In the shower the next morning Kim could think of nothing except the events of the previous day. How sexual he had made her feel. How his eyes burned into her as he watched her. How she had brazenly exposed herself, enjoyed him looking at her, openly masturbated in front of him. Cum so powerfully. As she soaped her tits and pussy her fingertips grazed her clit. It throbbed to be touched. But his words echoed on her head. She was not allowed to cum without his permission. She smiled. She lathered her cunt hair and took the new razor. Slowly and carefully she shaved every fold and grove until her pussy lips were smooth. As she dried herself is felt how soft and bare she was, aching to be touched. Even her panties felt different on her when she put them on.
Kim had such a good time spending the money. She brought bras and panties in every colour. Satin, lace, gauzy ,transparent and sexy as hell. Suspenders, hold up stockings with thick lacy tops. Sheer black ones with seems. She also bought a few pairs of heels. Not the sort which were painful to walk in, but not the sort of shoes she usually wore either. She couldn’t wait to show him.
When she got to the shop Bill was behind the counter sorting through orders. He looked up as she walked in and saw the bag.
“Did you have fun?” he asked.
Kim smiled “Loads”.
“Good. From now on I expect you to throw the old stuff away. I want you dressed in those sexy undies all the time. It will keep you focused knowing I paid for them.”
She hung up her coat and headed towards the bathroom. Bill followed her. When she got to the bathroom as she started to close the door Bill put his hand on it. He followed her inside.
“Bill I need to pee” she said.
“Carry on”.
“With you here! I can’t do that!” Bill stood in front of her.
” We have no secrets Kim you have chosen to give yourself to me and that means all of you. Remove you panties, sit on the toilet, and spread your legs so I can see your cunt. I’m going to watch you pee”. Kim couldn’t believe what he was saying. She also couldn’t believe how she felt about it. Why the hell did this personal act now seem so intimate and sexy? She pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Conscious that he watched her every move. She sat on the toilet.
“Open your legs Kim” Bill squatted in front of her so his face was inches from her pussy. Kim opened her legs and Bill reached forwards and spread her cunt lips. She had never felt so embarrassed in all her life!
“Pee Kim”. She tried to relax and pee bur nothing came. Bill ran his fingers between her cunt lips, slippy and moist, teasing her. He spread her again
“Pee Kim”. She released her bladder. Ashamed he was watching her but even more ashamed that she was aroused by it. Her pee trickled out of her and Bill placed his fingers in the hot stream. He brought his dripping fingers to her mouth and slid them in
“Suck”. Kim licked and sucked his pee soaked fingers and felt a sexual rush as she complied. She reached for the toilet paper but Bill stopped her.
“No Kim, keep it wet. No panties. I want your cunt accessible today. I will touch if, when and how I want to. I want it sticky and wet. I want to smell your lust and arousal”. Bill got up and left the room. Kim took a deep breath. My God she thought that was so dirty but it made her feel so good to be in his control and he was going to touch her when he wanted to all day. She was so horny she could have come there and then. She stood up washed her hands and joined Bill in the shop.
As the day passed Bill stayed in the shop. She was on edge. He walked behind her and brushed his fingers over her nipples. He rubbed his cock against her ass when she bent over. His eyes never seemed to leave her. As she stacked the shelves Bill came and stood by her.
“Lift your skirt”. Kim immediately did as instructed.
“Do you like it shaved?” he enquired.
“Yes “she said. Bill rubbed her clit, his fingers probed and teased. He squeezed and masturbated her until she was close to the edge. Her breathing altered. The bell on the shop door rang and Bill moved away from her nodding for her to drop her skirt. The sexual tingle she felt was overwhelming. God how she needed to cum!
As the day passed he all but ignored her. Every time he past her she yearned for his touch. But nothing! Her frustration grew. At 4pm the shop had one customer in Kim was at the other end of the shop when Bill came up beside her. He silently slid his hand up her skirt from behind and penetrated her slippy cunt. Her probed her relentlessly and tapped her thigh with his free hand to indicate her to spread her thighs wider. She responded immediately. She was so wet she could hear the moisture on his fingers as he finger fucked her. She watched with almost closed eyes as the customer in the shop moved along the shelves closer to where they were. She could feel he orgasm mounting. She gripped the shelf in front of her to keep herself steady.
