Kim followed the voice of the Sat Nav. It took her onto an industrial estate. It was raining hard, obscuring her view. Kim was puzzled. Their previous meetings had been in hotel rooms, where they had explored their own personal style of BDSM together in privacy. She had expected this night to be the same. Her husband was working away and his wife was taking the grandc***dren to visit relatives. It was the first time they were going to be able to spend the whole night together. Kim had expected a cosy hotel room and a bit of bedroom bondage. Another chance to delve deeper into their mutual desires. Why the hell was she here in a deserted industrial estate on this dark wet winter’s night? Because of what he had instructed her to wear the heater was turned up full blast. But still she shivered as she approached.
“You have reached you destination.” The automated voice told her. She pulled into the car park in front of a large warehouse. Kim laughed out loud. The sod she thought! Talk about living out your fantasies! Time and time again the topic of extreme bondage and BDSM in a warehouse setting had come up and been discussed between them. She shuddered when the things that they had talked about in this setting came into her mind. Fucking Hell! She thought. This was certainly going to be a night to remember!
She parked her car next to the only other one there. His. But Bill wasn’t inside it. She switched off the engine. Turned on the inside light and checked her makeup. She wore super slutty eye makeup and bl**d red glossy lips. She adjusted her tits in the tight confines of the PVC outfit she whore. Straightened her fishnet stockings and changed her shoes from the comfy flats she wore to drive to the black heels. Her phone rang.
“Hello my sexy little slut, ready for our night together?”
“Bill I thought I was in the wrong place. But I get it now.” She giggled “you never cease to amaze me!”
“So are you going to sit out there all night? Cold feet? Or are you going to come inside and join me? You know the rules Kim you can opt out any time.”
“Bill I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’m coming.”
“Not yet my darling. “Bill laughed “And certainly not until I’ve given my permission.”
“Yes Sir.” She said.
Her phone went silent and Kim opened the car door and stepped into the wet night, thankful for the raincoat which offered some protection to the elements. She walked towards the door and pushed it open. The huge space was dimly lit except for the far corner which had a strange flickering light. Candles?
“Bill.” She called. Nothing. Silence. She took a couple of nervous steps inside and jumped violently when she was grabbed from behind. He pulled her body against him.
“Good to see you my darling. I promise you a night you will never forget.” He kissed the side of her neck and she shivered. His hands worked the belt open and he slid the raincoat off her shoulders. He threw it onto the nearby chair. His hands ran possessively over her body. He squeezed her tits though the PVC of her play suit; he ran his hands over the stockings, feeling the contrast of the roughness of the fishnets and the softness of her thighs. He fingered the zips, closed at present but which could be opened to reveal any part of her body her wanted access to.
“What are you Kim?” Bill whispered in her ear.
“Yours Bill, your sub, your slut, your whore, all yours for you use.”
“Mmmmmm.” He breathed in her ear. “And used my darling subby lover is exactly what you are going to be.”
He moved round to stand in front of her and kissed her mouth, his tongue ravaged hers; she could feel his lust, his want and his need in that kiss. She knew she would give herself to the pleasure he was going to share with her.
“Come on.” He said taking her hand. “Let me show you our new toys.”

Kim followed Bill as he walked toward the very corner of the warehouse. On the walls, lit only by the dappled light of the guttering candles, Kim saw something that she didn't recognise.
“What's that?” Kim enquired, pointing to a metal object.

“You'll find out soon enough.” Was all his reply. Then Kim looked up and saw what she instantly recognised as an electric hoist. One of her husband's friends had one in his garage and used it for lifting engines out of cars. She realised instantly why it was there.



“Is that what I think it is?” Kim said, lifting her arm and pointing at the hoist.

“What do you think it is?” He said, smiling.

“I think it's some sort of winch.”

“Completely correct. It's an electric one.”

“It looks quite strong.”

“It is, very.”

“More than capable of hoisting me off the ground then?'

“You and half a dozen others.” Kim saw instantly where this was going.

“And that thing there.” She said, pointing back toward the metal thing hanging on the wall. “That looks like something you've made. Has that got anything to do with what's going to happen to me?”

“You're very good, aren't you?” Bill said, lifting the thing down from the wall.

“It's a spreader, but not an ordinary one.”Kim studied the object as Bill held it in front of her. It was a metal bar, perhaps three feet long, with a ring welded on at each end. There was a third ring welled to the middle of the bar and as she studied it, it's use became apparent to her.

“We've talked enough, my gorgeous little whore, time for some action.”' He said, briskly. Taking some leather straps from a bag he handed them to her. “Fasten these around your ankles.” He said, handing them to her. Kim took the straps from him and noticed her hands were shaking. The full realisation of what was about to happen to her was beginning to dawn and she was nothing short of frightened. She walked over to the only place she could see to sit down, an old packing case, and began to fix the straps to her ankles. She buckled the first to her right leg and then looked up as she heard the winch whirr. Bill was lowering it and she stared intently as the hook attached to the stout chain began to descend.

