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During my senior year in high school our football team
Enjoyed one of the best seasons in school history.
The coaches had it set up to the point where
Most players did not have to take tough courses
So no star player grades would be affected. My trigonometry teacher
Mrs. Blake hated football with a passion. She told the coaches
That I had to adhere to all the guidelines that non-athlete students
Had to follow by. I will admit that math was my worst subject. I was busting
My butt studying and I still could not pass those grueling examines.

Around the mid-season I was on the brink of being academically
Ineligible due in large part to Mrs. Blake’s fat white ass.
Before the mid-year grades were posted I went to Mrs. Blake one
On one and asked her to help me pass this course.
Her first statement was “King, I hate dumb jocks that think
People will let them have a free pass thru school”. “I’m
Not going to give you a free pass out of my course, you
Will have to study harder and try to bring the grades up”.
I told Mrs. Blake “that I had put in countless hours studying
And I had begun sitting in the front of the class to ensure
That I heard and saw everything she stated about how to solve the
Math problems”. I also asked her fat ass “to tutor me in her free time”.

Mrs. Blake stated that “she did not have any free time to tutor a dumb jock”.
I began to feel my senior season slip out of my hands along with my
Scholarship. With no other option I started begging asking her to tutor me and
That with her help I would be able to pass this course. I was willing to come over
And do free yard and household work that she couldn’t do. Mrs. Blake stated that
She would take up the offer on the free yard and household work in trade for her
Time. She gave me her home address and strict instructions that I should keep
This matter between the two of us, or she would fail my ass in the blink of
An eye. On a small piece of paper she wrote down her home address. I had to be at her home
At 7:30 A.M. sharp Saturday. I said we have an out of town game Friday night, and that it
Was be almost impossible for me to be there at that time. Mrs. Blake fat white ass
Said be there at that time or the deal is off. I walked out of her class in a mixed mood
I was happy that she was giving me a second chance but I was pissed that I
Would have to miss out on rest after playing a tough divisional opponent.

As I figured that game Friday was a tough and physical one, we won
By a field goal as time expired. On the bus ride home I tried my best to
Get some sl**p while my rowdy teammates and coaches sang school fight songs.
I was glad to get home to my bed. With five hours of sl**p I got up and
Made my way over to Mrs. Blake’s house. I’m not a coffee drinker
But I had to stop by Starbuck’s and grab a large cup. At 7:15 I made it
To Mrs. Blake’s house on the other side of town. When I rang the doorbell
It took her a few moments to answer. When she opened the door Mrs. Blake
Had on big t-shirt and a pair of grey cotton shorts. Once I was inside she led the
Way to the back of the house. As we walked I noticed that Mrs. Blake had a huge
Booty. I couldn’t see a panty line in her shorts, and by the looks of her
T-shirt she did not have on a bra either. There were boxes everywhere she
Stated that she wanted to unpack and set this room up.

For the next two hours I pushed around heavy couches, carried large expensive lamps.
My body was going thru more hell than it did last night at the game. I had
To sit down and take a break, and I tried to rest for a quick second, Mrs. Blake
Was bent over getting some items out of a box. Those tight grey shorts had rode
Up high I swear to God that I could see the pubic hair on here enter tight.
In that position her chubby ass was the perfect shape. My God I could bang that
White pussy all day long. By now my young 10 inch black monster
Was super hard. I made a mental note to jack off thinking about that sight.
Mrs. Blake looked back and caught me checking
Out her body. She rolled her eyes and stated “just like a dumb jock to stare
At a woman while she is working”. I grabbed a pillow to hide the hard-on
Because my jogging pants barley could hide my cock when soft.

Mrs. Blake snapped her fingers and said get up and work.
I was trying my best to make the hard-on go away but
I only managed to get it back to a semi hard state, before
She grabbed the pillow out of my hands. When I stood up
My semi-hard dick made a tent in my jogging pants.
Mrs. Blake saw the tent and gave me a tap on the back of my
Head and said “get your mind out of the clouds. Over the next
Hour as we unpacked the remaining items I got a chance to rub
Up against her soft chubby body. Man damn my cock was semi-hard
The entire time. I even caught Mrs. Blake looking at my package as we worked.

When we were done unpacking and setting up the room. We
Took a seat on the couch to rest. Mrs. Blake sat down with her
Back to the arm rest and she had one leg propped up.
I noticed that she had some pretty chubby feet and her toes and
Nails were painted the same color. While she put her long Auburn
Colored hair in a ponytail. I saw the imprint of her hairy pussy, and her
Milky white thighs. At the time I wasn’t big on eating pussy but I wanted to
Kiss and suck on her clit until she came in my mouth. I was so caught up checking
Her out that I didn’t noticed that my young black dick was at full attention and
Mrs. Blake was calling my name. When she hit me with a pillow she said
“King, get your mind out of the clouds, and quit staring at me like I’m a piece of meat.
I told her stop flashing me and I would stop gawking at her. She stood up and
Said “you need to go home and take a cold shower, to fix that issue you have”.
I played the dumb jock role and said “what issue Mrs. Blake”? She rolled her
Eyes and said “the tent you have in your pants”. I responded by saying “oh so
I wasn’t the only one that was checking someone out as we worked”.
Mrs. Blake said “little boy do not flatter yourself, you would never in your
Wildest dreams knows what it is like to have my body”. She walked
Into the kitchen and I followed her like a horny little dog. I was going to
Flirt with her to see how far I could go. With my cock still semi-hard, I
Told Mrs. Blake I didn’t think she could handle a black guy. She took a sip of
Water and said “I could handle a black guy with no problem, but you aren’t a man
You are a young horny teen that thinks he is a man”. To tell the truth that reply
Left me speechless. I went back and sat down on the couch as she went to
Use the bathroom. While she took her dear sweet time using the restroom.
I thought about other routes to flirt with her.

