Lil s*s Discovers Treasure

He heard a soft rapping at his door. He was so engrossed in his studies that the noise didn't register in his mind at first. The creak of the door as it slowly opened finally got his attention. He looked up, and saw his little s****r standing there, wearing a jersey-style nightshirt which came to just above her knees in the front and back, and raised more than halfway up her thighs on the sides. Her arm swung loosely at her side, and she twisted back and forth nervously in the dim light of the doorway.

"Amber, what the hell are you doing? Do you know what time it is? You gotta get to bed, mom and dad will kill you if they know you're up this late." Jared exclaimed to his little s****r.

"I know Jared, but i can't sl**p, and i really gotta talk to you. Please don't tell mom and dad." she begged. By the tone in her voice, Jared could tell something really important was on her mind. He needed to keep studying, but he was a good big b*****r, and if his little s****r really needed him that badly at almost one in the morning, well, he could spare a few minutes. He sighed.

"OK, s*s, come in here, and sit down. What's so important that we need to talk at this hour?"

"Jared, don't be too mad at me, but i found something...something of yours" She meekly admitted.

"Of mine? What did you find?" he asked, curious, confused.

Amber pulled out a magazine from behind her back, and threw in=t on the bed between them. Jared looked down, and recognized it immediately. It was the lastest installment of his growing collection of "adult" magazines. This was one of the more graphic ones, portraying couplings of several different kinds throughout its pages. Jared stared at it dumbfounded for several seconds, unable to speak. He slowly raised his eyes to his s****r. They flared with anger as he realized how she had gotten a hold of this. "You were in my room, rummaging through my stuff, when i wasn't here!" He whispered loudly, tempering his desire to scream at her with his need to keep his parents asl**p and out of this.

She looked up at him, frightened, but she was determined to see this through. "Yes, i know, i'm sorry. Please don't get too mad, besides, i don't think mommy and daddy would want you to have this, or the others you got" She glanced up at him to see his reaction. His eyes narrowed as he began to understand.

"You little...ok, i see what's going on here...what do you want from me, you little blackmailer."

She looked up at him. "What's a blackmailer? "

"Never mind", he replied. "What do you want? That's what this is all about, right?"

Amber looked down at the magazine, and carefully opened it. She seemed to know what page she was looking for. She stopped turning pages, and placed her finger on one of the pictures. "Do they all look like that?" she asked, referring to the large cock poised to enter the female model in the photo.

"Jesus s*'re too young to be looking at this shit! What kinda question is that? You gotta ask mom about that kinda stuff!" he exclaimed, snatching the mag away from her.

"I've tried to ask mommy about s-e-x but she tells me that i'm too young. I'm in two digit ages now...i'm not too young, and nobody will tell me!" she whined. "C'mon, Jared, tell me, or i'll tell mom about your magazines."

"Fuck" he muttered. "Ok, amber, no, they don't all look exactly like that, but they have the same basic shape. It's just that some are bigger, and some are smaller...though that's a pretty big one there." he said, looking at the picture again, the image of the models sending a slight shiver into his loins. He shook it off, and looked at her again. "There, are you happy? Now go to bed."

"No, wait..." she replied, snatching the mag back out of his hands. She flipped to the next page, where the beautiful brunette was taking the large prick into her lovely mouth, her eyes looking up at the man's face as she did. "Why is she doing that? Isn't that where you pee? That's gross."

Jared rolled his eyes. "Look, you are way too young to get this stuff, and i'm getting weirded out. Why don't you go back to bed?"

Amber, getting bolder now, seeing she had him nervous about getting busted, replied, "No...come on, why would she do that?"

"Because it makes the guy feel good, that's why." He told her



"Has anyone ever done it to you?"

"s*s...c'mon...arrrghh...yeah, ok? a couple times..." Jared rolled his eyes as he admitted it.

Amber giggled a little girl giggle."Really? Did it make you feel good?"

"Yes, it made me feel good. God s*s, how many more questions do i need to answer?" Jared asked, shifting uncomfortably on the bed, mostly from nervousness, but also because this discussion was beginning to produce the natural response most males experience as they talk about sex. He felt his cock begin to engorge. He glanced down at his young s****r, she was sitting cross legged at the foot of his bed, her bare legs exposed, her nightshirt fell between her legs loosely. Suddenly Amber shifted, and Jared caught a quick glimpse of what lay beneath, and realized she was not wearing underwear, her bare slit exposed to him for but a brief moment. His cock responded quickly to the sight, and became fully erect. He quickly looked away, ashamed of the immoral feelings he was having towards his own p*****n s****r.

