Kim had spent a restless night. The images of what had happened kept her awake and haunted her dreams. She didn’t understand these feelings. How could she have enjoyed the way he’d humiliated her. Watched her pee. Touched her when someone she knew well was standing right by her. Fed her his cum off his fingers. She didn’t understand why she responded to him so readily. Why did her arousal sore when she heard that inflection in his voice, when he gave orders why did she obey? She was scared. Scared of the feelings she didn’t understand, of the deep sexual nature of their relationship and where it was leading. She must be mad. Why was she allowing this to happen? I’m some kind of sexual pervert she told herself. What if someone found out? Her husband. Her friends. There was only one thing for it she had to get away, she had to leave, find another job and put it behind her.
It was Thursday and Kim knew he’d go out as usual to attend to the financial side to the business. She found herself avoiding him. Moving out of his way when he neared her. If he asked her a question she answered him but she never made eye contact.
He went into town at the usual time. She scoured the local newspaper and searched the employment section. She circled a few which were suitable. She phoned a similar shop and enquired about a job there. If she could just get away she’d be safe. Safe from him and more importantly from herself. This wasn’t normal behaviour. This was a wild fantasy which had got out of hand.
One of the regular customers came into the shop with her new baby. Kim went over to admire the lovely little girl. Making conversation and sympathising with the sl**pless nights. When she returned to the counter the newspaper was gone. Kim looked everywhere. She couldn’t understand what had happened to it. She had a sense of unease settle over her.
At 6.30 Bill appeared. Where had he come from? He certainly hadn’t come through the shop. He must have come in through the back door. He could have been here for ages and she wouldn’t have known. He held his mobile phone in his hand and dialled,
“Dave” he said “Hello it’s Bill Harris. I want to take your wife away from you”. Kim gasped what the hell was he playing at? Bill laughed at some comment her husband had made.
“I have such a backlog of paperwork” Bill said “Kim’s agreed to help. She needs proper instruction but I can see she’s a quick learner”. My God the cheek of the man. He was phoning her husband to tell him she was staying late tonight and was making innuendos about instruction and learning!
“Oh great!” Bill said. He looked directly at her “Because I really need her. I’ll return her about 9.30 or 10ish OK?”
Bill cancelled the call.”Lock the door, turn off the lights and come to the back room. We need to talk”.
Kim locked up with shaking fingers. She turned off the interior lights and her stomach churned. He’d manipulated her husband into believing she was working late so that they had time to talk. About what? She went through the passage to his living quarters and stood by the door. Should she knock? She decided she should. She rapped the door lightly. “Come in Kim”
She had never been back there before. The room was warm, decorated in brown and beiges. Bill sat in a leather arm chair with a low coffee table near by. He looked relaxed. His face impassive, his hands resting on his lap.
“Stand in front of me, stand up straight and put your hands behind your back”. Kim moved into the spot he indicated. She stood with the fingers laced together behind her back.
Bill picked up the newspaper, open at the page with the circled jobs “I’d like you to explain this” he indicated to the page. Kim couldn’t speak. Now she understood where the paper had gone.
“We have plenty of time we can stand here all night. You can be even later going home to your husband than I have arranged. But you will not be leaving this room until you have given me a full explanation”. He tone was calm but held an edge of authority.
“I’m scared Bill. I don’t understand what happening to me. I’m afraid of where this will take me. The sensations are so intense. They take over me. I feel out of control and I’m sacred”
The silence was overwhelming. The minutes ticked by but seemed like hours. Kim looked at the floor. All she could hear was the ticking of the clock which hung on the wall. Eventually she raised her head and looked at him. He didn’t look angry. He didn’t look amused. His eyes had darkened. He stared at her.
“Before you go home tonight you will know yourself a little better Kim. I intend to make sure of that. Remove your blouse” she hesitated for a moment but the atmosphere in the room had shifted. He had let her say her piece and now intended to demonstrate what her status was. She took off her blouse and revealed her red lace bra.
“And your skirt” Bill said. Kim pushed her skirt to the floor and stepped out of it.
“So you doubt yourself but you comply. You wear the underwear you brought for me. I can see through that transparent material that your nipples are stiff and your cunt is freshly shaved. You don’t understand your need to be submissive and yet you are. Come here”. Kim walked over to him. Bill grabbed her wrist and brought her towards her so she was sprawled over his lap. He held her in place by pressing the palm of his hand into the small of her back.
“You know I’m in control Kim. What’s more you know you want me to be. You can fight your nature or be true to It.” she was shocked when the palm of his hand slapped against her bottom. She yelped and jerked. She spanked her hard his hand moving rapidly, quickly from one cheek to the other. Holding her firmly in place. She struggled and cried out desperate for the pain to stop. Bill shifted her on his lap. His hard cock burnt against her belly.
“You can feel it Kim. Feel me stiff for you. You’re not a freak. You’re just the other side of the coin. Your arousal is the same as mine. It’s mutual Kim. We feed off each other’s desires”.
He pulled her panties down and she wriggled. Exposing her ass. His grip tightened on her waist again and his hand moved f***efully swiping her ass cheeks over and over again. They smarted, stringed felt hot. She tried to move but his grip was strong. As the f***e and speed of his smacks grew stronger. The fight went out of her. The pain moved to another level, he was treating like a naughty c***d. But with his cock pressed against her and dull throbbing soreness of her ass she realised that she throbbed between her legs too. She became limp over his knee. Tears slid down her cheeks. She openly sobbed. He took a while for her to recognise that he had stopped.
His hand was in her bra. He toyed with her nipples, mauled her tits. His other hand dipped between her legs and stroked the wet folds of her cunt
“That’s all you had to do Kim my beautiful slut accept it. Like you have to accept that you are naturally submissive. Accept the need and craving as part of who you, are accept me”. His hands were soothing now. He caressed her softly. Stroking the soreness of her bottom, the slickness of her cunt, the softness of her breasts. She lay compliant. Content.
“Go to the corner of the room Kim. Stand there with your nose pressed to the corner. Think about what I’ve said and the burning need inside you and accept it once and for all”. She slipped off his lap and slithered to the floor. She walked as steadily as she could to the corner and stood. Nose against the wall. Hands behind her back and with tears streaming down her face.
She wasn’t sure how long she stood there. Her mind was blank. Her tears stopped. Bill was silent. Waiting. She didn’t move. She was aware of him watching her.
“This is the last time I will give you a choice Kim. But it has to be your choice. I can’t make it for you. You either pick up your cloths get dressed , go home to your husband and we put this behind us forever or you accept without hesitation that you are submissive, you don’t have to analyse it or judge it, you just have to accept it and trust me. If that’s your choice I want you to drop do your knees and crawl me Kim, because from that moment you’re accepting that I am your Master and that you belong to me and will give and allow everything I demand of you”
The tension in the room was palpable. Bill watched as Kim braced her hands on the wall. Could she leave this forever or did she want more. She took a deep breath. And dropped to her knees. On all fours be began to slowly crawl across the room. Her tits still hung out of her bra where he’d fondled her breasts. Her knickers were still around her thighs where he’d spanked her.
“Hold your head up and look at me” Kim raised her head and met his gaze
“Never be ashamed of yourself again my darling slut. I’m proud of you. Come to me”. She continued to crawl to him their gaze locked on each others. When she reached him he scooped he up in his arms. Wrapped her in the tightest embrace, showered her in kisses.
“Well done Kim. You have made the right decision”

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What is there to say but bravo -- this marvellous story just keeps on getting better. You have a real talent, Kim -- thank you for sharing it with us. 5 Xs.

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Superb as ever