I let my son fuck my tight ass.

I Had been married to my present husband for 10 years
and have a very good life. I love sex and he always was
ready to accommodate me. We had a good sex life and I
never went wanting. He has gotten to where he has to go
out of town for business about twice a week, leaving me
and my stepson, King at home.

First, let me tell you about myself. I am an older white lady
who goes to church on Sundays and have a black stepson who
lives with us. He just turned 17 and is a handsome guy.
I am a little overweight and have a set of nice chubby
thighs. My breasts are very firm and large at a 44 D
cup. I also love to have them played with while my
husband makes love to me. I keep my pussy shaved
because he likes the way it looks and feels. I love to
watch his cock as it enters my smooth twat. My pussy
lips are sort of puffy after 35 years and my clit is
hidden in the folds of it until it is aroused.

Like I said, I keep my pussy well shaven because my
Black husband loves it this way and so do I. I am also a
gusher when it comes to climaxing. I really love to cum
and sometimes my hot juices just flow out as I climax.

My husband was out of town that night as a big hurricane
storm approached Alabama. I am afraid of lighting and it makes
me very nervous. This was one of those nights when the
thunder and lighting was flashing every few minutes. I
was in my bed, alone, with just my short nightie on. I
was upset as the storm continued. Being nervous, I went
down the hallway to go down stairs. As I passed King's
room I saw his door opened a little. I peeked in to see
him sitting on the side of his bed with his hands at
the side of his head.

"Baby, are you afraid of the storm too?" I asked as I
entered his room.

"Yes. Storms always upset me. I don't like them and I
am frightened of the lighting," he replied.

"Me too. I hate these bad storms. Why don't you come to
my room and we can sl**p in my bed until it passes," I
suggested, not thinking anything about it. That was
what a mother was suppose to do, right? Comfort her son
in times like this.

"You don't mind?" he asked.

"Of course not. Why should I mind? You are my son now
and I would love to have you for company tonight while
the storms are here. Once they move out, you can come
back to your room," I said, "Anyway, my bed is so big
and empty without your father there with me."

He rose and I lead the way to my bedroom. Once inside,
we shut the door to help keep out the lighting. I
pulled back my top comforter and lay down, as I threw
the covers back for him. He climbed right in on his
father's side and we started to chat a little. As the
storm kept rumbling, we moved a little closer to each
other in the bed.

As we chatted about several things, we finally started
to doze off to sl**p. At least I did. During the next
few hours I had thrown the big comforter off me and had
just the sheet over me as I barely opened my eyes, not
wanting to wake him. But I was in for a surprise. He
was not asl**p, instead he was awake and I could sense
him moving ever so slowly.

I looked at the sheet over him and saw it moving. There
was a tent sticking up and I could see him as he
masturbated ever so slow so as not to wake me. It was
turning me on as I lay there to know he was stroking
his cock with me in the same bed.

I had seen him on several occasions in the bathroom as
he stepped out of the shower naked. He had a very huge
black cock and I had even fantasized about it as I
masturbated a couple of times. I had never saw it hard
but had washed some of his underwear which had cum
stains in them. I even found toilet tissue in his trash
can and knew he had been jacking off. But that was what
boys do I thought.

As he stroked his cock, he reached down and slowly
pulled the sheet from me, exposing my lower body to his
stares. I was getting so hot as I watched him stroking
that big black cock through my eyes as I squinted them, not
wanting him to know I was awake. I continued to breath
deeply as if I were asl**p as he slowly played with his
pretty black dick.

Thinking I was fast asl**p, he reached over and laid
his hand over my panties to feel my hairless pussy! I
was so hot as he slowly started to fondle me trying not
to wake me as he stroked his massive cock.

I pretended to be asl**p and moved my thighs a little
wider as I moaned with a smile on my face. He stopped
and looked at me as I had that smile on my face, still
breathing as though I was asl**p. His hand went back to
my pussy as his other hand started to stroke his cock
once again. I could hear him as his breathing got
faster and knew I had to do something quick.

I eased my hand down to cover his in one rapid stroke
as he stopped moving his fingers over my pussy. I
pressed his hand down on my cunt and started to move it
around a little as I became anxious for more.

"M-M-M," I moaned, "That feels so good. Please keep
moving your hand over me. I like what you are doing"

Having said that to him, I threw the sheets off of us
as I got a good look at his magnificent cock! He was
huge! His cock was a lots thicker and several inches
longer than his fathers. It was at least 10 inches long
and three inches around it! He was hung like a horse.

I raised my ass up and slipped off my panties to give
him better access to my itching pussy. His cock was
sticking out of his underwear through the hole. It was
filling the hole completely as his cock stuck straight

"Let me help you do that," I said as I reached for his
manhood. "Oh, King. You are so big!"

He kept playing with my wet pussy as I started to
stroke his cock for him. He didn't know exactly what to
do with my pussy but he was trying. I moved his finger
to my enlarged clit and started to move it around in

"Oh, Yes! That's the way. Take it between your fingers
and rub it for me." I said as I stroked him. "You have
such a beautiful cock. I love feeling of it."

"Would you like to put it in me?" I asked, "Would you
like to have it in my pussy?" I asked as I started to
throw my hips to his probing fingers.

"God yes! I would love to put it in you!" he answered,
"I have always wanted to play with your pussy and even
dreamed of me fucking you."

"Let me get on top of you then," I said as I rolled
over on top of him. "We can do it better this way and
it will go so deep too."

I had several men in my life before his father came
along and had once had two men fuck me at the same
time. I was no virgin by a long shot but his cock was
larger than any mans cock I had ever seen, least of
all, had in me.