“What if he sees me fingering your soaking cunt Kim?” Bill asked “do you want me to stop?”.
“No!!” the word came out as a stifled moan. Bill leaned forwards and bit her neck. He added another finger and f***ed them deep inside. Kim suppressed the moan longing to get out.
The customer rounded the corner into the isle they were in and Bill quickly moved away. He asked her a question about something he was looking for and Kim was sure he inhaled. Could he smell her? She was unbelievably wet and throbbing. She was sure he hadn’t seen anything. She looked over to Bill who stood in the next isle he smiled and licked his fingers. The blush burst across her face and she had to look away.
After the customer had gone Bill came over.
“Such a naughty slut. You would have stood and cum on my fingers when there was someone only feet away. “. Kim looked down at the floor so embarrassed but she knew he was absolutely right.
It was approaching the time to shut up the shop and one of Kim’s neighbours came in to buy milk. Kim stood behind the tall counter at the till and was aware that Bill was right behind her. She felt him begin to lift her skirt.
“Hello Kim” said her neighbour “how are you?” Kim felt Bills hand stroke he bare buttock as she spoke.
“I’m fine thank you Mary how are you”. She knew she was concealed by the counter but as his fingers started to explore the cleft in her buttocks she stiffened.
“And you Bill how are you doing? “ Mary asked. Bill’s index finger came into contact with Kim’s anus, moisture had seeped there from hours of arousal and he pressed his finger against it.
“Very well thanks. I’d had a most enjoyable day!” Bill grinned. Mary began to tell a story about her son and as she spoke Bills finger intruded on Kim’s tight anus until the tip entered her. Kim gave an audible gasp.
“Are you alright? “ Mary asked. Kim couldn’t move away from him she was trapped against the counter and didn’t want to bring attention to what was happening.
“Heartburn” Kim said and heard Bills quiet chuckle. He slid his finger deeper in side so that Kim had to go onto tiptoe in an attempt to relieve the probing fullness that she was experiencing. Mary talked and talked and Bill seemed to be encouraging the conversation. All the time his finger moved inside her.
When Mary left bill’s other hand was straight between her thighs. “Never resist me Kim. You’re for my use and pleasure. Never forget that.” His fingers roughly rubbed he clit and he explored her ass hole causing her to cry out.
“Does my dirty little whore want to cum” Bill whispered in her ear. “Yes “Kim moaned.
“On your knees Kim” she dropped to her knees in front of him without thinking and watched as he unzipped his trousers and took out his erection. As her drew back his foreskin she could see moisture and licked her lips.
“Does my slut want to taste her Masters cock?” he teased.
“Please” she said, there was so much need in that one word his cock jerked in front of her face with arousal.
“You will” he said “but not in the way you think.” Rub your clit my slut” her ordered. As she did as Bill began to wank his cock inches from her face. She yearned to open her mouth and suck him but was f***ed just to watch as he masturbated. Her fingers moved rapidly over her clit
“Please Bill please may I cum. Please let me cum I need to so badly”. Bill stroked her face
“Look at me Kim” she lifted her face and met his eyes
“Cum” he breathed and she did instantly, with no shame, riding every blissful wave. Then she felt his cock erupt and string after string off hot semen pumped onto her face.
Bill scooped the stream off her face and held it too her lips.
“You said you wanted to taste!” Kim smiled, opened her mouth, licked the tip of his finger, and then sucked hungrily to remove every drop.
“Good Girl”

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keep it going baby
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So horny x
3 years ago
Great work so far.
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It just gets better
3 years ago
great series...keep it up xx
3 years ago
This is a wonderful story, one which just keeps on getting better and better with each new chapter -- a real tour de force of D/s literature.

You are a great writer, Kim -- thank you. 5 Xs, of course and I look forward to reading even more of Kim's journey into submissiveness.