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My 18 yo cousin (Shelly) asked me to buy her some beer one night. I was 21 and thought what the harm, but I told her I would only do so as long as she was with me and drank while I was driving in the country. She agreed, I bought the beer and off we drove down rarely travelled roads. After a few beers she started getting a little playful, snuggling up to me, holding onto my arm. Then she started to snuzzle my neck and biting my earlobe, as she did I could feel my cock growing. I had a fleeting thought to take her home, but the more she lick and sucked on my neck and ear, a thought is all it was.

I found a nice deserted road, in the boonies, parked and we climbed in the back seat. I had a 68 Impala SS, which had a very nice, big back seat.

"Do you think I'm sexy" she asked.

Hell yea I thought she was sexy, she was petite, 5'2' about 105lbs, long shapely legs and a very pert ass. She was wearing a mini skirt and tight halter top. Her breasts were not fully developed but very nice and her nipples hard sticking out a half inch through the tight halter.

"Yes" I replied.

As we laid in the back seat she kissed me, her tongue plunging deep into my mouth. As I tongued her back she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth, my cock grew even harder. I wanted my sexy cousin in the worst way. I started to massage her little tits thru her top, she started to moan, but then pushed my hand away. I thought, damn I moved too fast, but she only did so to remove her top and skirt. Upon removing her skirt I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties, there was her sweet cunt, bare of any hair, in all it's glory. She pulled my shirt off , unzipped my pants and as I lifted up my ass she pulled them off allowing my hard 9" cock to spring to attention.

She started to suck my cock, I stopped her.....

"Bend over the front seat" I said.

As she did I had the perfect view of her cunt and tight little asshole. I first licked up and down her slit, then slid up to her asshole. As I tongued her little rosebud she gasped........

"OOOooooo fuck"

I continue wetting her asshole and then pulling her,little, ass cheeks apart pushed my tongue into her asshole. the moaning continued as I tongue fucked her asshole........

Her cunt was dripping from my tongue fucking, so I switched to her wet cunt, licking up and down her slit, sliding my tongue inside her.
I then had her lie on the seat face up and continue by sucking her clit. I sucked, licked and bit on her clit til suddenly shuddering, she yelled..


As she did she squirted and I sucked as much of that sweet cum as I could. I was in heaven.

After she recovered she started on me, I laid down, she started by sucking and nibbling on my nipples, which drives me wild.

She bit down hard on my nipple, it hurt sooo fucking good, I thought my cock would explode. She moved down my chest and slowly slid her warm mouth over my throbbing cock. I could feel it hit the back of her throat and then she pushed until it popped into her throat. Damn I never had a cock sucking like this. I was holding on for dear life, I didn't want to cum yet. I wanted to feel that tight cunt engulf my cock.
It wasn't long and I got what I was waiting for. Shelly had me sit up and she straddled me lowering that sweet, tight wet cunt down on my throbbing member. She started off slowwwwly up and down, up and down, I was definitely in heaven. After about 10 min of this I lifted her off, bent her over the seat, ever so slowly I slid my cock into her from behind. First just head and I pulled out, then a little past the head and backout. Finally..........

"Pleassssse Fuck Me"

That was all it took, I grabbed her hips and started pounding my cock into soaking cunt, driving deep into her. After another 10 mins of hard cunt pounding I was ready to cum. I pulled out pushed on her back, opened her mouth with one hand, stroking my cock with the other I guided it to her open mouth.................

"Drink it all" As I spewed rope after thick rope of cum into her mouth.

Shelly swallowed every drop I spewed smiled, grabbed me by the neck pulled me to her mouth and tongued me deep. The taste of my own cum still fresh in her mouth.

This was just the start of a wonderful sexual relationship
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3 years ago
excellent very hot
4 years ago
nice!! is there more to come
4 years ago
4 years ago
Post pics of cuz.
4 years ago
very hot!
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