Zero Gravity Sexy

We float into the main cabin of the empty space station as i catch you wrapping my arms around your slender waist turning you around kissing you as you spin. You giggle as our lips meet and we kiss deeply as you close your eyes grabbing onto my neck. "I love you baby" I say as my hands rub around your slender figure helping you out of your space suit. "I love you too" You reply smiling back on me

I kiss you again, then slowly start to kiss on your neck. "imma get away again.." I whisper into your ear before I start to kiss on your neck again. You take your lips off my neck and laugh. "that's what you think" you say as you stare into my eyes. "theyre so beautiful." you say still staring deeply into my eyes. I giggle as I break your stare by blinking. "No, they're just abnormal" I say hugging you as I lay my head on your chest. "i know, that's why I love them so much." you say as your hand snakes down between my legs.

You stare back at me as you bit ur lips waiting for my fingers to part ur sweet wet pussy. Then you moan as i push you into the ceiling to brace ourselves as i spread your legs pushing my fingers inside you. "Mmm that pussy already dripping wet i see. Just how i like it." I say as my fingers easily slide in and out of you from all that wetness. After pumping your pussy with my fingers a few i slide it out to taste ur sweet juices as i watch small bubbles of it float past my face. i gobble up every drop making a pacman sound as i go. You laugh as i wrap my arms around your legs as i burry my mouth into ur pussy. "Mmmm don't do that baby!!" You moan as my tongue pushes deep inside ur pussy licking all on ur walls.

I start to pant as I look for something to grab and pull on to get away. "baby stop." I whisper. My hands push on the ceiling a little as I slowly move downwards. "Nu uh. You staying right here . "you say as you grab and lock your arms around my legs as you burry your head in my pussy again. You drive your tongue deeper into me this time as I let off a series of soft moans . "baby, no." I beg as you move your tongue faster. I moan louder as I look around for something to grab on . I see a pipe connected to the wall just to my right. I moan again as I move my arm over to it and grab it. I pull on it till I'm by the wall with my back against it.

"You still trying to get away huh." I say smiling as you float into the wall. "Nuh uh! it just feels sooo fuckin good baby i cant take it" you say with a teasing smile as i watch ur eyes looking for somewhere else to run. I brace myself against the ceiling ready to pounce on you and that pussy. You take off through one of the air locks giggling as i fly after you. U disappear from my view as u hide in one of the side storage rooms. You look around for an extra escape path in case i find you like you knew i would. You find nothing so u decide to try and leave the room before i get there. The door slides open as you bump right into my chest. "Oooh shit!!" you cry looking up at me with an innocent smile know exactly whats on my mind. I grab you before you can escape as i use the chance to pin you against the wall. You notice that im already rock hard from the thoughts of what ima do once i catch you. as i use my free hand to spread you legs wide open as i cuff us together thrusting my dick deep up inside you. You bite your lips as the full length of my dick pushes soo deep inside you that your stomach feels the tip pushing right up on it.

"ooooh baby! It's too deep" I say as I try and get away. You push deeper and harder . I grab onto your back with one hand as I moan into your ear and dig my nails into your skin. With our cuffed arm we hold each others hand. yo start to kiss me as I lay my head on the wall. You slow down a little as our lips part. I smile and whisper a "thank you" . You smile devilishly as you pound harder with each thrust even though your going slow. My mouth drops as I moan. "baby stop... That's too hard." I say in-between breaths. You kiss on my neck ignoring my request as I moan again.

Your moans sounds so heavily in my ear as my lips continue to kiss on your neck as your pussy grips tight on my dick. I take your other hand into mine placing our hands on the wall as I kiss you deeply again. Your eyes close as our lips lock yet your still moaning for the slow hard and deep thrusts im penetrating into you. Your hands grip as tight on mine as your pussy is on my dick as your juices keep flowing out of you. I use my legs to push us off the wall as we float in the air my hips still thrusting my dick in and out of you. You pull your lips from mine as you let out a loud moan that echos thru the station. I pull my dick out as even more of your juices flow out with it. We both drink it all up licking our lips of the sweet taste. "Mmmm I still cant get over how u taste like strawberries." I laugh as i lick my lips. "You missed a spot baby." You giggle as you lick an extra drop from my cheek.

"mmm thank you baby." you say as you smile then kiss me. "welcome boo." I whisper as you start to Kiss on my neck . I moan as I push your head down. You slowly kiss down my stomach as you skip over my pussy. I stare at you "dont tease.." I whisper . You laugh and kiss my thigh . I stare at my hand with the cuffs on it and noticed I can slip out. I smile and slip my hand out . I look for a pole to grab on. I find one on the ceiling as I grab it and swing towards the wall.

I float after u still gobbling every drop that comes from ur pussy so none of it is wasted. You giggle as you try to float away but i catch your stomach mid flight wrapping my arms around you. I start kissing up and down your tattoo as you wiggle to get free. "Give up Mrs wetwet you aint goin anywhere." I say as my lips press down on ur spine causing ur body to shiver in pleasure as i find another sweet spot. "Never Mr. Bigdick!! It just feels too fuckin good!" You moan biting your lips as my tongue now starts licking up and down your spine. It reaches the back of your neck as i circle it around another sweet spot as you cry in pain and pleasure as my dick thrusts deep inside you again.

mmmmm , findin all my sweet spots huh." I say in-between moans. "you chuckle as you thrust faster and deeper. I scream. "baby your pushing so hard you're making us move with each thrust." I laugh. "of course." you whisper in my ear as you start to kiss on my neck. I place my arms over yours as theyre still wrapped around my stomach. I moan again as you give a couple more fast thrusts. You start to slow down. But make each thrust harder. "baby stop. I'm gonna cum." I whisper.

"Mmmmm music to my ears" I say as your moans grow louder and louder. My slow thrust get even harder and deeper and longer as your pussy grips tight on my dick. "Damn baby that pussy gonna make me cum too!" I say as i continue to pump your tight pussy with my long thick dick. Juices just flying everywhere "Baby its too much! Stop im cumin!" you scream from your orgasm as we cum together. My dick still throbbing inside your pussy as I nut. You lay on my chest as i softly kiss the back of your neck as we float towards the wall. My back bumps into it as you pull your self off my dick turning around to wrap your arms around my neck kissing me deeply and passionately as my arm warp around your stomach. "I love you and the way you make love to me baby" You whisper in between kisses. "I love you too beautiful." I reply back as i push slightly off the wall allowing us to slowly deft kiss and cuddle in the air.
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