I took his cock as I straddled him and guided it to the
entrance of my wet pussy, taking time to rub it along
the length of my slit. I sat up straight on him and
eased my pussy down to his massive cock. I had to open
my puffy lips for it as I worked my twat over and
downward onto his cock.

"Oh, baby! That feels so good! You are so big!" I told
him as I watched his long cock slide into my wet pussy.

"You have such a beautiful pussy! It is so smooth and
the lips are so puffy." He said as he help me work it
into me. "Yours is so pretty. I have never saw one so

I had always loved to watch my hairless pussy as it
took a cock or even a vibrator and sometimes a
cucumber. To see something sliding in and out of my
pussy always got me so hot. I would fantasize about
taking a huge black cock, one just like I had going in me
right now. I leaned back onto my hands as I started to
slide my pussy over the entire length of his massive
prick, rocking back and forth as I slid up and down his
cock. It was feeling so good in me as I fucked him.

Then I leaned forward and put my big breasts in his
face as I asked, "Please suck on them for me."

He took my tit and started to suck on the nipple as I
rocked back and forth, and up and down on his giant
cock. I loved to have my tits played with and sucked
on! He was doing a good job as he suckled my breast
with his hot mouth, his cock going so deep now as we
fucked each other.

I was on the verge of cumming and could feel his
manhood as it started to swell deep within me. I knew
he was ready to cum also as I went wild fucking that
huge cock of his.

"That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy with
that lovely cock!" I cried out, "I want to feel your
cum. Cum in me! Fill me with your hot cum! Fuck me!
Fuck me harder!"

I started to cum as I felt his cock start to throb deep
inside my cunt as he started to shoot his cum to me. My
pussy was on fire as I came, shooting my cum out as we
fucked harder with each thrust. I felt that hot cum as
it flooded my cunt, mixing with my own cum as I
trembled all over.

"Oh, yea! That is it! Cum for me! Fuck my pussy and
shoot that hot cum in me! I love it! I Love it! Fuck
me!" he shouted as his cum filled my hungry pussy.

"Oh, baby. You are such a good lover! I am glad you
came to bed with me tonight," I said as we slowed to a

"I have always wanted to do this with you. My best
friend Travis and I have talked about it several times," he
said as he slowly moved in and out of my dripping

"You and your friend talked about me?" I asked. "What
did you talk about?"

"He said he would love to fuck you and that he would
love to eat your pussy." He answered, "We have jacked
off talking about your big tits and that lovely ass."

"Would you like for him to come over and fuck me
sometime?" I asked, "Or is it just a fantasy of yours
and his?"

"I would love to have him come over sometimes if you
want him to." He replied, "I would love for us to both
fuck you at the same time."

"That sounds good to me. Does he have a big cock too?"
I asked as he with drew his spent prick from my flooded

"His is as big as mine. Maybe even a little bigger." He
said, "I think you would like him too. He said he would
love to fuck you."

"I love to have him and you fucking me at the same
time. I also like to suck on them too." I answered,
"Would you like for me to suck on your dick right now?"

I lowered my head to his massive cock before he could
answer as he started to play with my up turned ass.
Little did he know, I love anal sex too.
I told my son King to finger fuck my ass
While I sucked his pretty black dick.

His fingers were working my tight ass
Good. God damn I wanted his young dick
Deep inside of my ass right now.
I asked him would he like to put his dick in my
Ass. The question made my baby boy shoot
A small load inside of my hot mouth.
I told him to spit on my ass hole. I asked him to spit
A couple of times on it. I didn’t like lube when I was
Being fuck in my tight round white ass. A mans spit
Made my tight love hole feel so good.
I guided his long black dick into my ass
It felt so good busting me open. The pain made
My wet pussy jump, The deep he went the
Closer I came to having another orgasm.

My baby King was a natural pro at ass fucking
He slowly fucked me deep and good. I was grapping
His massive young black dick, with my tight ass.
King said “Mrs. Ann I’m about to cum. I told
Him to hold it back for a little while longer.
I said “ remember when you are fucking me
My name is mama. King started to pump
Harder and faster. He said “oh mama
I want to cum now, can I please cum now?

I acted as if I didn’t hear him begging to cum
Inside of his mother’s tight ass. I said “baby you
Better hold that nut in or this will be the last
Time I let you fuck me. King was still pounding
My ass good. I had several orgasm over and over.

I’m a greedy type of slut. When there is a good dick
Inside of my body I use it until it will not get harder again.
Now King was still begging his horny white step mother
To let him cum. The none stop begging made me have
A body shaking orgasm. I felt it from my head to my toes
My God this was the hardest I had ever came in my life.
I told my baby” that you can cum now”. Before
The words left my mouth good he was busting a
Massive black load inside of my ass. I could feel
His cum being shot inside of my tight white
Ass. Feeling him release his stress inside of me made
Have another orgasm.

When my son was done. I couldn’t wait to suck
His dick again. I could taste my body on his young
Dick. I wanted to fuck some more. His young
Black dick was slowly getting harder and longer
Than before. My God I was going to fuck this poor
c***d brains out, and he didn’t have a clue.

King Hut

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good !!!
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awesome , i have never fucked a white woman in here ass, now i want to, wanna hear the rest of the story
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1 year ago
What a hot greedy cum slut. My kid of woman.
1 year ago
YOUR STORIES ARE OFF THE CHAIN you need to hook up with Zane asap get that check lol
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Damn, I like this story!
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so did u have the friend, or is that going to be part 2 i hope so.
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Awesome story.. keep coming them more buddy
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loved the story,waits for more now
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MMMMMMMMM hot story hope theres more to follow!