If you go down to the woods today.

If you go down to the woods today.
Kim got into the car as Bill pulled up. She scanned the street before she got in to make sure there was no one around who knew her. He’d insisted on picking her up from outside her house. She had dressed as instructed. Her blouse was black almost see through, showing off the black lacy bra she wore underneath. She wore a skirt and the dreaded stockings, which always made her feel uncomfortable and a complete slut! Her panties matcher her bra. She wore the only pair of heels she owned. She slid into the passenger seat and slumped down in the chair.
“Good evening Tink, nice to see you, comfortable?” he chuckled.
“Just drive Bill, for God’s sake, if anyone sees me!”
Bill just laughed, put the car into gear and pulled away.
“Yep ” she straightened up in her seat and relaxed a bit more once they were moving. “ Why the hell did you have to pick me up from here? I could have met you somewhere?”
Bill turned and looked at her with an amused expression. Fuck did her enjoy it when she was completely out of her comfort Zone and squirming with embarrassment and totally not knowing exactly what was going to happen. In the early days they had long conversations and he had explained everything in explicit detail about what was going to happen until he felt they had got to the stage where she trusted him implicitly and her she would allow him the pleasure of pushing her further and allowing the trepidation of the anticipated situation to increase her arousal. He’d learned so many things about her over the years that he knew everything which pushed her subby buttons.
“For a few reasons. I knew you would have to make a choice between how much you wanted to see me and the risk of being seen. Secondly the place where were going is relatively near where you live. Thirdly, I don’t want you ever to forget who’s in charge Tink” He winked at her. She couldn’t help smiling at the audacity of the man. God how she loved how he always seemed to know exactly what would challenge her and make her the wettest.
“So where are we going?”
“Highgate Common in Enville”. She knew roughly where is was, about 10 miles from her home. She used to take the k**s there for picnics when they were little.
“ Oh you fancy a bit of outdoor sex do you?” she laughed. “Do I finally get fucked over the bonnet of the car, who have threatened me enough times”
“it’s a dogging site”
Kim was stopped in her tracks. She stared open mouthed at him. “Bill pull over”.
He indicated and pulled to the side of the road. She opened her mouth to speak and he held up his hand to stop her.
“You listen to what I have to say first Kim. We have talked about dogging for a long time. I’m giving you the opportunity to do it, safely, with me. I know you want to and you know I want to. Its far enough away from home to be safe, you can tell me what you will or won’t do. I don’t want to hear your opinion just yet. Sit while I drive, think about it. If we get there and you say no way, fair enough. There is a nice looking pub nearby, we just go for a drink instead. Or you can try something you have fantasised about for years and know I’ll keep you safe. Just sit and think what you would or wouldn’t like to do while I drive”.
With that Bill restarted the car and began to drive. Kim was gob smacked. Fuck the thought of dogging had turned her on so many times, They had written stories about it together. It turned them both on immensely. But to do it! to actually do it! She sat and went through her options. She knew he would never put her in any danger, he had proved it over and over again.
When Bill pulled up into the car park in the common it was dark. She was aware of other cars parked around the perimeters of the car park. They hadn’t spoken and she had had ample time to decide.
Bill switched off the engine and the lights. He took her hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it softly.
“Well” he said.
“ground rules ok?”
“Go for it Tink, I’m all ears”
“I’m not getting naked, I will not fuck any of the men here, condom or not. “
“That’s it ?” Bill asked “I thought you would have much more to say” she could sense him smirking in the darkness. “OK this is my ground rule. You do exactly what you’re told within those ground rules. Do you agree Kim?”
“Yes Sir .”
“Good girl. Now all we have to do is turn on the interior light “and he did just that. As he did he pulled her towards him and kissed her, God she loved the way her kissed her , he made her feel like his possession.
“Did I tell you what a sexy little slut you look tonight “ he whispered in her ear as her started to unbutton her blouse and ran his finger tips over her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra. “Pull your skirt up “ his whispered .
Although there was no one near the car Kim was both terrified and excited . Bill hadn’t really touched her and yet the combination of his kisses , the way her had slowly undone her blouse, pulled it open so her scantily covered breasts were on display and now was telling her to pull up her skirt , rocketed her arousal.
Kim began to lift her skirt above her stocking tops. Bill ran his hand up her thigh and nudged it up higher. Revealing her already wet panties.
“ Arrrr “ he said” We have company. “
Kim turned her head a saw 2 men standing up by her side of the car, she couldn’t see their faces but knew they could see her. Bill moved his fingers to the straps of her bra and started to move them off her shoulders. He pulled the cups of her bra down till her tits were revealed and exposed. She heard herself moan. “Let’s let them see what sexy tits my horny slut has” He pinched her nipples and then took the nearest to him and sucked , hard. She felt herself arch at the pleasures and intensity of the sensation.
“I bet they would love to see your cunt.” Kim whimpered as Bills hand moved down to her panties , he ran his finger along the crease of her slit.
