when became a18 tr old swinger.

i rember on my 18th bday, i was already very sexually actave, i love having sex alot with men women, i think when i became legally a adult female i began to really exsplore the swining life style.i been with several lovers at the same time that wasnt nothing new , but to go out to swingers clubs i had to get a phoney id lol, it worked . i was very mature anyway for my age thats whathappins when you grow up in los angles i moved to redondo beach at 11
anyway back to my story. sorry i seem to get distracted lol , my gfs lisa amber angie and there husbands took me to a swingers sex club , fyi in thouse clubs many people are ingaged in some kind of sex , we arived around 10pm i was wearing a short white skirt and pink see thrutop i had no panties on or bra, i had my white pumps on red lipstick matching nail polish my hair was long it was in a ponytail with a pink ribbon i wanted to look inosent but sexy to.as we went thru the process of id check exct
we all made it in us girls went to a both it was a three story club different things on each floor , even had a transgender gay less floor , im not a homofobic i except everyone as they are as long as they do the same to me and my freinds, anyway the guys came back with some drinks long island ice teas i never had one before, it was good , i was getting a buzz we were watching people having sex, in alot of different ways, and switching from one person to the next , i was still nevous so reached in my purse to a valume . it helped maybe to much lol, i was getting restless so i leaned ove facing my gf lisa and began to french kissing her we were caressing each others breasts then we took a breather my pussy was soaked i mean soaked i felt my ass checks getting wet i was very excited ,lisa was fingering my telling gf did you wet your self or what talk about a juicy pussy, i laffed then leaned toward roger her man and we began to kiss i was rubbing his croach,lisa didnt mind we were all lovers, so i undid his slackes and reched inside to have a feel as usally i was rock hard 9 in easyly and fat i seem to get the long fats ones alot lol, i removed it and pussed his pants to his ancles i licked it and began to suck on the head after i had it all wet i took in a breath and deepthroated him all the way to his pubic area i had him all the way in i sucking saliva porring out of my mouth i sucked harder and hummed the began to work my way back up to the head , then i went back down bobbing my head up and down each time going faster i noticed he was about to cum i removed his cock from my mouth i told him you can cum later later will be more intense he smiled and pulled me long ways and pushed up my skirt and spread my legas and proced to suck on my clit and wet pussy at the same time fingering me i was moaning ,i almost came he said later is better i laffed brathing heavly,we got our drinks refreshed and desided to check the club out , btw what was strange at first i been to clubs and even messed around but here at theis club i did it in the open sure glad i had a buzz, we the place had lots of love saets couches all over the place, some areas had curtins for privacy other places didnt girls sucking cock guys sucking pussy girls sucking pussy girls bent over a chair and getting it from behind and area a girl was getting it dogge style another a girl ws ridding a guy while sucking on a cock even saw a girl wih a strap ass fucking a guy guess he liked it no proble, the guys had us get on this couch it was very fluffy they had us to get on our kness so our asses faced outward they pussed us untill our breat we pressed agianst the back of the couch , i reajusted so i was more comfortable since it was a wide couch i was able to scoot back and my legs spread ass as high as i could get it and face in the cousin, was long when i felt a myskirt lifeted and my checks spread the felt somone mont me and ran there cock in my pussy i was moaning it felt so good he pumped me over and over i was rubbing my clit he pretty quickly said he was cumming he removed his cock shot his load all over my ass checks , i almost came then i felt another person he leaned over and said ever get your ass fucked , yes i said lub me up he did they have ky vasaline emosion loation all over, and way he put some ky on my ass then on his finger rammed it in i moanted it felt great i love anal,then he spread my checks and got closer next thing i new i felt this monster cock bust my ass im not k**ding i didnt relise he was so big but he was gentle i relased my self and i felt please as he slowly fucked me he began to go faster his hands around my ass checks fucking really hard and fast i was rubbing my clit i began to cum it was balistic i began to scream and shake all over he said here it comes i said yes baby fill m e up cum in me hunny i was still having a orgasem i was breathing really hard i felt drained when it was over , after he dismoanted i told the others i need a break going to the ladys room to freshin up the girls joined me, i was glad the ladys rest room or powder room was very clean and all that i ran the hot water pulled out some bodywash and my small cleaning spong i alwas have i cleaned up and brushed my teeth took a pee and washed my hands, i refreshed my makeup lip stick and perfume to the girls can we go home and continue they agreed
but lisa said you promise roger something oh yea i said np
we brushed our wet hairs and went back to the guys i told lisa man you ready to cum not he said i been ready i got on all fours do u want me to suck you or you want my pussy he said i want pussy on your back , so i just flobed over on my back on the shag carpet and spread my legs for him he moanted my and inserted his tool agian i was getting all wet i rasied my legs rested them on his sholders as he fucked my pussy like a mad man he really wanted to cum i was moaning and rying fuck me baby i said he keep fucking i felt his balls slab me i was close to cumming he was to fill me up cum in my pussy baby he said im cumming and i began to cum as well my kness to my chest legs wide as he humped me and i was now cumming i was crying yes yes he came and moaned really bload he sure came alot inside of me he pulled out his cock had cum on it i got on my kness and licked it off his cock thenkissed it i ran back to the broom cleaned my pussy real quick and i had panties in my purse i put them on they were white with flowere all over, we all went home i told them next time we go there ill be more relaxed , we went home all of us took our showers and went to watch tv and cuddle im so loved by my freinds to this day were very close and yes still enjoy each other huggss till next time
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2 years ago
"white with flowere all over"

good choice
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice thanks
2 years ago
hi everyone sorry i could have shared more but have a cold huggss next time ill do better tc huggs and kisses