<Not that i am a Kenyan and English is my second language after Swahili and my native languages so if you notice mistake in spelling understand and contact me so that i improve OK FRIENDS >

It was back in 1999 when my Uncles wife I mean my ante Jenny Had just passed away n my granny as usual was there close to me at the funeral fire which is a requirement by our cultural costume. The elders were their besides discoursing n planning for the funeral expenses.

Granny Miriam was sat close to me n i just loved sl**ping on her hips even thug i was 13 and i had realized that i had a working penis, though uncut our African culture does not allow uncut boy to have sex b4 circumcision,

I had slept for about 3hrs when she claimed that she was tired n wanted to sl**p
i love d my granny and just as any k** could do i requested to sl**p with her in the some bed ,so nothing was wrong with that i was just a k**.
There she told me to get to bed first as she went to talk to my extended relatives who were in different rooms..

Along the way i got asl**p n in the middle of the night i woke up to catch my grand mum Jerking my penis n she did stopped when realizing that I was now awake n soon tension was growing, my body shaking and my dick was growing n when erected I felt this pain coz of the bl**d flow.

My dick was wet n she had gotten away with a short though she made sure that i did not come because that could mean that I woke up..

I started by touching here legs which were across my hips and I was tempted to move my hand a bit higher were here wet juicy pussy was ,this was the first time in my life that I hade touched a matures woman’s pussy my Grandmothers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Her clit was nine to touch I had loved touching here skin as a c***d and so this aroused me more. My big black cock got bigger and beiger as i inserted my fingers dip inside here pussy .she groaned as she started to touched my back. became was a bit afraid and slowly i finger faked her she could not believe that I was getting into it quicker than she could imagine it n so she pulled me up slowly n told me not to talk about it to anyone . she said that I would move to stay with here upcountry and there she would tack good care of one n so she told me to fuke her.

We kissed and fuked a lot that knight and then she told me to rest because we were going to travel with here upcountry and my parents had agreed that I took my studies there.

She is now dead n for yeas we did it again and again until her death.
I now hove this curse and I love and get aroused and attracted to old mature women. I love grannies pussy older women’s pussy and motherly love. I just cant hold it dating younger girls and so I date people 6 years older than me
I have bean looking for some old women but they just could not replay my invitation i hope you now no my problem I want a serious older woman to be with for ever (alaihera@yahoo.com)
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1 year ago
love it
3 years ago
Fala sana
3 years ago
such a nice story
3 years ago
mmm lemmme stroke your uncut pole
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
Cant wait for your next story.
4 years ago
That was very great! I love your story. I want to fuck grandma either.
4 years ago
o liked the story very much my aunt & i were very close and we still are she is 84!
4 years ago
it was alright story