my son turned me into a cuckold slut

Oh my God I my son turned me into a cuckold slut. I know that this might sound crazy
But if you take a second and let me explain you will better
Understand my complex situation. Where should I began
Ok a few years ago my husband passed in a single car accident.
My son Devin and I took this hard, Ben was our world. We used
Each other as a way to heal the womb his passing created in our hearts.
The first year after his death I stayed at home and lived off of the
Large insurance policy my late husband left us. I could not find
The energy to get up and go to work. If you have ever lost a person
That was your world, then you can relate to my pain. Everyone
In my small social circle tried endlessly to couple me up with guys my
Age that had c***dren are ones who did not have any c***dren.
A few of the guys were great men, but they either not did fit my
Lifestyle or Devin had an issue with them. After all the guy I dated
Or married would be a part of both of lives so they had to be the perfect fit.

At the tender age of 37 I was what people called a smoking hot MILF. I’m 5’7
125 and I have a pair of DD tits. Those were a birthday gift for my husband, Ben
Had a tit fetish so I had an operation to accommodate his kinky ways. Anyhow I
Also had a nice plump bottom. The daily yoga exercises kept my body tone, at times
People would mistake me for a college aged female. I have shoulder length blonde hair,
But do not let the hair fool you, I am far from being dumb or dense. I enjoy standing nude
In my bedroom admiring my erotic figure. I noticed men did double takes when I wore
Tight jeans or a sun dress. I’m getting off track of the story. I’m sorry but I wanted you to get a visual
Description of how sexy I looked for my age. Around year two I had a bad experience with
A guy and it upset Devin. After that horrible date my son said “Mom I don’t want
You to date anymore guys, I can be your man”. I smiled and gave my baby a tight
Hug, I thought to myself this boy was turning into his father. Devin did something
That was unexpected his kissed my square on the lips. Not a mother son harmless
Kiss but a long kiss that leads to sex. I do not know why I didn’t stop him.
Instead nature took it course. Blind by lust I saw my son as his father, before
I knew what I was doing I had let Devin undress me. When I came to me senses
He was standing in front of sporting a nice hard on. Once again my mind said
“Karen take control of the situation before you make a huge error”. Nature had
Control of me, seeing Devin standing there with an attractive looking young dick.
I walked up to my baby and began to stroke his young cock. Like any 16 year old
Boy he was in heaven as I gave him an experienced hand job. I asked my son “if he like
The way momma made his pretty cock feel”. Devin mumbled “yes” and shot a massive
Load of sperm in my hand. Now I forgot to mention that I had a few fetishes of my own
And one was eating a man’s load, I will disclose the rest later on. My God I loved the taste of hot spunk
In my mouth If was appetizing as eating a T-bone steak.

I licked the spent load off of my hand, and dropped down to my knees to clean the
Little bit of cum on the tip of Devin’s cock. My son almost fell when my hot and
Experienced mouth engulfed his youthful dick. Knowing that this was his first blowjob
Excited me. As I gave him a blowjob of a lifetime, I fingered fucked myself. When my
Son got used to the oral sex he reached down and pinched my tits gently. I pulled
His pretty and hard cock out of my mouth and said “I don’t like it gentle pinch them
Hard, treat momma like a slut”. With the right amount of pressure Devin squeezed my
Tits. Right now I needed to be fucked I laid down on the floor and spread my legs wide open.
I asked Devin “if he wanted to fuck his momma”. That horny son of mines jumped on
Top of me in the blink of an eye, he was humping before he entered my pussy. I had
To calm him down. I stated to him that my pussy would be here all night long
Or until I came to my senses and that might be after I had an orgasm. The moment his young
Average sized dick crossed the threshold of my pussy I had an orgasm. Doing wrong felt so
Good Devin was pumping in and out with full f***e. Once my climax was over I told
My son “that his dick felt so good inside momma”. Before he could respond I wrapped
My right leg around his waist and stuck my tongue in his mouth. I was being such a slut
Laying there in the living room bareback fucking my own son. But damn my body
Needed cock and I was getting fucked good. My thoughts sent me over the edge
I was having a full body orgasm. I became a wild woman, I even frightened my baby. The only
Thing that brought me back to Earth was when he stopped fucking me. I opened
My eyes, I was pissed to high hell. I told Devin to never stop fucking me while I was
Creaming on his dick. Devin held his head down and said I’m sorry mom but I came
While you had your eyes closed. I looked down and saw a line of sperm leaking
Out of my used cunt. I laughed to lighten the mood and to ensure to my son that he
Had not did anything wrong. But damn I still wanted to be fucked some more.
I sucked his dick but it would not stand back up. Devin was exactly like his father, the
Both of them could make me have multiple orgasms but they could not keep up with me.
We took a shower together, to my disappointment he did not get back hard.
I teased him in the shower and even sucked on it some more. I guessed that I made
Him tap out. I had to remember that I just took his virginity and that he had already shot
Two colossal loads. My son went to his room and I went my room and fucked myself half
Crazy with my toys thinking about the fucking my son had just gave me.

