Brad's mom


The story I am about to tell you is a true story. It all
began back in summer of 2002.

First let me give you a little background. I'm black and
lived in a small town, where everybody I knew was white,
and rich. I'm talking filthy rich. It seem like all my
friends had tons of loot.

My father worked at a plant an hour away, he worked
very hard so that we could afford a small condo in this
town, so I could go to a better public school. I guess
that's why my father always went crazy about my
grades and always told me how important school was.

I think I was a pretty normal teenager. I played sports,
and kept my grades up, and didn't get into to much
trouble. But I was always horny; my dick was hard all the
time. I started jerking off at the age of 12, after I
found some of my dad's porno DVDs. I loved watching
those movies. Porn has become a huge addiction of mine.

The movies I loved the most were of young guys fucking
older women, that's when I became addicted to fantasizing
about older white women. I just loved that motherly look
about them. I would fantasize about all my teachers, no
matter what they looked like, tall, short, fat, skinny,
it didn't matter. I just wanted some older white pussy
like I'd seen in my dad's porno videos.

My best friend in school was a guy named Brad. His mom
was fine as hell. She was one sexy mature white lady.
She was tall about 5'8 and around 140 pounds. She
had big fat juicy tits, and plump fat ass. She looked
like she was built for fucking. I fantasized about
fucking this woman all the time.

Brad had confided in me one night while we were at the
park smoking a joint, that his mother was an alcoholic.
After his dad died she spent most of her night's drinking
until she'd pass out. Most of time when he came home from
hanging out he would find her passed out on the couch.

I was shocked; she seemed like the perfect mother. She
never seemed to be d***k when I went by their house to
pick him up. I thought to myself, what a waste to sit
home day after day and drink yourself silly. I felt bad
for Brad because I knew this bothered him.

It was a Friday night, and most of my friends had dates.
I was just planning to play some video games and wait
till my parents went to bed so I could sneak downstairs
and watch some of dad's porno videos and jerk off. It was
about 7:30 that I realized that I had let Brad borrow my
favorite game. I called him up and asked him to drop off
my game before he went out on his date.

But he said that he was running late and couldn't stop by
my house. I was pissed off, because I'd told him to bring
it to school Friday, and he'd forgot. I guess he realized
that I was pissed so he told me to come by his house and
pick up the game. He said he would leave the back door
open and leave my game on the kitchen counter.

I said ok, I figured that since I had nothing to do and
he only lived about 4 blocks away, that I could use the
walk to get out of the house and smoke a joint on the
way. He said that he wouldn't get back home until around
1 am. He was always able to stay out much later then most
of the k**s our age, I thought it was because he didn't
have a dad to pound him if he came home late.

I rolled me up a fat joint, told my folks that I was
going over Brad's house and I'd be back in a little
while. So, I headed out the door and about a block away I
lit up. As I was smokin' the joint I thought, "Man this
is some good shit." By the time I smoked half the joint I
was wasted and was feeling pretty good. I put the joint
out and decided that I would save the rest for the walk

The streets in our neighborhood at night are very quiet.
Not even one car drove by while I walked over to Brad's
house. I reached his house and noticed that the TV was on
in his living room. I figured his mom must be home, I
figured that I'd knock on the door and ask his mom to get
my game for me.

I rang the bell, no answer; I rang again, still no
answer. The last time I rang it his mother answered
the door. She had on a short bath rode, I could tell that
she was d***k as hell. She said “hi King” Brad left
with his date an hour ago. I told her that Brad had
left a video game on the kitchen counter for me.
She invited me into there home, I stood at the door
While she went to get the game. She came back a minute
Later and asked me to sit and chat with her.
Our conversation was about school and etc.
Mrs. Blake asked me why I wasn’t out on a date
Tonight. I told her that I was having a hard time
Finding someone to date me in this small town.
Mrs. Blake said that if she was a teenager she would have dated
Me in a heartbeat. She placed her hand on my upper tigh and
Said that I was a very handsome young guy.
On the table next to her was an empty bottle of vodka and a
glass on its side. Then I saw an empty box, one of those
boxes that vodka comes in when people give it as a gift.

Wow Brad was telling the truth when he said his mother
was a d***k. Then as the TV lit up the room in momentary
flashes I really got a good look at her. She was good-
looking, even dead d***k this woman was hot. She had on a
white robe and red silk nightgown that stopped at her
knees. Right at that moment I felt my dick start to grow
hard. Here was the older white woman of my dreams rubbing her soft hands
on my leg. I felt like I'd hit the lotto.
I was frozen; lust making my dick was ache. This was the
closest I'd ever been to cumming in my pants. What do I
do? Should I leave? I wanted to leave but my legs
wouldn't move. I know the strong drinks had her acting
like a slut. I was stuck, hypnotized by the vision of
this women I hope I was not dreaming. I watched her
breath; looking at her big soft tits rise and fall, it
was wonderful.

