

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Excellent story!!