That night after I had enough of my toys, I debated if fucking my son was wrong.
I was at a cross road, he was a man that would love me no matter what. I didn’t
Have to worry about him using me and leaving. Plus he was the exact image of the
Only man I had ever loved in my life. But he was my son, I said out loud “Karen you
Are a true slut, you just fucked your teenaged son and let him shot a load into your
Fertile womb”. Oh my God I had to get back on birth control or I would be knocked
Up by my son Devin. I grabbed my iPad and searched the web for
Stories about mother having a sexual relationship with their mother. I found out that
Certain web sites had categories referring to what the two of just did. I watched a few
Clips with young boys having sex with older women. Before long I had my 7 inch toy
Deep in my pussy. I was even fantasized that Devin was fucking me again. I squirted
From my nasty, hot, and slut like thoughts. That was a first for me I did not know what was
Happening to me. There was a huge puddle on my sheets, and why in the hell I licking
The wet spot on my bed. I was turning back into a closed door freak. I looked in the sky
And thought “Ben you turned me into a slut. I made up my mind, if Devin was ok with
The two us being sexual partners we could keep making love. I was also going to use the
Sales pitch that it would keep me from dating other guys. Since the next day was Saturday
We did not get out of bed until midday. I did not get any sl**p I was using my toys off and
On all night long. Around 11 the next morning I got out of bed and put on a short nightie that was see
Thru. I didn’t have on any panties or bra. Since I had been horny and in need all night long my
Nipples were hard. I began to cook a full breakfast for my son or should I say my new lover.
Devin always woke up starving. He came in the kitchen with socks and boxers shorts on, we
Spoke good morning to each other. I started to say about last night, Devin cut me off and
Said “mom last night was great, I thought I was dreaming for a second”. I asked “so you
Are ok with what happened”? Devin walked over and stood behind me, I bit my bottom lip
Waiting on his response was driving me crazy. I wish that boy would just answer my damn question.
Then I felt his man hood pressing against my ass. Devin pulled me into his body and said “
I hope we can keeping having sex, I feel like a man and I want you to be happy”. Before
I could say anything my baby gave me a long and deep kiss. His embrace sent shock waves throughout
My entire body. After breakfast I would have to fuck him some more. While we ate, I brought
Up the topic of us being sexual partners. I told my son that we would have to keep this
Between the two of us because other people would not understand our relationship.
Devin stated that he understood the terms of our relationship. Out of the blue Devin said
“Mom I want to give your oral sex, I mean you gave me some last night and I think
That it would be only fair if I returned the favor. I had to bite down on my fist
To control the feeling that just went thru my body. I said “sure I could show you
Later how I like for my pussy to be ate”. Devin stood up from the table and said
“Teach me now right here in the kitchen”. Slowly I got up and said “ok”. Now I was
Moving slowly because my bodying was going crazy. I was weak in the knees from
The thought of getting my pussy ate. This was another one of my fetishes, I loved
Getting my pussy licked. My late husband loved for me to sit in his face and have orgasms
In his mouth. Maybe I should tell Devin to wait before we did something like
That. Nature took control of me again I told my baby “to lay down on the floor,
And I was going to sit in his face. Without any protest Devin laid down, I lifted
Up my night gown and sat my moist pussy on his mouth. I told him “to suck
On my clit. Like a natural professional he was sucking on my clit like a champ.
I lost all control roughly I skulled fucked my son on the kitchen floor. Within
No time a steady flow of my pussy juices were streaming onto his face. I pinched
Brutally on my own nipples, at the top of my voice I told my son to eat momma
Pussy good. I was out of breath that was a great orgasm for me. I got up and noticed
That my baby boy’s face was red and shiny, I kissed him and said “now it’s my turn to
Please you”. With that I sucked his dick, the blowjob got so sloppy my saliva was running
Down his balls. I had to clean that off, I sucked on his left ball and jacked his cock.
Devin was moaning loud and rubbing my head. When his dick was inserted back into
My mouth him came. I caught the entire load without wasting a drop, Devin said “wow mom
That felt great”. We got up and cleaned the kitchen, the whole time we washed the dishes Devin
Was all over me. I loved the attention his was giving my body. When we were done, Devin
Asked “if we could fuck in his bed”. My response to his question was the last one upstairs has to give
The other person again”. I admit that I cheated I pushed him down and flew into his room.
Devin said “mom you cheated”. I told him that no one said it was a fair game, now come eat
Momma pussy. The rest of the day we had sex in every possible position. But once again I
Went to bed wanting to be fucked some more. I pulled out the toys and fucking myself until around
2 A.M. before I passed out.

