We meet as arranged on the 23rd of March. I’m excited and nervous. I’ve looked forwards to seeing you again for so long. I yearn for the touch of you. The taste of you. Your kisses. To be used and enjoyed again.
Were in the pub now. It’s much busier than I expected for a weekday lunch time. Which makes the room uncomfortably warm. You place my drink in front of me and sit down close beside me. You thigh is pressed against mine. It makes me tingle, right up the inside of my thigh, to my throbbing clit. You have me half naked. You made me undo the zip of my coat as far as my cleavage. I know it’s secluded in our corner but I’m so very conscious that you can clearly see the naked swell of my tits. That every time your eyes dip to them, my nipples tighten. That when that happens the taught buds graze the inside of my coat. Even in my embarrassed state I wish you would slip your hand inside my coat and pinch my aching nipple. My pussy is naked. I can feel it getting damper as the hands on the clock tick by and it gets closer to the time we leave the pub and are alone together. I hope that when I stand there is no telltale wet patch on the back of my skirt where I’ve dripped with arousal.
You have made me ask for what I want in detail. When I tried to be less than explicit. You stopped me. You made me say it again, using all the dirty words you know make my cheeks scarlet. If I lowered my voice or my eyes, you spoke my name softly to ensure I looked at you. To push me to say these things. My admission of my need. Asking for the things which I know only you can give me. The things I know you understand I crave.
You start to speak now. Your turn to tell me a little bit of what will happen when were behind closed doors. I have upset you more than once since the last time we met. The reasons behind it don’t matter now. The fact is I did. You joke about how you thought you might have to make up reasons to spank me. But that for this meeting you have genuine reasons to discipline your sub. To teach her a lesson that she won’t forget. To ensure she thinks long and hard before she allows her selfishness and her sulky mouth to be unleashed. This time you will make sure that she knows that although we don’t meet often, your memory is long and that I will receive the chastisement I deserve for the pain I have caused you.
I gulp and look at you to see if you mean it. You look at me steadily, confident, assured. My Dominant. My Sir. I know you have no intention of letting this go and that when we go to our room I have to accept what’s coming to me.
You ask me what the time is. Its 12o’clock. “Come on then Tink “ you say “time to make a move. “ I know that you can see my hand tremble just a little bit as I raise my glass and drain the last of my drink.
You hold my hand as we leave the pub to make the short walk to our room. You stop me just outside the pub. You chuckle as you take me in your arms. “So quiet Tink? “You say. You life my chin. You kiss me. A long deep, sexy kiss. So possessive. You make me feel completely yours in just one kiss. We walk to the hotel, my hand in yours. We check in, are given the key. We climb the stairs to our room. You unlock the door and then close it behind us. You put ours bags on the sofa. You move the chair into the middle of the room. You remove your coat. You sit down. You call me over to stand in front to you.
“There is no safe word Tink. Discipline is just that. It’s not fun. Although knowing you, you might enjoy it” you laugh again.
“Take off your coat”
I unzip my coat, remove it and put it over the arm of the sofa. I know you’re looking at me, my naked tits and I know my nipples are responding yet again.
“And your skirt please.”
I can’t believe how calm and controlled your being. I unzip my skirt and let it slid down. Naked now. You tell me to stand up straight and put my hands behind my back. It makes my tits stick out. You know how much I hate you just looking at me. I start to squirm under your perusal. And you tell me firmly to keep still. You get up and walk slowly around me. I could curl up and die I feel so uncomfortable. Your behind me and I can’t see what you’re doing. I can hear you moving. It sounds like you getting on the bed. Settling yours self, propping yourself up on pillows, getting comfy.
“Come here Kim. Lie over my lap. I want your bottom raised and ready”
I crawl over your knee. The memory of the last time you spanked me for pleasure. So intense. So very painful, much more that I’d expected. Somehow it feels so much more intense this time. I’m naked. Your dressed. My pussy is level with your cock. I want to grind myself against it. How can this fear make me so horny? You run the flat of your hand over my body. From my shoulder, down my back, over my buttock, the back of my thighs.
