Young ebony slut

The other night I had this sweet young looking
African American girl re-twisting the roots on my dreadlocks.
Nikki was a fine young brown skin ebony female she stood
Around 5’4 and weighed about 125. She had the perfect ebony skin
Color that made her look like a Goddess. My wife used to make
Remarks about the way she dressed. Like most young girls during the
Summer months Nikki liked to wear those tight booty shorts, and those
Open toe Roman looking sandals. I didn’t see anything wrong with the things she
Wore, it was some good looking eye candy for my horny eyes.

Besides she was a major help with our c***dren, plus she could
Do hair like a professional, her prices were cheaper than other people
Around town so I chose to pay her the money. She came from
A low income f****y and could use the extra money to buy
Personal items and other things. This night she had on a pair
Of cotton booty shorts that hugged her slim figure to perfection
The thought of her and I being alone almost made my wife call into
Work and say that she could not make it due to a f****y issue.
I ensured my wife that I had never looked at that girl in a sexual way
Before, my wife gave me a look that said yea right.

When my wife left I was sitting in a chair
While Nikki did my dreadlocks.
After a while she had grown tried from standing on her feet
I piled a couple of pillows on the floor and sat between
Her legs as she did my hair. When she got to the side of my
Head I had to turn my face towards her plump little thighs.
Before now I did not notice how smooth they were. The Maker Mark’s
Whiskey I was drinking had my mind in the clouds and my fat
Ten inch black love tool rock hard. My wife cycle had been on so
I was horny as hell. Out of the blue I kissed the inside of Nikki’s thigh
I told her “damn lil mama I would love to put a big hickey right here.
Nikki said “King you are so nasty and that I needed to stop because I
Was a married man. I replied “I just want to eat that pussy to see how good
It tastes. Before she could say anything I started to suck hard on her
Inner thigh she made no move to stop me. All she did was laugh while
She put the final touches on my hair. I told her “that when she was done
I was going to eat that pussy. She just giggled and did the last couple
Of dreadlocks that were left.

When she was done I got up and pulled her bottom to the edge of the
Couch. Nikki had one of her fingers in her mouth while looking at me.
I pulled her shorts my God she had a pretty little pussy that was neatly shaved
And it had a faint scent of urine and perfume mixed together. For some reason this
Was a major turn on for me. I kiss those pretty pussy lips gently then I slowly sucked
On her clit while rolling my lounge around it. For some reason I stopped an
Told her “that I had to go upstairs to get her money”. When I came back she
Was in the downstairs partial restroom. When she came back into the
Living room I handed her the money and asked if she needed a ride home.

Nikki said “you told me that you were going to eat my pussy, all you
Did was tease me and now I want some more. I said “ok if you want
Some more pull off your shorts”. In a spit second she had her shorts
On the floor and was sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs
In the air waiting on me to come eat that pretty young pussy. I
Sat down on the floor between her legs, Nikki closely watched my every
Move. I was taking my time to tease her and I was really enjoying
Her nice slim figure and pretty pussy. I made love to her young
Ebony pussy with my mouth and fingers. Nikki was purring
And moaning like a little kitten. She was bucking and running
Her hands thru my dreadlocks. After 20 plus minutes I stopped so
I go get another shot of Maker Mark’s. When I walked over to the couch
Nikki sat up and pulled down my shorts. Without a word she began to
Suck on my monster black dick. On a scale of one to ten her blow job
Was a five and that was because she was a pretty young ebony female.
It felt like I was getting a blow job from a hammer head shark.

I told Nikki to spit on it a couple of time to make it wetter. I gave
Her full details on how to give the perfect blow job. This hot young
Ebony chick was a fast learner she had spit running down my hairy balls
While she gave me the sloppy blow job. I asked Nikki if she had ever done
The 69? She nodded no while she kept my long fat dick in her mouth. I pushed
Her back and laid down on the floor. I told her to sit her pussy and my face
And to start back sucking my dick. This young ebony slut pussy was dripping
Wet, I started back sucking on her clit while she gave me a world class blow job.

The more attention I gave her pretty young pussy with my mouth the better
She sucked my dick. After five minutes my dick became tender I could not hold
Back. I shot a massive load inside of her young mouth. At the moment I shot my load
A huge squirt of juices hit my face, her young juices tasted so damn good.
I made sure that I sucked her pussy until she said she could not
Take it anymore. When she was done she got up and said “thanks for doing
That favor”. I told her that she was the one who did me a big favor.
Nikki told me that she had been trying to get her boyfriend to eat her pussy
But he thought it was nasty to do something like that.

As I walked her to the door Nikki asked if we could do that again in the
Near future. I said “sure”. With those words being spoken she gave me a deep and
Passionate kiss and left. The next few days I did not hear from her again.
That Friday my wife had to go back home to help her mother with a f****y
Issue her and the c***dren would be gone all weekend. I had to stay behind
Because it was to last minute for me to take off of work. I had texted Nikki
And did not get a response. Around 7 o’clock that night I got a text from
Her saying that she broke up with her boyfriend. I texted back and stated that
She could come over and talk about it if she wanted to. I also told her that my wife
Was gone out of town for the weekend. A little while later she was at my door.

I told her that she could hang out in my bedroom while I took a quick
Shower. While I was taking a shower Nikki explained to me that she tried to
Get her boyfriend to eat her pussy but he would not do it. She even sucked his
Dick thinking that he would return the favor. That he told all of his friends about her
Giving him a blow job. When I stepped out of the shower Nikki had all of her things
Laying on the floor by my bed. I caught the hint and got in the bed to join her
When I got under the covers we got in the 69 position. Damn she was sucking
My long dick real good the only sounds that could be heard was the sloppy blow job
She was giving me. This time she had an orgasm before I shot my load in her
Mouth. This young slut loved the taste of my cum she held the load in her mouth
For a while playing with it. The sight of her cum filled mouth gave me another raging
Hard on. I had to fuck this young black slut.

I got on top of her and began to rub the head of my large black dick on her pussy lips.
Nikki said “King I don’t think I can handle your dick it’s too big, I will
Suck it again until you bust another load. I acted as if I didn’t hear a word she
Said I pushed the head into her already wet pussy. She started to say something
But I stuck my tongue in her nasty mouth, this seemed to help. I was able to
Fit the entire length of my ten inch black dick inside of her tight pussy.
Damn her pussy was so warm and good I slowly mad love to her. The deeper
I pushed inside of her the louder she moaned. I was about to bust a load
I had to pull back. I told her to get in the doggy style position, before me
Could start back fucking my cell phone rang it was my wife.

As I talked to my wife Nikki was growing restless she sucked my dick
Back hard and got back into the doggy position. While I chatted with
My wife about nothing Nikki was throwing that tight young back
Back to me. She had her face deep into the pillow as she pounded
Herself with my dick. This young slut was having
A body shaking orgasm. My dark skin dick was covered
In her cum. My God this was a pretty sight. I hung up on my wife and began to pound
Nikki’s young pussy to sl**p. Nikki said “I wanted you to stay on
The phone with her while we made love. As the phone rang I shot a huge
Load deep inside of my new ebony slut.

Nikki even called her ex-boyfriend while we fucked she told him that a
Real man was fucking her right now and his tiny dick never made her cum
Like that before.

King Hut

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6 months ago
Love this. Have you written any more?
11 months ago
thanks for the love
11 months ago
This is awesome!!!! VERY SEXY!!!! :-)
1 year ago
putain magnifique !!!