I don't want to think about you

I don't want to think about you when I have A face down on the bed and I am using the whip on the soles of her feet and the backs of her legs and on her bum and her back. The whip leaves red marks on her pink flesh. Her hand is on my cock feeling it get harder as I use the whip...harder and harder.

I don't want to think about you as I finger A's wet cunt. Sliding my finger in and out watching it glisten...using two fingers ... A is moaning. Time for the gag.

I don't want to think about you when A puts on the YES gag. She could always say "STOP" until she puts on the gag. Then of course she can only say "mmm mmm MMMM" which I take to mean "harder master".

I don't want to think about you as I slap A's naked breasts. First one way then the other. She is my lovely (slap) submissive (slap) cunt (slap)

I don't want to think about you when her nipples are hard and her cunt is nice and wet. I tie her legs to the headboard and lick between her legs mercilessly. She wants me to fuck her nice wet cunt. She takes it up the ass.

I don't want to think about you. You talked good sex over the telephone - chatting and fingering your cunt...chatting and spanking your naked bum...but you were never going to leave your Richard Head of a husband (ka dick!) too scared to get a webcam... too scared to come and meet when I made arrangement after arrangement.

Think about that as you lie naked in bed and masturbate.

Got to go...A is kneeling down begging to suck my cock :)

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4 years ago
Use + Abuse = Enjoy!
4 years ago
Good stuff
4 years ago
Hope she reads this . . . . but I enjoyed it anyway.
4 years ago
If she begging to suck your cock tell her not to talk with her mouth full.
4 years ago
Taht told her!
4 years ago
Good point well made