Dogging at your convenience.

Kim read the e- mail again.
Meet me in St Georges Park at 6pm, bring your collar, were going on a dogging adventure.
Bill xx
As far as she knew the local park wasn’t a dogging site but she was excited about whatever game Bill had up his sleeve. There “adventures” had gotten more and more risky as the months had gone by and he had been concentrating on her humiliation side and exploring that avenue. Kim giggled to herself and made preparations to go and meet her wonderful Dom. She pulled up in the car park on time and saw him already there. She noticed on the way in that the park closed at 8pm. She always assumed that dogging was a night time activity. Surely it was too dangerous to participate in in the daylight, and the park looked busy, with lots of people milling around. She wasn’t that familiar with the place. When she used to bring the c***dren here they always went to the play area or the paddling pool. She was aware that the park spread out over a large area so maybe there were parts of it that entertained the dogging fraternity.
“Hello Sir “ she said and Bill scooped he up into his arms and kissed her.
“Hello Tink. We are going to have so much fun. This should appeal to you on so many levels”
“ Hi baby. I admit I’m a little confused, what are we doing here”
“ My darling girl I have one question. Do you trust me?”
“ Always Bill”
“ Then take my hand and let me lead the way”
Kim wondered why he was being so mysterious. Keeping her completely in the dark. But he had never let her down . Always kept her safe and introduced her too new things each time and made every fantasy come true. They climbed the hill towards the top of the park away from the swings and the duck pond. They passed through a copse of trees and the abandoned tennis courts which the council had let fall into disrepair and decided there was not enough money in the pot to do the required repairs. This end of the park was rarely used now and wasn’t in the pristine condition that the rest of the park was. As they rounded the corner Kim noticed a small building. What seemed to be the old public toilets. Bill stopped.
“Put your collar on Tink”.
Kim eyed him suspiciously , but still put her collar on as he requested.
“What does the collar indicate Kim?” Bill asked
“ It means I’m your sub Bill. That I belong to you. That I’ll always try to please you. That you will always keep me safe and that I will be submissive and obedient “
“Good girl” Bill said reclasped her hand and walker her towards the toilets.
Once there Kim realised they weren’t boarded up and not in use just dilapidated from neglect. Bill steered her towards the male toilets and began to enter. Kim tugged his hand.
“Bill I can’t go in there it the man’s toilets!” she exclaimed.
“Kim look at the place , there is no one around its out of the way and its never used, whose going to see you?”
Kim had an idea what was going through his head . Maybe he just wanted to shag her in a risky place. That made her smile and she giggled as she followed him inside. It wasn’t so bad inside. It needed a good coat of paint but it smelled ok and had obviously been recently cleaned. Bill let her to the middle cubical in the row and backed her in.
“ Take you cloths off” Bill said
“What!!! ?”
Bill looked at her , he was suddenly very serious, he raised an eyebrow “ You wearing your collar. That wasn’t a request. And you know what might happen if you don’t follow instructions”.
Kim was flummoxed . She had never heard him speak to her like that before. He was in full Dom mode and she knew he meant every word. She wondered what he meant by you know what might happen if she didn’t follow instructions. Game over? Unhappy Dom ? Punishment? She shuddered at the thought she didn’t like the thought of any of that. She hadn’t seen a soul since they had come this way . Why was she worried. Kim began to take off her cloths . it was a warm summer night . Bill pulled a carrier bag out of his back pocket and folded her cloths and put them inside as she undressed.
“Don’t want them getting dirty in this place.” Kim’s butterflies settled a little hearing him say that. That was the caring man she knew. He waited patiently while she undressed nodding as she got to her underwear to indicate that he did indeed mean everything. She stood naked and nervous in front of him. Bill stroked her cheek and smiled at her.
“ How do you feel?” he asked.
“Somewhere between shit scared and horny as hell!” she said . Bill wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.He pulled her arms around gently , held her wrists together behid her back as he deepened the kiss. It was as she moaned into his kiss that she felt him snap the handcuffs into place!
“Bill what the hell are you doing!”
He smiled, tracing his finger tips down the outside of her breast and over her budded nipple. “Tell me you not turned on by being naked and bound in public with me?”
She shuddered but he was right, she was, very. “Kneel down baby” . Kim sank to her knees , so this was his game he wanted a naked bound blow job in a public place. Kim smiled . Hell yes she was wet as hell. Instead of opening his fly and getting his stiff cock out Bill leaned over her and snapped a chain round the handcuffs and attached it behind to the water pipe . It happened so quickly she didn’t have time to think.
“Bill , come on, get your cock out , let me suck you off , you know what a good girl I am “ she giggled. Ready and willing to suck him off and swallow his delicious cum. Bill opened the door and stepped outside of the cubical. He had the bag containing her cloths. He looked at her and smiled.