Looking at her like that made my cock grow even stiffer.
I was so excited and high. That's when I lost it. I
thought, this opportunity would never happen again. I
must see more. I ran mu hands thru her hair, and
told her that so was beatufiul.
Her legs where slightly parted, I just had to see
what a white woman's pussy really looked like.
That's when I made my move. I pulled up her nightgown. I was so scared, but I
couldn't stop myself, it was like a f***e driving me. I
put my hands at the hem of her nightgown, my fingertips
touched her thighs. I froze right there, she had a kool aid smile
on her face. Wow her skin was so soft.

I got up as far as it would go, her thighs where so sexy,
nice and thick. That's when I saw her panties. She had on
matching silk panties. My cock was hurting it was so hard

I just had to feel this woman; I slowly and gently put my
hands on her thighs and gently squeezed, she felt so
good. I was I heaven. I lightly and slowly felt up her
thighs. She didn't even move, I even put more pressure,
she just sat there looking at me without saying a word,

That's when I became bolder. I just had to see a real
live white woman's pussy. I decided to see just how far I
could go. So I grabbed her gently behind her kneecaps,
and pulled her toward me. I was well rewarded. Her
nightgown road up past her sweet hips.

And there it was! Her panty-covered pussy, and it was
just magnificent. Her ass was now just barely hanging
over the edge of the couch. Then with my hands still on
her calves, I lifted her legs and spread them apart a
little. Oh my god, she had a fat pussy, and I could see
the hairs poking out the sides of her panties. Two years
of fantasizing about this woman had finally come to this
moment. I could see the outline of her pussy lips
pressing tight against her silk panties. She was mine and
there was nothing she, or anyone could do to stop me now.

It was then I decided to go for broke. I just had to see
what her pussy looked like naked.

I placed my hands on her sexy hips and
pull her panties off. I slowly started the attempt to
pull her panties down, I went real slow, while looking in her pretty
blue eyes, it for my own selfish
enjoyment. I wanted this to last forever.

Her panties got stuck between her ass and the couch. With
one quick tug, I had her. Quickly, I pulled them down to
the floor and removed her right leg and left her panties
bunched up around one foot. Then as I started to look up
and my noise was hit with the powerful scent of her
pussy. It smelled wonderful it was my first smell of
pussy. It smelled fresh, with a hint of some perfumed

To this day I have never smelled a pussy that was even
close, she must have just gotten out of the shower only a
short time before I arrived. Her pussy looked, I don't
know how to explain it. Her bush
was jet black with a couple of gray hairs peppered in. I
could see her pinkish pussy lips sticking out threw her
thick bush. I love pussy hair, and she didn't disappoint
me, she had plenty. I had to get another sniff.

This time I bought my nose right into her cunt opening.
While inhaling this wonderful scent the tip of nose hit
her pussy slit. It kind of tickled. Then I felt moisture
on the tip of my nose. Instinct took over my body. I just
stuck out my tongue and started to lick this woman's

I don't know what possessed me, I guess all the years of
watching porn; the back of my mine told my body that this
was what I was supposed to do next. She tasted so good.
Her pussy lips where so soft and she smelled so good. Her
tender pink pussy started to respond really fast. Soon I
was licking her pussy like a pro, just like I had seen
them do in the porno movies.

Finally I took my finger and slowly started to ease it
into her pussy. My finger slide all the way into her with
no resistance. I started to pump my finger in and out of
her pussy and lick her at the same time. Her pussy was
really wet now, and I was shocked. I wondered if all d***k women
got this wet. Soon my face
was wet and sticky from all her pussy juice.

I couldn't take it any more I had to get some relief for
myself, I thought, or I was going to die. I sat back on
my knees and pulled my sweat pants down. My thick black
10-inch cock jumped out, it felt so good to free it. With
my left hand on my cock and my right hand buried in her
cunt, I was the man, in total control of this sweet sexy
woman. I wanted this to last forever.

I fingered her cunt and slowly while stroked my cock, it
felt so good. I noticed that my cock was only a few
inches away from her pussy. Then a reality hit me, I
was going to fuck the woman of my dreams.
Fuck it there was no turning back now. I moved in closer
to my prize. I brought my stiff throbbing dick right to
the entrance of her wet pussy. When my dick touched the
entrance of her pussy I felt her heat. This was it; the
end of my virginity was near.