After 5 minutes she returned to the room where I was flipping thru channels.
I had stopped on ESPN Sports Center to watch college football highlights. When she
Sat down and noticed what channel I was watching she said “oh no anything besides this”.
Then Mrs., Blake tried to take the remote from me, I held it in my other hand
So that she had to crawl over me to get it. I said “no Mrs. Blake I want to check
Out the previews of today’s games. As she struggled to take away the remote
From me I took the opportunity to feel up her body. Once she was able to
Take her remote from me Mrs. Blake hit me in the arm and said “that is
For squeezing my butt. I said Mrs. Blake “you know that I am 18 and that by
Law I’m an adult so if we did anything no one would get in trouble. Mrs. Blake
Said “King, it’s cute that you want me, but I’m your teacher and that would not
Be appropriate conduct for a person in her position.

Without thinking I pulled out my black dick and said “Mrs. Blake I’m
So hard that it hurts, please help me. Wide eyed she stared in amazement
At my over grown young black dick. I took her hand and placed it on my dick
And said “please just jack it for me”. Slowly she began to rub up and down my shaft
Oh my God her hands were so soft, she could not get her small hand around
The full length my dick. My dick had her full attention, I said “Mrs. Blake I bet you
Can’t handle a dick this big. I wanted her to admit that I had a huge cock, but she
Would not respond. With one hand she jacked my dick and with her free hand she
Rubbed her tits. Again I told her “Mrs. Blake you can’t handle a dick this big”.
Without saying a word Mrs. Blake got up pulled off her shorts and laid down
On the couch. This chubby white lady sat in front of me rubbing her small pussy.
Her eyes were fixed on my dick as she dug her fingers deep inside of her tight
And hairy pussy. I couldn’t take it any longer, I removed her chubby fingers and began
To suck on her clit. I sucked and finger her pussy for what seemed like hours.

Out of the blue a warm stream of pussy juices showered my face. Mrs. Blake
Was screaming at the top of her lungs, telling me that I was doing a great job.
When she released her lock on my head, I didn’t ask if I could fuck her.
I just got on top of her and half of my dick slide into her moist and tight pussy.
Mrs. Blake looked me in the eyes and said “King you have such a big dick, it would
Be a shame if you don’t know how to use it right”. I laughed and began to
Make love to her with the full length going in and out of her pussy.
Mrs. Blake’s pussy was gripping my dick as I went in and out.
It felt so good, all I could do was think about sports to keep from busting
A premature load. Mrs. Blake looked at me and said “now King I think
That you are the one who can’t handle some good pussy. You see I’m
Taking all of that big black dick without a problem. If you want
To admit that you can’t handle my pussy I will let you bust your load
Inside of this tight pussy”. Her words almost made my balls erupt with full f***e.
I had to pull out and take deep breaths in order to make my load
Go down. She got up and said “no little boy, I’m not done with
That dick yet. The offer is still on the table if you admit you can’t
Handle my pussy I will let you bust your load anywhere you want to.
I want it in my pussy but if you want too I will suck every drop out of that dick”.
Mrs. Blake got up and sat in my lap my dick slide right into dripping wet pussy.
Mrs. Blake was a professional bull rider, I never had a lady fuck me like this before.
I noticed that when I sucked her tits my load went away and she would get wetter
And moan louder. I got the idea to suck on her tits like a newborn baby.
This drove her over the edge this chubby slut had several back to back orgasms as she
Rode my dick. After her third orgasm she was out of breath.

I told her to put that ass in the air, doggy style position. As I got ready to
Pound that pussy from the back Mrs. Blake looked back and said “I love being fucked in
This position. Make sure you fuck me hard and good. I began to beat that pussy up, the
Harder I fucked her the louder she got. After two minutes the chubby slut began to
Crème all over my young black dick. I thought that if I pulled her hair I could make
Her tap out. Mrs. Blake said “yes, King treat me like a slut, are you mad because
You were going to fail my class”? When I thought about it I did get mad, I slapped
Her plum round ass brutally. I told her yes, I’m mad you tried to ruin my senior season.
I slapped and pounded her chubby behind with full f***e. To my disappointment this
Only made Mrs. Blake have several more orgasms. I gave up I could not hold back any
Longer I said Mrs. Blake I can’t handle this pussy, can I bust my load”?
She stated that I could bust my load anywhere I wanted. Before she was done making
Her statement I filled her pussy up, as I pulled back my black dick was covered in both
Of our body fluids. Mrs. Blake crawled over and began to clean my used dick with her mouth.

This slut told me that if I wanted to get a passing grade in her class I had to fuck
Her until her body had enough. I ended up spending the rest of the day and night at
Her place fucking her in every hole. I learned the hard way that she was a black
Cock slut. For the rest of the school year I fucked Mrs. Blake countless times. No
Matter which hole I put my long black dick in, she wanted more.

King Hut

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Damn good King!!
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did you get the scholarship?