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The past few weeks I had been making love to this hot married white lady. Susan was 41, 5’7, 135 pounds soaking wet. She was built like one of those TV. Fitness ladies, you know the kind that you just wish you could fuck all night long. Well I was fucking that type of milf every way you could imagine. The other night I texted her cell a told her to come over to my place in a tee shirt and some of those Roman looking sandals, I told her that she could not wear a bra and panties just the tee shirt. I had her trained to be a hot and freaky slut. Around 10:45 p.m. she pulled into my driveway. I stood in the doorway as she got out of the car, just looking at her smooth white skin in a worn Dallas Cowboys tee shirt that barley covered her huge ass, made my young black dick stand up like a solider ready for war. She slowly walked to my front door, I told her stop and hold up the tee shirt. Nervously she did what her King told her to do; I pulled her close to me and grabbed a hand full of her ass. Susan was kissing all over my neck telling me that she was ready to be fucked like a true slut. She sat down on my couch and spread her legs eagle style. Her pussy was shaved bald; I could not help myself I had to kiss on her pretty pussy. I slowly ran my tongue in circles, every once in a while I would suck on her clit like a new born baby. This always made her have a body shaking orgasm; the taste of her cum made my big black dick turn to steel. You could see the veins poking out of it, Susan loved to the sight of a big black dick standing at attention in front of her, and it turned her into a sex addict. Every time she gave me head she would finger fuck her pussy, she would even lick her own fingers clean. I could not take it anymore I had to fuck her. I told her put her head south and her ass north, so I could fuck her doggstlye. As I entered her soaking wet, hot pussy she let out a deep moan. When I touched the bottom of her pussy I stopped to enjoy her wanting inside, she looked back at me and said King fuck me real hard. I told her to get ready for a heavy weight boxing match; I pounded her married pussy hard as I could. The more black dick I gave her the wider she got, Susan had five orgasm in a 20 minute period. She began tapping on the couch, I had given her more then she could handle. I told her to ride reverse cow girl style, in this position she always made me bust a huge load. Susan bent over and touched her toes, and began to use some of her workout techniques on me. Man I was in heaven her pussy was making some loud wet sounds, her honey pot had a death grip on my dick. I could not last any longer I shot off deep inside of her pussy. Man I loved fucking my hot white married slut. After we caught our breath, Susan told me that her hubby would be home from overseas within the next month. I got pissed like hell, but I knew that sooner or later all good things must come to an end. She put her tee shirt back on and gives me a kiss goodbye. About three weeks later I received a text from Susan so told me to take off of work for the next two days. Since the company CPU was high my boss gave me those days off without a problem. The following morning we meet at a hotel, when I pulled up Susan was already in the room. I knocked on the door and she pulled me inside the room, my slut was all over me helping me undress. She was French kissing me with a lot of passion, I made her stop and asked her why the change of heart. She told me that her hubby couldn’t turn her on anymore and that she had to fake orgasm after orgasm. Susan said that she needed to feel a real dick inside of her mouth and pussy. Hearing those words come out of her mouth gave me a huge throbbing hard on. I stood in front of her stroking my dick as she talked; her eyes were glued to my black monster. When she tried to get off the bed I told her to sit back down, as I continued to stroke my ebony pole, I began to tell her that I had missed shooting my sperm inside her tight pussy. I told her that the only way I would fuck her today is if she would let me fuck anytime I wanted to fuck her. She tries to say something about her being married, so I started to put my things back on. She jumped off of the bed and said ok you can have me whenever you want to. I pushed her down on the bed and roughly pushed my oversized black dick in her married pussy. Susan let out a loud moan as I pounded her wet honey pot; my God this freak knew how to make my dick feel tender. The married slut was hollering about how good my black monster felt. Within three minutes Susan was having her first orgasm, feeling her tight pussy grip my dick made me shoot a mega sized load inside of her pussy. All I could do was brake down on top of her; she was still grinding her hips making sure that every drop of my sperm was deep inside of her pussy. Throughout the day we had sex all over the room, we made up for the lost sex we had missed since her husband came home. When it came time for us to leave, I told her not to wash up, I wanted her to go home and f***e her hubby to eat her out. About an hour later she sent me a pic message showing him eating her fresh fucked pussy. Susan said he had no clue that he was being a cleanup man, and that she came thinking about my dick shooting more loads inside of her pussy while he watched the whole thing.
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Great story
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very sexy!