The alarm clock roused her. Kim swung her legs out of bed and switched it off. Her husband snored in oblivion and Kim plodded to the bathroom to get ready for work. She peed, washed, cleaned her teeth and gazed at herself in the mirror. How on earth was she going to face him today? What if he’d read what she’d written. Compared the answers she had put on that piece of paper? No, more likely he had just screwed it up and thrown it away.
As she walked to work a knot of anxiety curled in her stomach. She felt tense, on edge and anxious. She let herself into the shop as usual. Put her bag behind the counter. Started her morning routine.
“Morning Kim! How are you today?” Bill voice brought her back from her musings. “Hello Bill. I’m fine thanks. It’s cold and frosty out there” she smiled nervously. Bill had placed her morning coffee on the counter. But next to it lay the magazines he had picked up off the floor yesterday and next to that was the piece of paper on which she had written her answers. She felt her mouth go dry and her heartbeat quicken. She walked to the counter and picked up her coffee unable to take her eyes off the accusing information.
Bill lifted his cup to his mouth and sipped “don’t let it get cold” he said. She drank with trembling hands. Waiting. “This made very interesting reading. Do you want to know your results?” She didn’t answer, she couldn’t. “Your not slave material, your fantasies reveal your quite a slut “he chuckled.” But what I found most fascinating was that your submissive score was 89%. Impressive!” Kim wished the ground would open up and swallow her. “How long have you been interested in the lifestyle Kim? Have you been exploring it?”
She looked at the floor. She couldn’t tell this man she hardly knew about these needs, wants and feelings which burned inside her. Bill stepped closer. He placed his index finger under her chin and eased her head up. “Look at me” he said. “If I ask you a question I expect an answer. What you have been reading about is a more common desire than you can imagine. People you would pass in the street and not give a passing glance to all have their secrets. My wife and I shared a long and happy D/s relationship. Both sexually and in everyday life. I understand Kim. Tell me, have you been exploring”.
She met his gaze and it all came tumbling out. What she’d read, the things on the internet she’d looked at, the chat room she’d been in as a voyeur. She was breathless when she’d finished. It was a sort of a relief to share, to be able to tell someone. Someone who understood and had been there.
Bill smiled his finger travelled up her cheek “Does your husband know? Does he share your interest?”, “God no!” Kim said “he’d be horrified!” “Sometimes admitting things to ourselves is the most difficult step. Finding a guide, a mentor is just as hard. Having the courage to move from fantasy to reality the hardest hurdle. The question we have to ask is do your want it? Do you want to make the journey? To discover?” Bill leaned closer his lips an inch from her ear, hot breath.” Do you want to become my submissive slut Kim? Do you want to please me? Be controlled by me? Do you want me to make you wet, to cum harder that you ever have before?”
Kim gasped. Shocked and equally aroused by his offer. Sensation coursed through her body. Stiffening her nipples, dampening her panties. Bill straightened up and smiled at her erect nipples poking through her thin top “What a delightfully responsive woman” he said. “I don’t expect an answer today Kim. You have a lot to digest. But I have something which might help. He reached under the counter and laid a package on the top. “For you” he said. Then walked out of the shop and left her gaping, stunned, shocked and mesmerised by their exchange. She opened the package and pulled out a book, used, well thumbed. “The concept and guide to power exchange relationships”. She tucked it in her bag, took a deep breath and got on with her work.
She devoured the book after her husband had gone to bed at night. Gaining understanding of what Bill was looking for in her and of her in him. Imagining the sexual scenarios which could be indulged in. Letting her imagination go wild in sexual fantasy. Allowing her hand to slip between her legs. Suppressing her moan as she came so as not to be discovered.
3 days passed and Bill said nothing. He treated her normally as if they had never had that conversation, as if he had never given her that book. She watched him as he moved around the shop. When he talked to customers. When he handed her her coffee. Always expecting him to say something. She put the book back in the envelope and put it on the top of the counter at the end of the day. Bill saw it straight away and recognised it for what it was.
He raised an eyebrow at her and asked “Well?”
“Yes” she said meeting his gaze as confidently as possible.
“See you in the morning Kim”
She put on her coat and picked up her bag heading for the door.”Kim” she turned and looked at him “I expect you do wear a top which undoes at the front tomorrow and a skirt”. She nodded and closed the shop door behind her.

92% (10/1)
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Wow! This started well and the pace is picking up - a great story, well-told, and worth all 5 Xs.

I hope chapter 3 won't be too long in putting in an appearance.

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