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teaching my younger girl freinds the art of gi

im not trying to brag that i am the best lover on the usa becuse i know i am not, i just learned sexual things at a earley age having older siblings namely b*****rs and a older s****r, i caught them many times doing things to there freinds late at night,any way im 24 now feel like a old lady, when a few of my girl freinds that just graduatted from high school are asking me things , like how goes amans cum taste like and is it difacult to deep thrat him and not gag, omg , i caint belive they never sucked cock or tasted seamen, i told them i had my first oral exsperence at 12, really i was 9 i didnt want to say anything, i was f***ed into it, ok i went in the kitchen and retured with a cucumber not to big maybe 6 in long, i had them all in my room i locked the door i told them you need topractace , first take it slow only tske as much as u feel comfortable with suck gently make sure you dont use your teeth . i always stick my pung over my lower teeth and youll learn takes practace, if you dont want to gag or choke on his member practace relaxing yourthroat its not that hard and another thing learn to relax your jaw mussles if you dont yourjaw will begin to ack i practeced on a fat rubber dildo my s****r had, afteer awhile youll notice your jaws not acking you have to strech the mussles as far as gagging we all gag some guys cock are just to big and fat not to i think they like us to gag and choke on there member makes them feel like tjhere a stud , i tell them i seen all types big small fat long i can take it , but in glad i dont need to go aroung and brag that my cock was so big the girls gag , some of us havnt had alot of exsprence i have i told him lets do this maco man ill get my girl freinds 10 in strap i wear it ill pretend im the guy you pretend your a girl get on your knees i show u what it feels like not that i dont enjoy sucking cock i really do, he just need to be taught a lesson my gfs hubby was there hes a big man 6ft 6 300lbs hes not fat just like toworkout i told him i was sorry and hugged him he wasnt happy he left never to be seen a gian. ok i told the girls some men cum alot some can cum fast some taste like a salty with a bit ofa creamy flavor i was hooked the first time i tasted his cum its thick white some seamens thicker then others all are warm therte seamen youll find out when he unloads in your mouth. some guys taste bitter its all about what they eat there health, i know if a guy drinkslotsof beer it makes there cum taste very bitter, if there over weight same story, if they eat alot of salt or salty stuff in there food it will make them very salty. they asked if it was ok if they brought there bfs so i could show them how i do it on there guys i looked like i was in shook didnt exspect that i told them i will but u have to help me do as i do if hes ok with it and theres no jellousy let me know when ill bring my bf and some gfs over we can all teach each other things i hugged and kissed them good night , i told my bf he said wow that hot i laffed.
Posted by kimbrelly 2 years ago
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