This story is true and it happend not so long ago

One night i was laid in bed after a hard day at work, just about to go to to sl**p, and my moblie starts ringing it was Katie a friend for school.

Me: hi katie
Katie: Can i talk to you (crying)
Me: whats wrong, why u crying
Katie: me and Rob split up
Me: whats happened?
Katie: he cheated on me, can i come over?
Me: ye sure give me a text when your near.

5 mins later

Katie sends me a txt
I am Outside x.

I opened the door Katie looked hot, she was wearing a nice short dress, as soon as i opened the door, he hugged me and said god i needed that.

so we sat outside my house talking, she said i am getting cold can we go inside.

we sat on the sofa n chatted, she turned around and what happened with you and Kelly, we just broke it off because it never works.

i gave Katie a hug , i said everything will be ok, then she turned around me said i wish i could have u.

i was like, say that again "i wish i could have u"

comment if u wanna hear more
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3 years ago
need more details
3 years ago
nice start