My wife wanted a BBC

My name is Frank and my wife's Susan. I am now forty-
seven soon to be forty-eight. In November of 2007 my
wife and I began practicing Oral Sex, after twenty long
years of straight missionary sex. This and a variety of
sex toys, and the sharing of some of each other's
fantasies gave a much needed boost to our sex life and
restored much of the waning desire we'd been

I had read Playboy magazines for several years prior
to this, and had always desired to see Susan fuck or
suck another man's cock. Of course I never actually
thought she would do such a thing. But I talked to her
about it anyway but she flatly refused to do it. But she
did agreed that the fantasy part of it, was a definite
turn on for her.

I kept talking about it and often pretended to be a
different man, some times even a black man. The first
time I did that, she came so hard that she flooded the
sheets much that we had to change them. And even though
she denied that was the reason, it lead me to believe
that she had fantasies that she hadn't told me about.

In the spring of 2008 we bought our first computer, We'd
had one or two older models that we'd bought from yard
sales, but were not set up for the Internet.

Exploring the world became a major turn on for us both
when we found many websites that catered to pornography.
And we soon had each acquired a collection of photos of
men and women that were extremely sexy.

I found some of the most beautiful women nude and lewd.

Sarah found some pictures of men that had some of the
most unbelievably huge cocks, and she would on occasion
moan over them and if we were alone in the house used a
graphics program that we had purchased to make a slide
show out of them. She would openly Masturbate as she
watched them parade across the screen.

Somehow I felt that maybe my 5 1/2 inches of thin cock
might not be enough for her anymore. But when she bought
a dildo that was and as thick as her wrist and eight and
a half inches in length in the color of Black, well, I
know that I was no longer enough for her!

She bought two of them over the next year. The first one
was lodged deep inside her when the head broke off, and
she had to go to the hospital emergency room to have it

Two weeks later her embarrassment forgotten she bought a
new one. Similar in thickness but an inch longer and
more solid. (Heavier).

The following year she met several guys on the Internet
who shall remain nameless here. She met well over
twenty-five men that one year alone. Four of them men
were Black.

The fourth guy she ever met was her favorite though.
He had a cock the size and thickness of her first dildo.
King had a big black monster. Or so she said.

She told me that when she first saw his cock she was
astounded and she'd said that she had thought those
stories about big cocks weren't true. That only fake
cocks were that size. She went on to tell me how she had
gone down on him and that she'd had to work the head of
his cock into her mouth because the head was almost
bigger than her mouth. But she had managed to get it in.

She also gave to him something she had never given me.
Her final virginity. Her asshole!

I had tried for twenty years of our marriage to get her
to let me ass fuck her but she refused me each and every
time. Saying, "No one would ever fuck her there!"

She gave in to him and got the first ass fucking of her
life. She loved it! She spent four days with him,
resulting in her losing her job.

When she told me all of this I was shocked, and very
hurt that she had given to him what she had denied me in
the past. Seeing the hurt in my face she said that she
would deny me no longer and produced a tube of KY Jelly.
We hit the bed that night and try though I would I could
not get past her sphincter! My cock was to short and her
ass cheeks to big.

Frustrated beyond belief I pulled away from her and got
very d***k. She avoids me when I drink, because
sometimes I can become violent. That night I consumed a
fifth of Whiskey, Straight.

Susan found a new job the following week and
continued to meet with men she met from the Internet.
After her first black man she claimed that she was
hooked on black guys but would never turn down any cock.

She did meet one man who had a nine-incher but said it
was only as thick as mine and he is confined to a wheel
chair. She is mostly oral with him.

Thus from a near frigid wife was born a fuck slut.

King Hut

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