Tattoo’s Release Who Women Are From Within

I love the beauty of tattoos. To me it has always been an art form of
expression through ink on the flesh. I remember a time it was a sign of
rebellion but to me art is very rebellious. Art is what sets the pace for
not only the next decade but has a lasting effect for the next century, as
well of our thoughts spiritual beliefs, thoughts and actions. To me
tattooed women are exhilarating, an orgasmic universal explosion of raw
pure beauty. Tattoos can tell a story not only of the person’s thoughts
but events in their lives. Also tattoos can enhance a women’s beauty one
hundred times over. I am not saying women cannot be beautiful without
tattoos but it makes you study every single inch of them, not only their
flesh but their mind and soul as well. And let me share with you why.
There was a time I would only write poems about women but it did not
release my vision of how I see them as a whole so I started to create free
form art on them. I will not claim to be a Salvador Dali in any shape or
form but it gave me a chance to express my love for women. I would take
some of my art markers and have one of my lovers at the time get naked and
lay on the bed. I would draw designs on them for a couple hours or so.
Each time, drawing something different, releasing parts of their
personality on them and sometimes mixing it with mine depending on both of
our attitudes or feelings at the moment towards one another. To me
permanent tattoos or drawing tattoos with art markers that in time fade
away intensify a woman’s beauty and it makes me hunger for them even more.
For one reason and one reason only it releases the complete self or soul
if you want to look at it from that perspective. So all of the boundaries
and walls crumble down all their hang ups for the time I was drawing on
them were gone if only for a couple hours. I gave them that release at
times during the drawing process. It is interesting there have been times
when I was drawing on them it has even given them sexual releases, mental
releases, even spiritual as well sometimes all in one. It always blew my
mind away! There were even times they would spill their feelings,
confessing things to me that they would not have if I was not drawing on
them with my art makers. What makes a women feel all these emotions
releasing their thoughts, sexual desire, spirituality and hidden doorways?
I guess I will never know was it me, the markers or both?
So to be honest, what drives me mad is a woman with independent thoughts
who expresses herself no matter who she offends. To me tattooed women are
sexual meditation punk rocker artist gurus of the world and they have a
sword to swing for all who dare to cross them.
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1 year ago
Thanks glad you enjoyed the read : )
1 year ago
wow!... I share your sentiment!... dope stuff ;-)