Amber took note of the sudden reddening of his face, and though she did not quite understand why, she somehow knew she had produced the feelings which caused it. This thought gave her an excited tingle down her spine, which led to the soft, unexplored folds between her legs. She looked back to the magazine, and pointed once again, this time to the woman's furry mound. "She's got alot of hair there...i don't have hardly any. How come, Jared?"

Jared looked her in the eye, and responded, "As you get older, you'll get hair there, it's part of growing up. Everyone gets hair down there."

"Oh, replied Amber. "Actually, I just noticed a few hairs starting to grow down there...see?" With that, before Jared could object, she lifted her nightshirt up and fully exposed her pussy to her b*****r, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She moved her hand to it, and tugged at a few short hairs that had obviously just begun to grow there very recently. Jared stared dumbfounded for a moment as he watched his s****r's hand playing and tugging down there. Finally, he regained his voice.

"s*s, you can't go around showing that's not right" he said.

"I know, but it's just you, b*****r, and we're talking about it anyways, so i wanted you to see what i was talking about...How much hair do you have there?" she innocently asked, batting her eyes at him as she held her shirt up.

"Enough" was Jared's response. He kept trying not to stare at his s****r's most private parts, but could not help it, as she seemed so comfortable showing him.

"Hey, c'mon, let me see...I showed you my hairs..." she begged. Then anticipating his next response, she added "Don't want me to have a talk with mommy and daddy, right?"

Jared knew he shouldn't, and wouldn't have, but his arousal was getting the better of him, and her threat was just the excuse he needed to comply with her. "OK, jesus" he complained, more for show than for real. With that, he pulled his sweat pants away from his package. His erect cock bobbed up as it came free of the material, and he exposed his cock and balls to her. Amber's eyes widened as she saw the complete set, and she stared unashamedly at it.

"Wow, you have a lot of hair...and it's so the size of the guy in the pictures! How come it's big? Is it always like that?" she questioned.

"Naw, it got big from...uhhh...looking at these pictures. When a guy sees sexy things, it gets big."

"Oh, i see...could I touch it?" she blurted out.

"NO WAY!" Jared shouted. "Look, you can tell mom and dad what you want, but now way am i letting you touch it!" Though the thought of his cock in his s****r's tiny hands turned him on so much, he became even harder, stretching the limits of his skin.

"Please Jared? I promise i won't hurt it...I never seen one for real before, i really wanna see what it feels like to touch it...Honest, if you let me maybe i'll forget all about everything that i was gonna tell mommy."

Jared's brain struggled with the conflict between his conscience telling him all the things wrong with this scenario, and his instinct needing to feel the satisfying touch his s****r wanted to give him. Another day, perhaps his conscience would have won. But it was late, his mind was tired, though completely alert right now, and instinct took over. "Ummm...OK, s*s, but just a little..." He leanded back as his s****r leaned forward, staring unblinkingly at her b*****r's large member. She reached out, and ran her fingers down it, fascinated. Jared let out a sigh as her touch sent electricity through his body. "Mmmmm..." he moaned.

Amber looked up at him when she heard this. "Are you ok? Did i hurt it?" she worried. "No no, it's fine...But here, touch it like this..." Her b*****r took her small hand and wrapped it around his cock, and pushed it to gently stroke up and down on him. The feeling was exquisite. He leaned his head back again, and enjoyed the first handjob ever given by his s****r.

Amber continued to watch as her hand moved up and down, and felt the throbbing inside Jared's cock. "It's hard, but the skin is really soft. I like how it feels..." She continued to softly stroke it, and looked up at her b*****r. His head lay against the wall behind him, a small smile on his face, eyes closed. Watching to make sure he didn't see what she was doing, she leaned her face closer to him, until her mouth came to the head of his prick. She opened it, and swiftly placed her lips around his member, taking the head entirely into her mouth.

Jared jerked up with that and looked down at her, and pulled himself out of her mouth. "Jesus s*s, now what the hell are you doing? You can't do that, you're my s****r!!"

"But...why not? You said it makes boys feel good, and i just wanna see if i can make you feel good...and why can't a s****r do it to her b*****r?" With that she leaned back down and flicked the tip with her tongue, before lowering her mouth onto him again.

