I was introduced to interracial sex by my ex white

I had sex once when I was 23 years old while of vacation in Jamaica. It was a young black man and we spend two wonderful vacation weeks together. After that I met a turkish man while on vacation in Turkey and we had a two year relationship. I liked turkish men because they were sexually more aggressive than the german men that I had met. When I was 29 years old I met a man, a white man, that liked to watch me get fucked and in particularly from black man. My boyfriend would arrange meetings with black men that he found on the net, both in Germany and in America. In Miami it was pretty easy to find black men. I started having sex with black men to please my boyfriend and I must admit, I also liked it when he watched me get fucked by complete strangers, black men. I started liking sex with black men and after me and my boyfriend broke up and went different ways, I started dating black men.
My business trips to the US were always the best opportunites to get together with black men. All I had to do was to go out in the evenings to a club and just wait for someone to talk to me. It never took long and I always had a man want to take me back to my hotel and fuck me.
I liked the way black men were open about sex and I also discovered I liked it when men were aggressive and macho.
I always practiced safer sex and demanded the use of a condom but at some point I realized I wanted to taste a black cock without a rubber. I met a man one night and after a few drinks at the bar, we went back to my hotel and started playing around. He was very horny and pushy and made me want to kneel down in front of him and suck his cock without a condom. It tasted completely different than the white guys I had been with. The skin was more softer though the cock was harder and throbbing. I tasted the pre cum and it drove me wild. I kept sucking his cock like I was intoxicated with the idea to taste his sperm. When he came in my mouth it tasted so sweet and creamy and I before I was aware what I was doing I swallowed his cum. It made me feel like a slut being used by a strong black man and ever since I have tried to use a condom when fucking but I cannot resist getting their cum in my mouth. I love to suck black cocks, get on my knees and worship them, suck their balls and feel their big strong organs when they shoot their load into my willing mouth.
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6 days ago
I've been drawn back to this post... My comment from my old profile is down below. I love hearing your perspective!
1 year ago
Beautiful stories my dear and nice adventures, read it twice...was turned on by the idea of going dancing with you then taking you back to your hotel here in Trini (no condoms) ONLY healthy nourishment from me to you between your legs and in your beautiful mouth. Keep sweet and sexy my dear, really enjoy your blog. ;)
1 year ago
So hot cuckold me!
1 year ago
Here are my reasons for being a BBC slut

1. The Black man has a better “Rhythm in Bed” and makes my pussy cum.

2. The color contrast of Black cock in a white pussy is FANTASTIC. (bareback only)

3. The Black man treats the white woman right and with respect.

4. A well-endowed Black Alpha Male makes the white woman feel wanted, loved, sexy, so that she becomes aroused and enticed by his influence.

5. The truth is size matters. There is no substitute for a big, thick black cock. It just feels wonderful inside, all big and hard and ‘filling’.
1 year ago
so hot, wish i was your bf. id love to help
1 year ago
You should never use condoms.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Your story made me hard as I thought of you on your knees in front of me, with my cock deep in your mouth. I would finish in your mouth, but only after fucking that beautiful body of yours long and deep. Thank you for sharing this.
2 years ago
I'm half-black as you can tell from the pics I sent you. Does that count?
2 years ago
Good for you!
2 years ago
I would love to hear more of your stories. Thank you for sharing this, it's very hot.