She dressed with care. Best undies. Shaved her legs. Put on a bit of makeup. Something she never usually bothered with. Chose a pale green, thin, long sleeved cardi. The only thing she had which unbuttoned down the front. A black skirt, which skimmed her knees. Her legs were bare, but tanned form the days spent gardening on the sunny spring weekends. She had butterflies. She wondered why the stipulation about what she should wear to work.
The day went quickly, Bill was his normal polite, helpful, calm self. The customers were pleasant. The day ran smoothly. He made no mention of how she looked. He passed no comment. There was the merest hint of perusal when she arrived that morning.
At 6pm Bill came back into the shop. He walked to the door and locked it. Pulled down the heavy blinds which covered the windows and door. Kim was confused. “Is my watch wrong? It’s only 6pm”. “Well” said Bill. “I thought we needed to talk a little, I don’t want you to have to go home to your husband late. Making up excuses for why you were detained at work.”
He walked around the counter and leaned his back against It.” Stand in front of me Kim”. She moved so she stood directly opposite him. Because of the limited space behind the counter barely a foot of space separated them. “I need to know you better Kim. I need your honesty. I’m going to ask you quite intimate questions. I want you to answer me honestly without hesitation. Do you understand?”
“Yes Bill”
“When we’re alone Kim you will address me as Sir. Do you think you can do that?”
A buzz of excitement run through her body “Yes Sir”. It sounded odd saying the word.
“How many men have you had sex with Kim?”
“3 Sir. 2 before I was married and my husband”
“A veritable virgin! “ He rumbled with quiet laughter.
“Do you like your cunt fucked?”
The shock of what he said brought her head up. His face was serious. “Yes Sir”
“How often does your husband fuck you?”
“Mmm well once or twice a week”
“Do you suck him off?”
She couldn’t believe how he was talking to her. She wasn’t used of the words he used. Yes she thought them in her head but no one ever said them to her.
“I do suck him but I don’t make him cum”
“So you’re not a good cock sucker Kim. We can work on that”
She felt a little insulted that he mocked her sexual skills.
“Actually I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my ability he just doesn’t like to cum in my mouth. He thinks its degrading”
He laughed out loud. “Good! There’s a bit of spirit in my new sub! So you take his cock down your throat? Swallow his cum”
She looked at the floor she could feel her cheeks burn. “No Sir, never.”
“Like I said my beautiful slut. We can work on that. Undo your top.”
She looked at the windows. The blinds were heavy but there were little gaps where if someone tried hard enough they would be able to see into the shop.
“Look at me Kim not around you “ her eyes met his .” When I tell you to do something I want it done immediately. Don’t question me. Don’t consider it. Just do it” his voice wasn’t raised but it was firmer somehow.
She started to undo the buttons. He kept his eyes locked in hers. Her fingers stumbled over the buttons but she kept going until it was undone. Bill reached out and opened the garment.
“Oh no” he said. “Not good at all.” He reached under the counter and picked up the scissors they kept there to open boxes. He placed the blade between her cleavage and cut the plain black bra into. She gasped. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
Bills hands were quickly inside her bra. Flicking the cups aside, exposing her. His fingers on her nipples, applying firm pressure. She shuffled and tried to pull away. The pressure became more intense, a burn as he pulled them roughly ” You will learn that now you belong to me. I can handle you any way I choose. The bra is ugly. These beautiful tits should be displayed in something much more attractive.” He released her nipples and she let out a breath of release. Yet the sensation had felt good.
She couldn’t believe she was standing in front of him. Her tits bare and exposed. Her nipples aching from his fingers.
“How often do you masturbate?”
Oh god. Should she tell the truth? If she did he’d know what a horny woman she was.
He reached out and pinched her nipple harshly again .”ooww!”
“I asked a question Kim”
“Nearly every day” she whispered.
“Lift your skirt”. Bill voice remained controlled. Kim’s nipples stung. She lifted her skirt quickly. Showing plain black cotton panties. She watched as he picked up the scissors. He cut the side of her panties. And threw them on the floor.
“Not good “he said. Her pussy was closely trimmed.
“Open your legs”. Oh Jesus she thought was he going to touch her. She parted her thighs. “So you’re a dirty little slut who likes to cum every day? Show me.”
“Put your fingers between your legs, rub your clit and cum while I watch. I want to see the slut in you Kim. I want to see what you look like when you cum. Do it!”
Kim slipped her fingers between her thighs, her slit was slippy, her fingers quickly coated in juice. Her clit was swollen. Buzzing . Ready. She circled it slowly. Spreading the moisture. She concentrated on her little bud. Felt her hips begin to rock. No one had ever seen her do this. She felt rude, wonton, sexy. She closed her eyes. Threw back her head and moaned as her orgasm approached. Bill had squatted down in front of her his face inches away as her fingers worked her clit . ” I can smell you Kim, I can smell you horny wet cunt. Are you close my darling?”
“Yes Sir” she managed to moan.
“Cum for me Kim. Cum now for your Master who owns her”
The waves of her orgasm rocked her body and she came hard crying out loud as she reached her climax. It left her sweating and panting. She was shocked by what she had done. But somehow released. And he’d hardly touched her.
She opened her eyes and Bill stood in front of her. He smiled “I’m very pleased with you my horny little slut” he bent forwards and kissed the tip of her nose “well done”
“I’m sending you home to your husband without underwear. You have the morning off to go shopping. Lacy bras. Thongs. Stockings. I want your luscious body dressed up for me. Until the next time I tell you to remove them.” He smiled.
“Bill I can’t you know I don’t have much money and” he stopped her. He put a several £20 notes in her hand. “My treat”
She straightened her cloths. Picked up her bag. Thanked him and made her way to the door.
“Kim. Shave your cunt. I want it bare for my pleasure” she nodded. “And no more masturbating unless you ask permission first. You Master owns your orgasms now Kim. If you need you ask. If I want you to cum I’ll tell you. Are we clear?”
“Yes Sir”
She walked home in a daze recapping the events which had taken place tonight. She smiled to herself. Their secret. She’d never felt so excited in her life.

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3 years ago
Loving it!
3 years ago
Very exciting Kim x
3 years ago
I have them now but haven't had time to read. Thanks for dropping me a note. Will send you comment after I read--sure they will be as hot as ch. 3. I have 2 series you might wnat to check out: "Library Fantasy" and "Tales From The Bar." Thanks again!
3 years ago
Thank you, Kim -- this story just keeps on getting more and more hot and sexy! You have really come up trumps with this one -- very well done. 5 Xs -- again!

3 years ago
Ahhh, didn't notice it was chapter 3 and that I had missed the first 2 chapters. I had questions and I'm sure the answers are there. Will write later after I read them.
3 years ago
Really well done.