At that moment, Jared could think of no answers to his baby s****r's questions. He watched as her mouth sucked on his head, her lips smacked as she sucked. He resigned himself to the sensations. "Like this, Amber..." He put his hand on the back of her head, and pushed her mouth lower onto his cock, then lifted her back up, not shoving himself so far into her as to choke her. After moving her a couple of times like this, she began to bob on her own, pushing her b*****r's cock into her mouth as far as she could, then raising up again, over and over, She increased her pace as she became more comfortable with the motion, and got bolder with how much she could take in. She had to stop once because she got too bold and gagged as his cock went a bit too far down her throat. The thickness of her b*****r's cock made it necessary for her to open her mouth almost as wide as she could to accomodate him.

"God s*s, you're a natural at this..." Jared moaned, enjoying every minute, pushing any guilt he might have felt deep into the back of his mind.

Amber continued sucking and licking her b*****r's manhood for some minutes, then pulled up with a 'pop' as her lips slid off it. She looked up at her b*****r, who looked back at her, confused by the sudden stop in the action. Amber looked troubled, then looked down at herself. She suddenly placed her hand between her legs, ran her fingers across her pussy, then brought them to her face. "Say b*****r...I'm all wet down's really slippery...what's that about?"

Her b*****r smiled at how naive she was. "That means you're turned on, Amber...just like i get big because of sexy things, girls get wet when they do sexy things."

"Why?" she asked, then said "oh wait...i know." With that she turned to another page in the magazine. "It's so a boy can do that easier, right?" She referred to a picture of the large cock buried halfway into the woman's cunt.

Seeing the direction the conversation was going, Jared's conscience once again flared. "Ummm...Yeah...that's right s*s, but look, you're waaaay to young to think about trying that, especially with your b*****r..."

"But, Jared, we've gone this far, what does it matter? I know what you mean about being turned on, felt really good when i touched it..." she began to rub her pussy with her fingers, exploring the folds and crevices, finding what spots made her feel the best. Soon her fingers found her clitoris, and her little body jumped. "...mmm
oh man, that spot feels good." She rubbed it more vigorously, moving her fingers in little circles around it. "Gosh...I never had one in me, but now i really want your big thingy in my little hole here." she begged, her little body moving up and down as her fingers played with her clit.

Jared was transfixed by the scene, his baby s****r finger fucking her bald, extra virgin pussy at the foot of his bed, as he sat with a raging hard on. This was too much for an adolescent boy to take, and he began stroking his cock watching her. She looked at him, and made her final plea.

"Jared, i really wanna try it, please? I know you'd like it, i'll be really good for you, i can tell me exactly what to do and i'll do it...just please, i really need to put it in my...umm...pussy? is that what they call it?"

Jared nearly burst listening to his s****r's innocent pleas, realizing she barely knew what she was talking about. Finally, he sighed, and said, "Only this once, s*s, never again, ok?" With that, he stretched out on his back, and looked at his 10 year old s****r, who was about to become a woman. "Come here, s*s."

Amber nearly clapped with glee. She crawled on top of him, and got on her knees, straddling his body, her pussy poised above her b*****r's cock. The excitement of the moment sent tingles throughout her body. She looked down and took hold of Jared's cock, and was suddenly struck by the fact that his large cock would probably be a difficult fit for her. But Amber was determined, and placed the head at her entrance. She rubbed the tip back and forth along her slit, wetting it with her juices. She looked down and heard her b*****r moan and saw him arch his back, thoroughly enjoying this.

"ok, here goes..."she whispered to her b*****r as she placed the tip of his cock at her opening. She pushed down, putting much of her weight onto his cock. He grunted and clenched his teeth at the incredible pressure, and shecontorted her face in a mixture of pleasure and pain, as his cock slowly made it's way inside her. The head barely fit in, stretching her like nothing she had ever felt before, and she let out a small whimper, trying not to wake her parents, wishing she could scream in pain and extacy. She bore down further, forcing herself open as she lowered her pussy onto her b*****r's cock. She felt pressure, then a pop, as something inside her tore. The pain was exqisite, a tear came to her eye, and a small cry came from her lips. Her b*****r tightened his muscles in exitement, seemingly oblivious to his s****r's pain, feeling only the pleasure of deflowering such a young girl.

