Extra Innnings!!!

A dear friend and yes FB of mine from out of state called me last week. He can the oaches a college Baseball team that had a very wining season this year. He went on to say as a reward he was taking several key players to LA for two home games with the A's after the game the boys get to hang with the team!! How nice, When are you going? He said he was leaving a day eairlier the key 9 players and asked if I were up to spending a day and night with him?? Well of course! you are allways welcome at my house! Then asked if the guys could spend the night,BBQ and swim the night before leavin Vegas. Sure Why not... It is still very warm here they can all camp by the pool. Great he says see ya on Tuesday after Labour Day... OK,, looking forward to it.. Mark is one of my real fun friends and FB's that is Not Hung!! OK... Ya. Ya.. Anybody that has read one of my posts knows I am somewhat of a size Queen.... But not with every one!! Mark is very well built, standing 6'5" tall and weighing 283, he is a massive man! He has an Average size 6.5" cock that gets real hard!! He is fun in bed, willing to try new things, gets turned on easy and can allways make me cum!!
So when Tuesday finally arrives I am getting excited to spend time with my friend. With the house clean, snacks prepped, beer chilling. I leave a note on my front door. "Hey Big Man, I am in the pool waiting for you cum on around!"
I have a big back yard, very private. Landscaped into paths leading to patios and benches, the pool and hot tub under the waterfall! It is my little escape!
Reminds me of Hawaii. I have an upper tear location perfect for nude sunbathing! So first I head there, Oil up my body and lay back.... It is not long before I an fantasizing about Mark and have my legs spread and hands on my pussy. My memories of the last time are quite vivid so It did not take me long to cum a few times!! After that I was real Hot!! So I jumpped into the pool. Cooled off, retrieved a big glass of sweet tea and found my favorite pool floatong sex toy. Not really a sex toy, but I fit on it perfect laying on my stomach. My head is lower than my body and I swing my torso over the head rest, that elevates my ass way up in the air and f***es my legas to spread... I will just float around in the sun and get ready for him!! After about 20 min. I hear an unfamilliar voice, "Kim! are you back here??? and Decent??" I tried to right myself but before I could heard the same voice say "OH, SHIT!! SORRY!! The note,,," I... Iam the catcher, Bill" "Hey guys stay back!!! she is naked!!"
I look up and ask "Where is the Coach??" Sorry he says Coach got the flight screwed up, said for us to stop by as he has been trying to call you all day!"
I put my sun glasses on and look up at him. He is maybe 20, thick and muscular and has a very noticable erection!! I pretend not to notice as I rool off my toy into the water. The damage is done I figured so I just got out of the pool, nude no towel and shook his hand. Nice to meet you, Mark has mentioned you before, something about an arm like a cannon!! He did not tell me about the other cannon,, LOL... He was red in the face and shyly said, "Lets hope coach does not notice those things!" Follow me lets get you guys something to cool to drink,,,, We walk around the big headge at the back door. Bill's team mates are all sitting on lounge chairs around the patio. Eight young, virile men enjoying the sun. I announce our arrival,, "Hey there winners!! I'm Kim Marks friend...
They all looked up at once.. I have never watched so many cocks becum hard so fast!!! All of them now embarrased and trying to hide their hard cocks! I told them we are kind of in formal here and not to worry about it. and besides I said, It is cool to see even at 48 you boys still find my body hot enough to all salute me at once.. lots of smiles and a couple of yes mams....