We had sex almost every day that summer. Now this is where the story becomes a little
More complex. Devin was on the school’s basketball team, one day I had to pick him up on their
Lunch break in order to take him to the doctor for a checkup. I noticed him talking to this
African American guy that had everyone’s attention. Whatever he was saying the entire group
Was laughing real hard. Never before in my life had I been attracted to Black guys
But this young man had a lovely build, nice light skin, and his dread locks made him look like
A Black God. I then noticed this little white girl in the crowd she was damn near throwing
Herself all over this young man. I thought to myself she needed to sit her hot ass down somewhere.
When Devin got in the car I asked him who that Black guy was. He told me that is King, he was
New to our school, he is a great athlete and a big nerd at the same time. The teachers and coaches love
Him. Devin kept going on and on about how King had helped the school win their first regional science
Fair and led them to the quarter finals in football. After the appointment was over I dropped Devin
Back off at school. That evening when I picked him up, I noticed him and the guy named King were
Talking and walking towards the car. I still do not know why I had to check myself in the mirror to
Make sure my make was okay. As they got close to the car King tapped Devin of the chest and
Said man you didn’t tell me you had an older s****r. King walked over my side of the car placed his elbow
On the window and introduced himself to me. Devin slowly got in the car and sat down. King said to my
Son man I wish you would have told me about your s****r before now she is hot as hell.
Devin started to say something but I cut him off. I pulled off my shades and looked King in the
Eyes and said “I’m not his s****r I’m his mother, but thanks for the complement. King quickly stated that
He was sorry for the inappropriate remarks. Then he asked “if it was ok for him to come over to
The house this weekend. Devin and he were going to study and practice on basketball fundamentals.
I looked at Devin and said sure it’s okay just have your parents give me a call to set up things up.

On the drive home I began to think about King, and my pussy started to yarn for some dick.
I put the pedal to the metal and reached the house in the blink of an eye. When Devin shut
The door I was all over him I had to be fucked right now. I pushed him on the
Couch and pulled his shoes and jeans off. I fucked my son thinking about King, my God I want
That young cocky Black boy to fuck me. I was taking my son’s cock thru hell with my wet
Pussy. Each time I closed my eyes I saw King’s face. This made my orgasm start over,
Around my third orgasm Devin shot off his load. I was so horny that I fucked his limp
Cock until I could no longer feel him in my hot pussy. The rest of the week I found myself
Staring at King when I picked up Devin, and each day I fucked my son as soon as we
Got home. I would not give Devin time to do his homework, I ended up doing his homework
Before he went to school the next morning. As Friday approached I found myself buying
New underwear for King. I knew that I was living in a fantasy world thinking I
Could have sex with a high school Black teen. But he I was in Victoria’s
Secret buying hot pink boy shorts, and t-shirts that barley covered my belly.
Devin had begun wanting to take pictures of me sucking and fucking him.
I had let him take cream pie pics, and pics of me giving him a blowjob with a mask on.
I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