She began to think that she had made a mistake, perhaps she wasn't ready for this, but it was too late now, and she was determined to see it through. She let all her weight rest on her b*****r's cock, and felt him slide into her completely. The feeling of being so full down there was incredible. Now that he was completely in her, the pleasure of this act finally began to overcome the pain, and she dared to wiggle her hips a little while impaled on her b*****r's cock. The feelings of pleasure grew in intensity for both of them

"Oh, amber...god, it's incredible!" Jared exclaimed unable to keep from expressing his pleasure. He'd had sex before, but never was the feeling so intense, the tightness of his partner combined with the excitement of the fact that it was his baby s****r, was driving him wild. He wished he could fuck her wildly, but knew he had to be gentle, at least until she stretched to accomodate him comfortably.

After Wiggling on his cock for a while, the electric sensations of pleasure began to course through her body. she raised up a little, and brought herself back down, testing the feeling. Her b*****r sucked in air as she did this, in obvious pleasure. She did it again, and this time concentrated on feeling her b*****r's cock sliding against the walls of her stretched pussy. It was incredible, and she sucked in air this time. Soon, she was bouncing on Jared's cock like a rabbit, unable to contain her glee.

Suddenly, her eyes got wide, and her mouth opened wide as she fucked. "Jared, what's happening? I! Ohhhh!"

Jared opened his eyes and watched his baby s****r's body convuls. "It's ok, s*s, you're cumming! It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!" she panted as her little body convulsed in her first orgasm. She stopped moving and just held herself for a moment on his cock, enjoying the incredible sensations, realizing that if she moved now the intensity would be more than she could take. Her pussy muscles tightened themselves harder around Jared's cock, sending him closer to his own climax.

"s*s, you gotta get off me, I'm gonna cum too! I don't know if you even can yet, but you don't wanna get pregnant by me." Amber looked at him curiously, wondering what was about to happen, but she trusted her b*****r and got off of him, pulling herself slowlt off his cock. the feeling was incredible, and Jared almost blew as she moved. He held off, though, and told her "Now put it in your mouth again, hurry!" She obliged, and wrapped her little girl lips around his cock, and bobbed up and down on it, as she had just recently learned to do. Soon, her b*****r's body tightened, and he started to moan, trying to stay quiet, still mindful of his parents sl**ping down the hall.

Suddenly, Amber felt something shoot into her mouth as his b*****r tried desperately to muffle his cries of extacy. She pulled her mouth off of him, still stroking with her hand, to see what had happened. As she watched, a streak of hot white cum fired out of him, splashing on her face, hitting her above the eye, and dripping down her cheek. Before she could react, another spurt hit her square on the nose, then another on her lips, some making it into her little mouth. At first she wondered if her b*****r had peed on her, then realized it was totally different than that. She licked her lips and tasted the salty liquid dripping from her face, savoring and enjoying the experience. She looked down, and saw her b*****r was winding down, noticed her hand coated with the sticky liquid, and licked it off of the back of her hand. She looked at her b*****r, face, hand and arm coated with semen. "Mmmm...What the heck is this stuff?" she asked as her b*****r panted breathlessly.

Jared chuckled. "Wow...I'll explain it to ya later s*s, but you gotta get to bed, it's way past your bedtime."

"Ok, big b*****r, maybe you can tell me next time...after all, you don't want me to tell mom and daad about your 'collection', do you?"

Jared smiled at his little s****r, and simply said "ok." He thought to himself that after this, she sure won't need to blackmail him to get him to fuck her. He looked forward to filling her head with more knowledge than any girl her age should have...
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wow very nice had to cum readin it
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fucking great!
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Mmmm I am dripping wet from this story
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Lovely story
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loved this so wet reading it
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i want a sequal to the story, maybe even a series. keep going i never get tired of readin this story. the cute inocent little sis turned naughty
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nice story i felt like i was jared
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"she was bouncing on Jared's cock like a rabbit, unable to contain her glee." yes yes if a young girl is willing she will act like a horny lil rabbit.
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awesome job, well written, loved the story line and all its creation ! Nice !
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great story
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Great story, it reminds me of my times as a child. Playing doctor with the neighbor girls... Taking their temperatures... Hmmm, good times
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That was incredible!! What a good big brother :)
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Need to have some of sisters virgin friends come over of an overnighter.
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a bit far fetched
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this is one of the hottest stories i have read on this site! its so taboo and thats a big reason it is so hot to me. i like how he tried to fight his urges but couldnt help himself. as i was reading, i really put myself in his place and i actually got lost for a few minutes... great job!