Room description

The room contains a bed, two lamps either side of the bed. On the wall is a picture of the face of a Thai girl taken from a magazine.

Object Description

You see nothing special.
In the room there is:
Mi Li

Examine Mi Li
She is a short dark-skinned Thai girl of about twenty, dressed in her underwear and black stockings...
Mi Li has been logged on to #RL for 06 hrs 04 minutes.

The phrase "as psychologically astute as a Thai prostitute" is not in common usage. It should be.

"Psychother****t tell you what you need, working girl give it you." (Mi Li)

Victor opened the door onto an apparently empty hallway. Mi Li stayed behind the door until Victor was inside.

She looked at Victor as if she could not speak at all and gestured with her hand towards a doorway.

When Victor was inside the room Mi Li came very close to him "I am frighten you beat me up." Victor smiled and tried to look like the kind of guy who wouldn't beat her up. He fumbled with his wallet and handed over the money. Mi Li took the money without seeming at all interested in it. Her eyes never left Victor.

"You take off your clothe Victor." she said in a very soft timid voice. Mi Li smiled at Victor. Her eyes still seemed full of fear. Did she know that her fear and her c***dlike voice and stature were making Victor's cock strain against his pants? She playfully pulled once at his stiff cock through his pants before she left him to undress.

"You want massage Victor?"

Victor's heart (and his cock) sank at that word. It took him back to a massage parlour in the backstreets of Cardiff where they different rates for the employed and unemployed. There had been a girl called, Victor couldn't remember what she was called. She positioned herself at the table so Victor could see her little breasts but not touch them. She had self-consciously, quickly and rather ineptly wanked him while looking at the poor-quality video and trying to encourage Victor to look at it too so he would not look at her. He felt resigned to disappointment.

Naked on the bed, Victor lay face-downwards. Mi Li kneeled beside him. Turning his head Victor could see Mi Li in the full-length mirror which occupied one wall. Her hand absentmindedly stroked her naked breast as she looked down at him. Next her hands began expertly massaging his shoulders. She looked down at Victor with apparent affection.

"You cold, Victor. I warm you."

She stroked her warm naked breasts over Victor's back, hard enough that Victor could feel her hardening warm nipples. She positioned her body casually so that the mirror caught everything, she did not seem to look in the mirror at all. She only had eyes for Victor. Her small hands travelled all over his back.

"You can turn over Victor." she whispered.

When Victor turned over Mi Li's black stockings and her close-shaven pussy filled his vision and his mind.

"You are allow to touch, Victor." she smiled.

Her closely shaven pussy felt like nothing Victor had ever felt before. She was small like a c***d but had the knowledge and the body of a very experienced compliant woman. The certainty grew that Victor had died and gone to heaven as he slid his cheek over the nylon stocking and his lips drew closer to her shaven more-than-naked cunt.

MiLi listened to the simulated sex on the video and precisely timed the stroking of Victor's hard cock with the cries of ecstacy of the girl in the film. Opening her legs for Victor to lick at her cunt and giving girlish cries of pleasure so obviously genuine compared with the girl on the video.
"Men want Thai girl as sexslave"
Mi Li looked up at Victor as she said this. Her wrists were handcuffed
to the head of the bed. and her ankles were also cuffed either side of
her hands....the cuffs were comfortable leather and they belonged to Mi Li.
She breathed in. She breathed out "sexslave" all one word.
Victor was shaving off the last wisps of pubic hair with an electric
razor. As the razor moved over her naked flesh the vibrations were
arousing her.
The lamplight made the moisture between her legs glisten.
He ran his tongue over her clit. Again and again... sucked it between
his lips...I brushed it gently with his teeth...he was
in paradise again ... I don't think the Christian god approves
this kind of thing....but Victor did.
His hand ran down the back of her leg...tense muscles..she let out a little yelp as his
thumb broke in to her damp slick cunt...he shifted position and his stiff cock entered her...
he took her naked warm brown breast in hand...her dark nipples were so hard...he squeezed gently ("Harder, Victor" she murmured) and he treated her breasts less and less gently as he came inside her....
She looked in his eyes and pleaded "again"
His cock stayed inside her as they kissed a long time as he felt his cock reviving, stiffening..again he toyed with her breasts gently...roughly...gently again...really roughly...
She had a string of green glass beads by the bed...Victor inserted them one by one into her anus looped the string around his hand....and at the exact moment he could feel her cunt tighten because she was coming he pulled them all out.
When he released her wrists and ankles she wrapped her arms and legs around him "sexslave" she whispered in his ear. She closed her eyes and very softly murmured, "master".
87% (6/1)
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1 year ago
If anything in this story is true (and I doubt it all) then several things are made up at least...Mi Li is neither a Thai name, nor one any Thai girl would pick, given the meaning of those words (said phonetically)in Thai. Next, no Thai girl would require payment up front, unless she were several generations out of Thailand. Next, no Thai girl would allow a client to shave her cunt, considering that something she would attend to prior to any encounter. Next, few Thai girls are willing to act out the sexslave routine you describe, and fewer still would say the term out loud, believing the saying to reinforce the being, as it were. Thai pride runs deep even one generation removed
3 years ago
Sexslave ... paid....and probably worth every cent :)
4 years ago
oh yes!
4 years ago
Sexslave - except I think she got paid didn't she!
4 years ago
Ah the glass bead game!