FATHER AND SON WITH ME............Part 1......

I am staying with an older male friend for a week while my home under goes renovation. No one believes me when I tell them we are not having sex, Nope just friends that is all. My friend is in his early 60's tall and slight in build with grey hair and a worn with life face. The other night I was up late, horny, watching porn and slowly fingering my pussy when I herd a loud crash followed by hurried shuffles, then silence for some time. I listened closely my friend should be asl**p? What was that noise? I opened my door and walked down the hall in the dark. As I approached my friends room I could see the door was a jar and light was coming out from within??? So I quietly stepped up to his door and peeked in. What I saw shocked me! I could see his wall mount big screen tv was playing a home movie, A movie compliation really. It was different clips from video he had shot at my B day party and a few from last summer on his boat. I did not know he was filming then and he filmed mostly my ass as I lay on deck sunbathing. Then one from my EX BF private collection, WTF?? How did he get that?? Then I saw my friend. He was stark naked sitting, leaned back in his lounger. His cock was hard and he held it up. I never thought of him in that way nor did I realize his cock would be so big! Well Long really, very long! He was squeezing the base of it with one hand and stroking it with the other, when his hands met there was 7 inches of cock uncovered! I watched him masturbate for a few minutes, This was getting me even hotter than I was...... So I decided to go in and offer him a hand, lol... I entered the room quietly, got real close to him and said softly, Dan, what are doing? He sprang to his feet fumbling for the DVD remote trying to turn and hide his big erection from me.. Well..... I was..... Just.... IT is OK I told him, I am flattered that you are using video of me for your motivation. and I am in need of release tonight as well, maybe we can help each other?? He froze for a second then turned around. There I stood in only my silk oriental robe that barely covers my ass. It was not tied so the front was open about 10 inches. He could see my bald pussy and some of my hard nipples. His cock hung there semi erect. It only took a second for him to take a good look, I dropped the robe to the floor and exposed myself at the same time his cock began to grow! He must have thought of this for some time because I did not know that a man of his age could achieve a throbbing hard on so fast!! We were about two feet apart when a voice from the doorway startled us both. It was his 24 year son who had a key. On break from college he decided to surprise his dad arriving late he crashed on the couch. Dad? KIM??? I never knew you two?? well were?? Neither one of us knew what to do or say. We just stood there nude.

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1 year ago
I would give anything to be the son in that scenerio. I would have licked every square inch of your body.
3 years ago
why u didnt invite him to have orgy u and his dad and him too one will lick ur pussy and the second u suck it?
3 years ago
Sounds like part 2 will be interesting ! Worth the wait.
3 years ago
Wow! Sounds like the start of a very hot story.
3 years ago
More please