I placed my hands on her hips and slowly pushed forward
and pulled her body toward me. I'll never ever
forget the first time my cock entered a women's body. On
that first stroke I buried all 10 inches in to her womb.
It was wonderful, her pussy was like moist silk. Her
flesh was so tender, I almost shot my load right there. I
had to keep my composure. I remained still for a whole
minute, just enjoying this once in a lifetime moment.

I looked down at her face, she was so pretty her face
never changed even with 10 inches of black dick in her,
She just looked at me with a wide smile on her face
So without a worry in the world
I started to pull my cock out and then pushed it back in
slowly at first. I could feel every fold and ripple of
her sweet wet pussy. It was fantastic.

I looked down at my cock and with the light from the TV I
could see that my black cock was shiny with a thick coat
of pussy juice. That was all it took, I started to fuck
her faster, I could feel my balls tighten up, and I knew
I was close to cumming.

Her tits started bouncing up and down in rhythm to my
thrusts. Then like an a****l, I let loose. I grabbed her
by the hips and started pounding her pussy like a mad
man. I took a look at her face and then I exploded with
power, jet after jet of hot thick cum shot out of my
black cock and went deep in to her helpless pussy. I
don't think I ever came so much in my life, it felt like
it would never stop. My whole body was just tingling as I
dumped my load into her womb.

When I finally stopped cumming, I felt dizzy and
breathless. It was the greatest feeling I had ever felt.
Her pussy working magic on my cock, I could feel her
pussy squeezing my cock and milking all my cum. I didn't
even know a pussy could do that.

Breathlessly, I fell back and sat on my heels. A that
moment I saw the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my
life, my cum leaking out of a white women's pussy. My
cock was still rock hard and coated with both our fuck

I looked at the clock on wall. It was only
10:00 p.m. Brad wouldn't be home for a couple of more hours.
I felt powerful. This woman was mine for me to do what
ever my heart desired.

I sat up and grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock.
It was dripping cum, she had a wild look in her eyes.
She began to lick the cum and her pussy juices off of it.
Within seconds I was back rock hard, getting head was good
But I wanted to get some more of her tight d***k pussy.

As I already said, my dick was still hard as rock. I
wanted to fuck her again, this time I wanted to see that
ass. Without wasting a minute I pulled her down toward me
and flipped her over on her stomach. Her thick pretty white ass was in
the perfect spot her wide hips made her ass seem wider. She looked back at
me and said, I love it from the back, please fuck me good with that nigga dick

I started to rub her ass with both hands, it was so soft.
I had always checked out Brad's mom's ass as she walked
around in the past, and I always wondered what it would
look like with out any clothes. And there it was right in
front of me even more sexy than I had ever dreamed. I
took an ass check in each hand and felt her up. Her ass
was so soft and fleshy. I just had to fuck it.

I used my thumbs to spread her ass apart, and then I just
moved my hips forward. My fat black cock slipped into her
cunt as if that was its home and that's where it
belonged. On the first thrust I went in deep, till my
balls rested on her cunt. Her pussy left off where I
finished only few minutes ago, and started contracting
and squeezing my cock. It felt wonderful.

I didn't waste any time, I grabbed her by the hips and
started pumping. It was awesome, her hips where like
handle bars on a bike. She was truly built for fucking. I
was lost in this wonderful world I had created in this
women's home. I really got into it now, I felt like a
star in a porno movie. Her pussy was just oozing, my
first load still in her cunt made it seem like my cock
was sliding on glass.

Every time I thrust my black snake to her white
pussy, her ass made a wave and rippled forward, it was
amazing. It was like watching the ocean. That was all I
could take. I really went to town on her pussy now. I was
hittin' it hard, the noise from our bodies slapping
together filled the otherwise silent the room.
She told me that she was having a hard orgams
On my good black dick. Those words made my dick so tender.
Then I grabbed her hips, pulled her to me and held her
there and exploded with another vicious orgasm dumping
another big load of sperm into her tight pussy.

I fell back on my heels again gasping for air waiting for
what I had seen earlier. And then it happened. My cum
started leaking out of her ass, big thick white goops of
cum came pouring out her ass. It was the most precious
thing I had ever seen. I really felt great. On this night
I had become a man. Then Mrs. Blake said, King I loved how
Your black dick felt inside of my tight pussy. This does not have to be the
Only time we fuck, you can fuck me anytime you want.
King Hut

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1 year ago
Great story. Wish it was me!
1 year ago
Wow,,very hot and real...thanks
1 year ago
wild man,
1 year ago
very part is it was real.