“Open your legs” there’s a certain something in your voice which make me obey instantly. “Wider”. I do. “Kim I said wider, I don’t want to have to repeat, myself again”
I spread my thighs again. No my cunt is exposed. I know my slit is wet, I can feel it. I know my pussy hair will give me away, so damp. I wonder if you can smell my wet cunt. I can feel myself whimper again, God how I want you to touch me. You take my wrists. Draw the rope out of your pocket. Beginning to bind my wrists. Why does the feel of rope make me so excited? Is it that extra feeling of helplessness? Of being yours. I wonder what I must look like. Naked over your lap. Wrists tightly bound. Bottom poking up in the air. Legs spread. Cunt wet and exposed. Waiting. Wanting. Ready. You have moved this along so slowly. The anticipation of the inevitable growing to a painful ache.
“Tell me why you deserve to be disciplined Kim?”
This is so painful for me. I’m so ashamed of my behaviour and how I have made you feel. But I tell you I deserve it because. I’m a selfish sub. Because I behave like a c***d when I’m upset. Because I verbally kick out at you when I’m in emotional pain. Because I upset you. I also say I’m very sorry.
“I know you are Kim” you hand rests lightly on my bare bottom. “But you need to be disciplined and well spanked. So no safe word, this ends when I say so. You can beg and cry and squirm. You will however not scream and shout.” You lay my soiled panties on the bed next to my face. You had made me give them to you in the pub. “Too much noise and these will be used as a gag”
And then it starts. Your hand brought down sharply on my bare flesh. 6 or 7 rapid hard spanks which take my breath away. I’m shuddering and writhing already. You place your hand on my back.
“Keep still. Raise your arse!”
I do, tentatively, timidly, submissively. The spanks are slower now, a steady thud which, land on either buttock, slow and solid but always in the same spot, because you know how much it hurts when you do that. The pain goes past the string, past the burn, its deeper, its consuming. You stop. My breathing is heavy, I’m trying so hard not to move away ,not to beg you to stop. To take my punishment. I gasp and take deep breaths trying to compose myself.
This time when you spank me I can’t keep quiet. I’m begging you to stop, to please, please stop.
You do, but only to pick up the panties which lay beside me. You pushed them between the soaking lips of my cunt, stuffing them into me, forcing them inside with your fingers. Even with the fire burning in my bottom I find myself pushing against your fingers, wanting to feel that penetration. But the wet material is quickly removed and instead inserted into my mouth. I can taste wet cunt in my mouth.
“Now Kim. You will be quiet. Your bottom is very red; I know it hurts like it’s never hurt before. And I’m almost sure that your punishment will soon be over. I want you to take 10 more for me Kim. They will be hard. Very hard. I don’t want you to scream. I want you to keep your arse raised; I want you legs spread so I also get the pleasure of viewing you slutty cunt. Kim take the last 10 for me and I’ll know you’re sorry”
The pain lay dull and heavy in my bottom but I knew as soon as the spanking recommenced then every sensation would be reignited. Just 10 more, just 10. I adjusted myself slowly over your lap. I parted my thighs to display myself, I raised my bottom. My shoulders and my wrists ached from being restrained. The taste of my cunt was in my mouth. Although it hurt it was obvious that from the smell of my wet cunt I remained turned on. I waited. Just 10.
With every spank I felt I raised my ass more. With each searing pain from your hand I felt more yours. By offing my ass to you I felt I was showing you just how sorry I was. I groaned and grunted into my soggy gag. At the 7th spank, the tears had begun to flow, by the 10th I was sobbing.
Your hand softly touched my red, bruised bottom. You removed my gag. Untied my hands. Eased me off your lap until I lay next to you. Your wrapped your arms around me and held me while the tears subsided.
“Do you have anything to say Kim?”
“I’m so sorry Sir!”
“Good Girl” you whispered

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2 years ago
I can't wait Sir and only a few short weeks as well xxxxxxxxxx
2 years ago
You're right about not having to make up reasons to give you a good spanking, you've earned a really good hard one. Nearly got it spot on how it's going to happen too. Looking forward to hearing you tell me exactly what you want in very explicit detail and you know what you'll be wearing. What you don't know, of course, are about the surprises.