my upskirt teasing in public

i just got all dreesd up in my mini skirt it barely coved my back side, i didnt wear any panties only my skirt and pumps skirt was pink and white i also didnt wear my bra only a pink top which was pretty thin , showed my boobs, i had my hair two pony tails with two punk ribbins . red lips stick some lite blush and showed up with herhubby and his b*****r i got my purse and we left we went to a restuant the black angus. everyone one as we went to the bar side and sat in a both i noticed several guys were staring grinning. i had my blouse unbottoned part way , so the guys could see my breast better llo,. we had a few drinks and desided to go to a club we left for fredricks on the strip. i shaked my ass and breastas we left exsposing my rear end , we were at the club for ahwile i was bussed had several long island iced teas, i was very lose , as the rest were. i scooted closer to jim my gfs b*****r i scooted real close leaning over my breastwe hanging out he couldnt help but stare at them i rubbed his thigh and pulled my skirt up around my waiste so he could see my hairless pussy. he noticed and i noticed his bulge, i rubbed his croach feeling his hardon. so i put his hand on mybreast and the other bettwen my legs, i removed his cock from its hidding place and strocked it i spit on my had a few times to lube his cock i troked it up and down he was finging my pussy it was verywet . he inserted it and began to finger fuck me. so i leaned oven down to his cock and licked its head he jumped a little i took it in my mouth and began to suck him all the way to the back of my throat. he was ramming his fingerin my pussy then two i began to moan and let his cock go and said lets go out side its a nice night
we did we found a motel with a balconey we went in i got refreshed and cleaned my pussy brushed my teeth and even put some ky on in my ass i ran my vib allaround so i was lubed and lose , we went to the balconey and he was leaning on the railling holding his beer i aproached him i kissed him and rubbed his croach , i removed my blouse and then i qwatted in front of him and lowed his pants he steped out of them his cock bounced in front of my face so i grabed it stroked ita few times then i took it in my mouth deepthroated him and sucked and went up and down on his cock strocking the shaft as i sucked him . he said if you arent careful ill cum . i took a bvreak for a sec i need a drink of water i told him its ok i dont mind as long as you get it up later he said no problem i said fuck me from behind jim . i went to the railing and bent over sticking my ass backwards and spreading my legs . my breast hangingover the railing i looked foward reached around and spread my ass checks he moanted me and grabed my ass checks spreading them he ramed his cock in my wet pussy and fucked the shit out ofme i was crying out yes yes harded fuck me oh yes i came at that moment i told him fuck my ass baby , but cum in my mouth so he took me inside and had me get on all fours on the bed my ass high in the air i pushed back as far as i could my legs spread wide my breast hanging down swaying my face in the pilllow
he moanted my and fuckedmy ass doggie style it was great i pushed back at him in rythem he was getting close afterahwile he said im cumming so i got on thefloor on my kness infront of him and he shot his load all over my face i liked it up and sucked the rest from his cock i love the taste of cum smiles . we went and took a shower had a few more drinks then he fucked my missonary style before we left in the morning i gave him a blow job to rember i took my time teasing him finally it was over an hour i let him cum in my mouth i swooled it all he took me home i tooka long bath and day dreamed .
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2 years ago
nice....wish i was this lucky
2 years ago
Great story of a horny slut!
2 years ago
nice story