“You got those things on yet?”Bill enquired, looking toward her.

“No Sir.” Kim replied, nervously picking up the second strap and hurrying to attach it to her ankle. She buckled the second strap to herself and then stood up just as the winch stopped.

“Over here, quickly.” He ordered. Kim walked quickly across and stood beside him.

“Lay down on the floor slut.”

“Yes Sir.” She said as she got down on her knees on the rough concrete floor.

“Face down or up Sir?'

“On you back.”Kim lay on the floor on her back and watched as Bill picked up the spreader bar he had just shown her. He attached the strap around her ankle to one end of the bar then pulled her legs wide apart. Taking hold of her left leg he attached the strap on that ankle to the spreader bar too. Kim lay on the ground, her legs held apart by the metal bar and Bill lowered the hook of the winch right down to the ground. He slipped the hook through the ring in the centre of the bar and then started to power the winch upward. Kim stared intently as the slack chain moved upward and then felt the tug as the hook began to pull the bar, and with it her legs, off the floor. The winch continued to move slowly up and soon her feet were at the height of Bills waist. He stopped the hoist, walked round and placed his hand under her head and then pressed the up button on the winch control box again. The motor started and Kim felt her bottom begin to lift off the floor. In a few seconds her body was almost vertical and Bill continued to cradle her head. Soon she realised she was no longer in contact with the ground at all and was hanging upside down from the hook. Bill kept his thumb on the up button and Kim rose steadily until her head was level with the tops of Bills legs. He released the button and Kim dangled, her arms hanging inches from the floor. Bill walked over to his bag and Kim studied him from her inverted viewpoint. He pulled a short length of rope from the bag and walked back over to join her. He wrapped the rope around her waist and she could feel him knot it behind her back. Then he grabbed her arms and puller them up to her waist. She could feel the rope being bound around her wrists and the rope being tied. Then Bill stood in front of her. She tried an experimental pull on her bonds and could feel that her arms were restrained tightly.

“Well, you helpless little slut, what do you think your Dom is going to do with you now?' Bill said as he walked back toward his bag.

“I’m not sure Sir.” She said. Excited and worried at the same time about the possibilities.
“Oh my darling little whore. The times I’ve thought about you in this position!”
He delved into his Mary Poppins bag again and brought out a short length of chain and laid it down on the packing case.
“Although your outfit is charming, you’re far too covered up for my liking!” He grinned. Bill began to undo the intricate zips on her PVC ensemble until her tits were exposed and her cunt bare. He ran his finger slowly along her wet cunt.
“Nervous or excited. “He asked
“Both.” Kim replied.
Bill picked up the short chain and she realised it had clips attached. He pinched her nipples, rolling then between his fingers, pulling them until they stiffened and ached, Kim moaned. Bill opened the nipple clamp and applied it to her right nipple. She gasped with surprise as it was a much more intense feeling than she was expecting. He put the second clamp in place and pulled lightly.
“Oh God!” She gasped.
“Well you said you always wanted to try them, so I made my own bespoke version!” He tugged harder and the intense mix of pain and pleasure shot though her
“Thank you Sir. “She said.
“I love you like this, my slut, so ready, so aroused, not quite knowing what is going to happen next.”
Bill took 6 cloths pegs from his bag and clipped them onto her cunt lips, she couldn’t help wriggling, and responding and it caused her to swing softly in her harness. He took a reel of tape from his bag, pulled he cunt apart, open for him and stuck the tape to her inner thighs rendering her cunt open for his pleasure.
“Mmmmmm fuck yes. “He said. “Just how I want you.” He explored her with his fingers, probing her wet pussy, touching her clit fleetingly and making her shudder.
“Arrrrgh I bet that pussy tastes so good!”
“Please Sir.”
“Please? What does my horny girl want?”
“Oh fuck Bill lick me! Please eat my cunt.”
Bill unzipped his cock, he was hard, and he rubbed it over her lips.
“Open. “He said and she immediately did. Bill f***ed his cock into her mouth and Kim’s lips wrapped around it. She sucked his cock into her mouth and the sounds were wet and slurpy. Bill pushed on the chains which suspended her so that her body began to swig backwards and forwards, she was f***ed to take his cock down her throat by the motion of the suspension. As she sung back and forth his cock fucked her wet willing mouth. Bill altered his position so he could lap her cunt as she sung. He knew she was very near to orgasm.

To be continued...............
Written in conjunction with BBW admirer
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I am definitely looking forward to the next installment, Kimuk.