I serve a picture of ice tea, grab a towel and tell them, Bill will show you to the pool, I have to go to the store will be back in an hour or so. Have fun and My yard is Very private so feel free to swim in the nude!! I will yell before comming back, OK... Ya, sounds fun and off they go.. My confession to you all... I do not need to go anywhere!! I give them 15 min to relax then go round the other way, my secret path to the sun podium! I as a rule Do Not chase younger men. But how often does a gal have 9 of them, nude and in her back yard??!! I took off the towel and layed down on my perch. I studied each young man. all 19 to 22 yrs. old. Each man athetlicicaly built in his own way. Their cock swinging as they ran about horse playing... AHHH... What a nice sight!! It was'snt long before the topic of conversation turned to sex! Boys will be boys... LOL.. Then to me!!!! I leaned forward and strained to hear.... She is hot! What a great ass!! No Shit!! Fuck did you see her nipples??? I'd Fuck her, Ya Me TOO... Wonder if she like Young, Big, Hard Cock!!??? LOL//// Well all except yours Jack.... They alll laughfed! Jack just smiled. Then the comments started, Bet your still a virgin> Ya especially with a cock like yours!. Hey Jack ever pop a boner in class?? No one would notice!! Ha HA... Jack took it all in stride. I studied his cock read close. OK somewhat smalller than the other boys. The only uncircumsized cock in the bunch. The head of it was normal sized but his shaft seemed thin! Then of course the topic turned to size. Alot of wild BS being spouted. I am and I measured and I, I I,I,I...... One guy says my GF measured me at 12 inches. I looked over at him and just bliterted out "I would say a solid 8 inches when hard not a 1/4 inch over though!" WOOPS!!!! They all looked up and started the appoligizes... "OH STOP!!! I said It is aginst the rules for yopu or your GF to measure your erect cock and have it count!!! One young man with an obvious BIG COCK says And why is that??? Well because you are both biasis! Thats why. You must have an inpartial judge. Bill shouts Hey Kim you offering?? They all laugh!!! I said Be right back... I walked down the main path this time, wearing a light blue see through robe. carring my cloth seamstress tape. I said sit down boys and i will be the judge! I unfurled the tape and they all said what!! I will demonstrate, Bill, Handing him a tablet and pen. As I get to each guy please write down the name, then colums titled soft, erect, girth, and ready.. Ready?? Bill says... Paitence please. I walked up to the closest guy... OK, Bill Soft... His cock was so hard it was throbbing... LOL.. Shall we wait a minute?? He never looked at me and said... U might be here all day!!! OK stud, lay back.... I measured the lenght of his very erect penis 7.5, 7.2, Next. OK Bill 9.5, 5.5, next,, WOW... 10.7,,, 8.8.... Very nice I said... Next,, 7.3,,4.5,,, Next.. 8,,,8,,, Great size I joked,,, Next Damn.... 10.3,,,9.2,, Very pleasing I say,,, Next,,7.2,, 9,, Filling, I say Next,,, They all chuckled. Yep u guessed it... Jack.. I approached him looked at his cock. stuided it for a moment.... measured,, 6.75,,,5.5,,, Now for the last measurement.... Lay back Jack and enjoy. I mounted him and started giving him a BJ.... before he came I measured again... 7.2,,, and 6... see how it gets harder now?? I handed Jack a condom and asked him if he wanted to fuck me?? He had it on before even answering!!! LOL...
I bent over a chair and said slow at first please.... Dead silence fell them all!! Jack nervously walked up grabbed his cock and put it between my legs. He started to push. I gasped LOUDLY.... OH That feels so wonderful Jack.. I gave them all a real show.. moving about, pushing to him. shaking my ass... Then I told him, Ride up on me and drive your cock at me in a downward motion.... Do you feel that? I asked him. ya mean on top of my cock he asked... YES, Jack.... Thats my special spot. concentrate on hitting it every time... He got real excited and started going faster after about 10 min. I yelled out OH FUCK YA..... IM CUMMING!!!! I pulled off his cock, grabbed my ankles and started to squirt!!! I must have shot 5 feet!!! They all at once WOW,,, OHHHH. HOLY SHIT. DAMN!!!! Jack shot a condom full!!!!... I layed down on the lounge chair and told them. That is what happens when they please a woman. Any man with confidence, skill and determination coupled with knowledge can do it to a woman,,, NO MATTER HOW BIG HIS COCK IS.., Yes it is sometimes easier to get off on a bigger cock, but have found that men with really large cocks tend to relay on size alone!!! The reall studs care, learn and perfect the art!!! I learned to cum this hard from an ex BF. To this day he has been the BEST lover I have EVER had!!! Best times, longest, most intimate, hardest orgasms,,, ETC..ETC.... His cock was great and only 6 inches by 5.75!!! I looked around and they all had cum!!!! I love a goood mass masturbation!!!!
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3 years ago
fantastic story. imagine that at 20 years old, every blokes dream xxxxx
3 years ago
It's not the size that matters, it's the genuine interest in finding what each woman really wants! And a woman who gives feedback gets what she wants...
3 years ago
What fun great story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great stories you have!!! Thanks for sharing!!!