my first handjob

we'll to let you know about me I'm 312lbs 5'9 and this is a true story about me getting my first hand job hope you all enjoy! :)

when I was 21 I decided to give online dating a try , so one day I signed up for a free website. as nervous as I was I noticed a lot of hot and pretty girls on this site so I thought damn there is no way ima get some chick to date me. sure enough after a couple of days I didn't get any replays so I thought we'll maybe this wasn't gonna work out as I planned, so I forgot about and just ignored it . After a couple of days I finally got a reply from this pretty chubby rockabilly chick she was beautiful she had jet black hair her skin was nice and creamy and her eyes had a very sexual but pretty look . she said hi and I also replied hey :) , after days of talking with her she gave me her phone number so we started texting each other and it felt good to fell wanted at that point. we had a lot in common and all we did was joke around and one day she asked if I would like to have a long distance relationship , I said yes!!! we were both excited to give this a shot. so we would call each other and check what we were doing just like any other couple would only mine lived out of town. so one night we were texting each other and I was really horny that night , I gotta message from her saying so whatcha doing babe? and I asked do you really wanna know ? she said yes :) and I said we'll I'm felling my ... ;) and she was like ohhhh your being a naughty boy tonight?! I said yes I am babe I'm very horny ! she said lol we'll what are you gonna do about that problem then? I said we'll I'm gonna pull these shorts down and start to stroke my dick while thinking of you. she replies mmmmmmmm wish I was there babe I'd be stroking your cock for you! at this point this was getting me all hot so the precut was leaking threw the head of my uncut cock. so then she said baby your making me wet can you send me a pic of your dick? so I took a pic and sent it too her .I was getting really close to cumming because I never sext in my life so then she send me a pic of her wet panties with her hand in it , so I told baby I'm gonna cum I can't hold it!!! she said cum for me baby cum!!!! and a blast from my cock shot all the hot cum it felt amazing she asked me to send a pic of the mess and I did she loved it and said baby one day I'm gonna make you cum like that and I want that all over my hands and tits! so days went on like that talking dirty and sharing video and pictures it was so hot ! so one day my fam said hey were going on vacation and at that point we were gonna pass by her town so I text her hey babe I'm gonna be passing by your town in a couple of weeks wanna go out on our first date ? she said yes!!! and now I was very excited to meet this beautiful chick that I have been talking dirty and exchanging dirty pictures and videos. so we met at a local store and we hugged and started our date! after a few hours with her we sat on a bench to relax and she put her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear... um sooooooo is anything getting hard? and stupid me I said what do you mean? she giggles and said wanna go somewhere more private? and I looked at her sexy lil smile and I knew what she ment so we took off and she parked at this park we kissed and she said come on babe! so I got out and went around to her side and had her by the waist my back against the car and started to make out then she unbuttoned her blouse and she was wearing this leopard bra her tits we're huge!!! so my cock was hard in a second. so she said suck on my tits baby!! and I did she was moaning then I bit them and it drove her nuts so we started kissing again and then the park ranger came out and said hey guys parks closed and took off so before we got back in the car she said let me fell your dick babe. at this point I'm a big guy so it was difficult to show my cock cause It looked small so she put her hands in my pants and started to jerk me off I couldn't hold it and I came all over my underwear , she giggled and said let's go . we left and parked at this empty parking lot and she said take off your pants babe. and I did and she took off her blouse and took off her pants and panties. oh my god was she sexy I was hoping maybe a blow job was gonna happen but she said she didn't like the taste of cum, so there we are naked and she started to lean over and put her hands on my cock. I was moaning and enjoying her warm smooth hand on my cock and with in seconds I said baby your gonna make me cum and she said please baby cum for me so before I came I told her to lean over so I could suck her tits and she did . we both started moaning and I told her baby wait let me finger your pussy before I cum. she said ok. then I stuck two fingers in her hot soaked pussy! she started to moan a lot louder and I pulled them out and tasted it mmmm I said baby your pussy tastes so sweet!! then she tasted her own juices from my finger as we'll and I continued to finger her hot pussy. my cock wanted to pop it was amazingly hard at this point and then she started to buck and I grabbed a tit and put it in my mouth and nibbled on it and that's when she screamed "OH FUCK BABY IM GONNA .....MMMMMMM....OH BABY IM GONNA CUMMMMMMM!!!! then she tensed up held my head and screamed! I licked the cum off my fingers and that's when I kissed her and she started to jack me off again now I have a tit in my hand and her hand is on my cock and another was playing with my balls I leaned back and I started to hump her hand as she started to jack me off faster then she spit on her hand and with that that's when I pinched her nipple and and said "OH FUCK BABY I CANT HOLD IT MUCH LONGER!!" then she said CUM BABY CUM!!!! and I grunted and cum shot all over her hand and all over my belly . we lied there holding each other and made out some more. we played all night like this and the I realized I was gonna be back again
pt2 coming soon....
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