When Saturday arrived King knocked on the door around 10 A.M.
Devin and I had fucked all night in case we weren’t able to make love while
King was a guest at our house. I had on that items I had purchased from
Victoria’s Secret. I made it my business to flash my pussy to the boys as
They studied. Devin was trying to hide his hard on from King. I had forgot
To mention that Devin did not know about me wanting to fuck King. Meanwhile
As I flashed the boys King took the opportunity to look at my hot box.
Teasing the boys were driving me crazy. I wanted to be fucked by Devin or God
Willing the both of them right now. I walked over to where they were studying
And began to interrupt their study session. First I bend over in front of them
Acting as if a small piece of lent would hurt the carpet in the den. Then I offered my
Help with studying acting as if I did not have anything else to do. I stood between
Devin and King while we went over questions. Five minutes later I acted as if my feet
Began to hurt and sat down in King’s lap. Oh my God either I was sitting on King’s arm
Or this boy had a horse dick. It was hard as a steel rod and it felt like it was long.
I had to find out so I sent Devin upstairs to get my purse so I could order a pizza for lunch.
As soon as Devin left out of the room. I told King to move is arm so I could sit comfortable
In his lap. Now I was acting like a dumb blonde. I sat up a little bit and said grabbed his
Large young dick. This cocky teen said don’t start nothing that you can’t finish. Now
I love a challenge, and his words brought the slut out of me. I kissed King square on the
Lips and said “I would have you running back home to your momma”.

Then Devin came back into the room and caught me in the act of kissing his Black
Friend. My heart dropped because I felt guilty after all Devin was my lover. King
Told Devin man your mom is sexy as hell. Devin told King I told you she was a willing
Slut. The two of them talked about how Devin fucked me as if I was not there, at first
I got pissed to high hell. Then I realized that I could have my wish. Devin told me that
King had seen the pics in his phone on accident, and I told him how you fucked me after
Each time you saw him. I even told him about how you called me King a couple of times
During the week. I had not realized that I called out King’s name during sex. Anyway King
Asked Devin so which room are we going to tag team your mom? Devin said right here.

I sat nude on the floor waiting on King to undress. I got the feeling in the
Pit of my stomach that this young Black teen was going to be something special.
When he pulled his boxers off I lost my breath even Devin was shocked by the size
Of his dick. I didn’t know if a dick that large soft would hurt a turn me out.
Either way I was going to suck and fuck it while it was in my house. King walked over and sat
Down on the floor. I was sitting between the boys, King told Devin “you go high and I will
Go low”. King gently laid me down on the floor and placed his face between my legs.
He was using his thumb to massage my clit while he licked inside of my tight pussy hole.
At the same time my son Devin was taking his dear sweet time sucking my tits. Never in my
Life had I let two guys enjoy my body at the same time. Now King was digging his fingers deep
Inside of my hot pussy. I was almost at the point of no return, I began to crème on King’s fingers
As he finger fucked my pussy. King stopped sucking on my clit and told Devin to pinch and suck
My tits hard as he possibly could. Then King started sucking like a newborn baby on my clit,
While roughly and deeply digging his fingers in my pussy. Oh my God I was going to cum again,
This time around it was more intense than before I locked my legs on King’s head
I did not care if that poor c***d could not breathe, all I wanted was to enjoy that intense
Orgasm. King had lifted my bottom off of the floor he was still sucking and finger fucking my
Pussy to the edges of space. When I was done it took me a second to come back to
Earth. King told Devin check this out an showed him his finger that were covered in my
Cum. Devin asked King “how did you make her cum so hard”? As King began to explain
How he made me have the intense orgasm. He took his cum soaked finger and placed
Them on my lips like a good slut I cleaned his fingers. Now Devin was between my legs
Eating my honey box as I sucked on King’s large black dick. I couldn’t get all of my fingers
Around the width of his dick. I tried to deep throat him but I couldn’t go all the way down.
King looked down at me and said “its ok you will learn soon how to suck a real monster
Dick. I didn’t like how cocky he was acting, like really he might have showed me some
New things about oral sex but when it came to fucking I was an experienced pro. I
Will teach him once we fucked.