“ The thing about this place is its virtually unused. Unless of course there’s a reason to come here? Unfortunately the lock on that door is broken but I’ll pull it to .I’d hate someone to come in and see you all chained up. They might take advantage of the situation? Only an hour until the park closes so I won’t leave you long , I’m just going to take a little stroll so your all wet and willing by the time I come back. Just think how many buttons this presses Tink? Submission, Humiliation, exhibitionism, use? Oh i didn’t mention that aspect did I?”
Bill pulled the door shut and Kim was horrified. Naked , chained up , in the men’s toilets , anything could happen to her. Kim started to scream his name , tell him he couldn’t fucking leaver her here like that, shouting that if he did it was all over between them. Then she realised that he was probably way down the park by now and all she was doing was drawing attention to herself. She immediately stopped struggling and kept quiet. She rested her back against the toilet . Only and hour to wait , then he’d be back . He was just playing with her head . Kim raised her head and her eyes wondered over the graffiti on the walls in the centre of the door was written:
25th of May at 7pm , slut for use , cum dump, enjoy.
No! No way that could mean her. Jesus what had he done. But nobody came here right? But what if they did and they had seen that and they turned up tonight! Kim heard voices outside the door, 2 men laughing and joking . Her heatbeat immediately quickened . She held her breath. Please please don’t come in . She strained her ears and then it went quiet they seemed to have moved away. She tried not to panic. Fuck she was going to kill the bastard when she got he hands on him. When the door to the cubicle began to slowly open Kim jumped. A man in his later 40’s opened the door and squatted down to look at her.
“well , well “ he said” the bondage fairy does exist after all.” Kim kept her eyes downcast. My god she was trembling all over. The man in overalls was inside the cubicle and had closed the door. He began to undo his overalls and then she heard the zipper on his pants and then the shuffling of clothing. Then the unmistakable movements and sounds of him masturbating. Kim glanced up. She had to look. His cock stood proud and hard in his fist and he pumped it slowly.
“cums a fucking nightmare to get out of your hair, sit up like a good girl and let me cum on your big tits”
Kim kneeled up straight and stuck her tits out. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter. Naked, restrained, being wanked over by a complete stranger, she felt scared and venerable and so fucking excited. When the man began to rub his precum over her tits and nipples she thought she was going to explode. She felt like a dirty whore just there for his use. He slapped his cock against her tits and called her dirty names which seemed to make him wank harder. She licked her lips , fuck did she want to taste that big cock. She squeezed her legs together in an effort to get some friction on her buzzing clit. She was shocked and gave a yelp as her grabbed her tits and she watched as her grunted his orgasm out, spewing cum all over her tits and nipples.
He zipped up and left. Kim snaked her tongue out and could just reach a small glob of spunk on her right tit , which she scoped up and licked off. Savouring the flavour and the feel of the sticky mess on her tits. She needed to hump something to rub her clit against something any thing. She tried to twist so she could get some contact with something , She had to get off. That’s how Bill found her desperately trying to hump the toilet bowel for some release. He looked at the desperate need in her eyes. He ran his fingers over her clit, she was soaked as expected. He put his foot and the toilet seat so that the tip of the shoe hung over it.
“frigg yourself on that you horny bitch!”
Kim moved so hat her clit pressed against his dirty shoe and humped it like a bitch on heat, she hardly recognised the noises of desperation she was making, almost a****l like, Bill pulled her face back by her hair and held it still and came all over her face as she climaxed on the end of his shoe.
Once unlocked , dressed ,cleaned up and e****ted back to the car Kim sat in silence. Bill was worried had he gone way too far. He’d heard her screaming for him when he left the toilet . Maybe her had pushed her a bit too much and she was going to say it was over.
“You ok? “ he asked.
“Bill that was so dangerous . Bill i could have been hurt. “
“Not really “Bill replied “ the toilet block has been out of commission for over 2 years. Jack and I cleaned it up last week for today’s use. I met him in an online Dom forum. He was the only one that knew. You were completely safe Kim nothing could have happened to you . I was just outside the door the whole time. It was just a fantasy Kim, a safe fantasy . I think it did the required job as well , your cunt was flooding and you were near explosion point when I came back in. I think if you could have got my shoes up your cunt you would have well and truly fucked it”
Kim turned to face him and smiled
“You absolute, rotten , fucking bastard!” she said very quietly
Bill laughed “was fun wasn’t it?” he smirked.

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"the abandoned tennis courts which the council had let fall into disrepair and decided there was not enough money in the pot to do the required repairs."

way too much explanation