“I’m not going to take them off Kim” he said “ I want you to do it willingly, let the horny bastards out there see what a dirty little bitch you are , take them off and let them look at you”
Kim turned back to the window , the man on the right had unzipped his pants and was wanking, his cock was fully erect and she was mesmerised as his hand moved back and forth as he massaged his cock. The other stood rubbing his cock through his trousers. Kim lifted her bottom off the seat and pulled down her knickers, leaving them on the floor of the car. Bill lowered the back of the seat so she was virtually lying down. Bill took the leg nearest to him and put it over his, so she was lewdly spread open. Her freshly shaved pussy, open and visible . Bill reached into the glove box and pulled out a pink fat vibrator.
“Show your men how my little whore likes to play with her wet cunt, but no cumming you understand?”
He turned the vibrators on and handed it to her. Kim ran the tip over her soaked cunt lips, and then along the groove of her pussy. She let it linger on her clit and enjoyed the delicious throbbing. Her eyes were closed. She was so fucking turned on, by being exposed, by following Bills instructions, by the men wanking off the other side of the window , aroused because they were looking at her. She heard the electric window being lowered. Her eyes snapped open and she turned to Bill.
“Bill” she gasped , now scared.
“Relax, we don’t go beyond your boundaries, your safe”. She could hear them men talking now, they made remarks about her gorgeous tits, her pretty shaved pussy, her stockinged thighs. “ Spread you slit Kim, let them see your wet cunt and how swollen your clit is!”
Oh fuck, she almost came at just hearing him say that. She reached between her legs and spread herself completely. “Horny?” Bill asked “would you like to cum?”
“Oh fuck yes Bill”
“Keep it spread “he ordered “The boys are enjoying the view” . The window was about half way down now. One man had pulled his trousers and boxers down and was slowly wanking as he gorged on the view of her spread cunt. The other had fished his erection out of his fly hole and was stroking his cock inches from her face. Bill pushed the vibrator into her dripping wet cunt and began to slowly fuck her with it. Letting the throbbing cock shaped vibrator penetrate her slowly and deeply.
“Touch her “ Bill said “Look at their cocks Kim. Look how hard they are looking at you”. Kim licked her lips as she watched, one cock so coated with precum she could hear the moistness as he rubbed it.
The men poked their hands through the window. They mauled her breasts roughly, Bill continued to fuck her with the dildo. One man moved his hand lower, he rubbed her thighs and then began to fig her clit. Kim went wild , she began to moan and rock her hips to get to vib deeper in her horny cunt, to make the man press his fingers on the throbbing clit.
“Your do not cum. Do you understand?”
“Yes Sir” she moaned
Her cunt was so wet the car was filled with the smell of her. Both men continued to touch her cunt and tits, their hands still on their rampant cocks.
“Will she suck us off mate?” one asked.
“You ready to cum? “ Bill asked him
“Really fucking close “the man said.
“Stand away from the door” Bill pulled the vib out of her cunt and opened the car door. Kim was so turned on now they could have done anything and she wouldn’t have cared, she just needed to get off, to cum so much. “Put your legs out of the door Kim , bend your knees , so your cunts nice and open,” She complied immediately.
“Wank off on her, cum where you like, watch them Kim”
She watched as the men began furiously to wank themselves off, her tits were bare, her nipples hard, her cunt and ass clearly a target. She watched as their hands moved over there cocks and heard them grunt as they got nearer. The first splash of cum hit her face, the second her tits , and then her belly. She watched as there cocks erupted, needing to touch herself so badly.
“Oh fuck Please!” she growled.
“ What do you want Kim”
“ Please Bil,l I need to cum!”
The second man began to grunt and she watched as long thick spurts of ropey cum hit her cunt , splashed on her cunt lips and over her clit. She thought she would go insane with need.
“Use it as lube Kim. Rub it into your filthy cunt and wank your clit off like the dirty fucking slut you are “
Kim fingers flew between her legs she was so near the edge and as her fingers made contact with the spunk in her slit she was almost there, she ground it into her aching engorged clit and wailed as her orgasm consumed her. She was a panting, sticky, mess.
“Get out of the car Kim” Bill ordered.
She got up and shaky legs and followed Bill to the front of the car. Bill grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her down onto the car . Her tits crushed against the cold metal of the bonnet. He lifted her skirt and pushed her legs apart with his feet. He leaned over her and whispered in her ear. “Dirty sluts need to be fucked in the dirtiest possible way.” She groaned . She needed his cock so much. She felt the tip of his cock nudge between her buttocks. He used the hand which wasn’t holding her down to part her ass cheeks. His knob pressed insistently on her hole. He pressed forwards until the head of his cock began to penetrate her sphincter and then she felt the delicious burning pain as he drove his erection into her asshole. Bill held her firmly in place by her hair and he fucked her ass. He drove into her like a man possessed and was in balls deep when he emptied his sac into her.
Bill leaned over her until he lay over her. He kissed her ear and held her tightly.
“Live up to you expectations Tink”
“Hell yes! “She sighed.

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2 years ago
Thanks Chunk man glad you enjoyed. I'll pass your comments on to Bill
2 years ago
Jeebus H., that was hot! Two boners up, waaaaay up! Thank you, Kim, and again, my compliments to your Master, BBWadmirer.
2 years ago
very hot, thxs
2 years ago
great read any more to follow