Devin was down licking my pussy. He and King were standing up debating what position
To do first. As they talked I went back and forth sucking both of their dicks. King asked
Me to try and see if I could fit both heads in my mouth at one time. After a few unsuccessful
Attempts I managed to get both heads in my mouth at the same time. Devin’s
Tender dick shot a load in a matter of seconds. King laughed and said well I guess that I means
I get to fuck her first. He wanted to do it doggy style, which was good because I could suck
My son’s dick while King fucked me. I wasn’t ready mentally for what was about to happen.
If I had known how letting this young Black teen fuck me would change my life, I would have never
Let him place the head of his big black inside of my hot box. Slowly King worked his horse cock
Into my tight pussy, my body was working over time I was having another orgasm as he gently slide
In and out of my pussy. He was gripping my ass. His hands felt good, oh someone had thought him how
To use his man tool like a pro. Meanwhile Devin was enjoying the blow job I was giving him, King asked
Me if I was ready to be fucked like a complete slut? Leisurely King fucked me, he placed one of his hands
Under my belly and started rubbing my clit as he fucked me. This felt so damn good I had to curl
My toes to regulate the feeling, for the first time in my life I was actually trying to hold back my orgasm.
Later on I would find out that I should have let that climax come and go. I used my pussy muscles
To squeeze King’s huge dick I was going to make this cocky little boy bust a fast load. That was
A big mistake on my part, King picked up the pace and began roughly fucking me while still rubbing my
Clit. The room went black and I began to hear loud waterfalls I did not know what was going on.
My body was in heaven this had to be the ultimate climax. The sounds of the waterfall
Were getting louder and louder. I was screaming vulgar words for some reason it sounded muffled near
The loud waterfall. Slowly the sounds of the waterfalls began to die down, I opened my eyes to
See Devin smiling down at me with his still hard dick in my mouth. King pulled out of me and
Said “hey Devin check out my dick. My son and I turned around to see King’s dick and pubic
Area coated in what looked like sperm. Devin said man you busted a huge load, King laughed and
Said “nope this is all your mom, remember when she started speaking and talking in tongues
Her pussy started to cream. As King talked they changed places, now my baby was backing there
Pounding my pussy hard as hell. I couldn’t remember how I acted when King fucked me, not to make
Devin a certain way I moaned loud as he fucked me. Anyhow I was busy sucking King’s dick, I wish you
All could have seen him sitting there with that pretty steel black dick. My woman juices had ran down
His young and hairy balls, his pubic hair was matted in my pussy nectar this was truly
An amazing sight. I thought to myself so he can fuck also, I worked his dick overtime with my
Pussy muscles and he did not cum. Then I realized that he would fuck me again when Devin had
Shot his load. To make my son hurry up I began to talk dirty to him, before long Devin was busting
A load inside of my gaping pussy.

I thought that King was going to start back fucking me but my black God put his boxers on
And the boys walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water. I stayed laying down on the floor hoping
That I would get some more dick ASAP. After five minutes I noticed something in the kitchen
Had their attention. I got up and walked into the kitchen and the boys were eating some snacks. I
Looked at the clock to notice it was well passed lunch time. After everyone was full from lunch we
Watched some TV. I was going crazy on the inside, I wanted King to fuck or tease me. I sat on the
Couch with my legs Wide open. I was giving one of them an open invitation to fuck me right now.
King and I made eye contact he reached his hand down in his boxer shorts and played with his
Long dick while looking at me. My body was on fire, this cocky little boy was giving me a stare down.
I was losing my senses I got up dropped my shorts and walked over to him, I pulled off his boxers.
I got down on my knees and began to suck his semi-hard dick back to full attention. Without
Saying a word I mounted that young black stallion. I told myself that I was going to make him bust
A huge load inside of my pussy. His dick went into my hot honey box with ease. King sat there as if he
Was in heaven. He had his head back and moaning loud, yes I thought I got him now. Feeling as if
I had come in first place in a bull riding contest I had a quick climax. King pulled me close to his
Body and said “let me show you have to ride a dick the correct way.” I thought to myself that
“This teen was too cocky, he was going to teach me how to ride a dick?” This little boy was going
To learn today. King sat up so he suck my tits while I rode his dick. With one of my tits
In his mouth he pinched my nipple hard. He commenced to lightly bite down on my nipple. He
Had his hands on my hip and control my motions. It felt good how he gripped my ass and deeply
Fucked my tight pussy. King put his finger in my mouth and made me suck on it. When his finger
Were wet, he placed his finger in my ass hole. Being horny as a dog in heat I didn’t saying anything
About him finger fucking my ass. Once King put my tit in his mouth the waterfalls sounds came
Back. Like before the waterfall was roaring loud the sound was so loud I could not hear myself
Think. As the sounds of the waterfall died down I noticed King was still kissing on my tits.
This Black boy was rocking my world each time he fucked me. Today I had never climaxed so
Hard. Out of breath I got up and laid down on the couch with my head in Devin’s lap. King got up
Bent his head down to eat my pussy for a brief second. At the time I did not understand
Why he was spitting on my pussy it was already dripping wet? King placed one of my
Legs on his shoulder. He looked at me and asked “if he had to pull out when he came?”
I responded with “you can shoot your load inside of me”. This would be the first time a Black
Guy came inside of my pussy. I was over excited thinking about what was fixing to happen.
This time King was not trying to please me, he was on a man on a mission to bust a load in a hot slut.
Within 3 minutes he was filling my box up with cum I could feel his load overflowing and running
Down the crack on my ass. Just thinking about what was happening I had another climax. I just laid
There I was not in my right mind, King had really fucked me senseless. I did not notice that my son Devin
Had started fucking me. All I know is he was adding another load into my sloppy pussy. For the first
Time in my life I didn’t want any more dick I just wanted to take a nap.

As I was in dream land I thought about the sex the boys and I had that day. I couldn’t believe
That I let two guys take turns fucking me, I was a dirty little slut. When I woke up it was dark outside.
I told Devin to go take a shower and I went to my room to take one also.
I thought King was going to wait on Devin to get done in his shower, but he joined
Me. When he got in the shower he took away my sponge and started to wash my
Body. His hands were working magic on my body, once again I was acting like a dog
In heat trying to get him to fuck me in the shower. I washed and stroked his cock
Back to life. I turned around and tried to put his good dick in my pussy. King stopped
Me and said wait until we get in the bed. I didn’t want to wait but I had no choice I
Was kind of sad. King and I took and extra-long shower due to the fact that we
Would stop and kiss as the warm water hit our bodies. The only thing that made us get
Out was we had run out of hot water. I dried us off and pulled back the covers. I patted the
Bed for him to join me. My Black lover walked out of the room to get Devin. A few minutes later
He came back alone and said Devin is knocked out cold. King sat down on the bed and said
“Mrs. Karen can I make love to you?” I told King sure you can do it again want it he said “no what
We did earlier was just fucking”. Now he wanted to make passionate sex to me. I should have
Said no let’s just fuck like earlier. I wanted him inside of me so bad that I said “we can do whatever you
Want baby.” Over the next few hours King made me visit those loud waterfalls over and over. We
Did almost everything a man could do to a woman and I loved every second of it. This young Black
Boy fucked me the right way. When King was done my son was wide awake and ready to fuck. It
Was a good thing that his dick was not the size of King’s because it would have hurt too badly. To tell
The truth I could not feel Devin fucking me. My baby bust two loads inside of my pussy before he left me
And King in my bed.

I passed out and did not wake up until the next morning. Sunday I took King over to his house so he
Get some things for school. He was going to ride with us Monday morning, that way I would be
Able to use his dick for two more days. The rest of the weekend the 3 of us never had on any thing
Besides our birthday suits. I had fucked my son and King over a hundred times. I loved it when they both
Used my body at the same time. We all came to an agreement that I could date the both of them.
Now ten years later my son and King are married but I still get a chance to fuck the both of them. Only
King and Devin know that my 8 year old daughter belongs to King. Maybe when she gets older
I will tell her that his b*****r best friend is her dad.

King Hut

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