Mel stands for Melissa

'Mel stands for Melissa'

I could tell this plump, chubby cutie was just starved for attention - sitting there at the bar in a tight fitting skirt - edge of her pink thong clearly visible - black thigh-high nylons with her legs crossed.
She had glanced over at us a few times, smiling and looking away - tending her drink, which looked like a tequilla sunrise.

The bar was mostly empty that time of night around closing time - and my two buddies and I only shared a few beers after a long, late night shift down at the local cannery.

I've always been more interested in chubby chicks, just never wanted my buddies to know. But maybe it was the beers we had, or her cute pretty face.

"Hey, how about picking up on that fattie over there?" I mused.

Gary looked over and made a discusted expression.
Bill checked her out and laughed a bit.

"You k**ding?" Bill asked.

"Hey, she's been checking us out - and besides, pickins are kinda slim right now."

Gary finished his beer and set down the bottle.

"Alright man, go over there and ask her." He said, giving me some confidence.

I got up from the table and walked over to her, at first thinking she was dressed like a Prostitute. One thing I was never gonna do, pay a fat chick for sex!

"Hey girl," I announced as she looked over at me, purposely sucking on her straw - letting me see her full, red lips.
"My friends and I were wondering," I began as she looked down at my crotch, then back at the table towards Gary & Bill.
"Buy you a drink?" I asked, suddenly losing the balls to ask her.

"Never done three before," She simply said.
"Melissa." She announced as I observed her massive rack in the low cut top.

"I'm Grant," I nervously replied.
"Buddies over there, Gary and Bill." I added, not wanting to give up too much information.

"So, you want to take me home? - party a little?" She asked.

"Yeah, sure," I replied with surprise.

"Let's go then, fucking bored anyway - date never showed up, asshole." She spoke as she slid herself off the barstool.

I gave my buddies the 'thumbs-up' signal as I walked her out. They followed us a few minutes later.

I had been temporarily sl**ping on Gary's sofa - waiting for my new apartment closer to town. Bill lived a few trailers down from us, with his girlfriend - Leslie, and her two k**s. We piled up in my truck, being it was a tight fit all four of us in the front seat - Melissa sitting right next to me, legs partially open over the gear shift.
There was some small talk on the way the Gary's trailer - but each time I shifted low - Melissa would move my hand against her pussy, looking at me with this erie grin.

Her pink thong was warm and juicy wet, either the bitch just took a piss or she was cumming in her panties!

We got to Gary's place - went inside, and Melissa just sat down on the sofa (My bed), making herself comfortable as Bill took me aside near the hallway.

"Hey man, if she gives up that mouth - you won't tell Les, will ya?"

"You k**ding?" I replied, keeping my voice low.
"I know Leslie never does that, shit - we all deserve that now and again."

"Cool man, cool." He said, tapping me on the shoulder as Gary handed us two beers, pausing a moment and looking at the girl.

"Don't have much other than beer - fresh out of Champagne." He mused as she just looked at the three of us for a moment, smiled - then opened her legs and started rubbing herself!

We stood there sipping our beers, watching her as she pulled aside her panties to show us her cleanly shaved pussy, rolling her fingers against herself, licking her lower lip.

It had been a few months for me, and the bitch was really giving me a hard on! - I just guzzled down my beer and set the bottle down, unsnapping my jeans to let the pressure free.

"Sorry guys," I said - letting my pants drop right there.
"But shit.."

I mounted her as her legs widened a bit more, her smile also widening as I pulled down her top just as my hard cock easily went in.
I didn't care if my buds watched, I was gonna nail this bitch!

Bill and Gary just stood there with their jaws agape - until Melissa moved her hand over, wiggling her finger for one of them to come over.

"I can't believe this shit." Gary simply said, Bill setting his beer down and smiling.

"Oh shit, I can!" He said, walking over and standing by her head.

I looked over, seeing him pushing his pants down - not surprised his dick was as hard as mine! - she gripped it, revealing her very red, fine polished nails - licked the head of his dick round and round, and then swallowed him whole!

I kept fucking her, watching her as she sucked away - almost with such f***e, Bill was nearly losing balance. But it didn't matter with me, it only turned me on more - seeing her sucking cock while I pounded my cock freely.

My hand was losing the battle trying to grab up all those tits, so huge and jiggly - nipples hard as rocks! But again, it didn't matter - as my other hand tightened around her right ass-cheek, moaning a bit as I jerked suddenly - pumping loads of cum right in her!

I wasn't the only one, Bill was making these weird noises like a high-pitched canary - watching her sucking him as his form jerked - and he moaned deeply.
She never stopped, swallowing his load and not even spilling a drop!

I slowly arose from her, seeing both she and I had nearly coated the cushion under her fat ass with a creamy glaze!

I looked back at Gary as I fixed my pants.

"Fuck that," He said.
"My fucking house, I don't do sloppy seconds for no one's ass!"

I stepped over and took up my beer, nudging him a bit.

"Not even for that ass?" I said, watching Melissa turning on her side - licking her finger tips as Bill stumbled over, also fixing his pants.

"Fuck, fuck she sucks good fucking cock!" He panted.
"No chick's ever done that before!" He added.

Gary just looked at her ass, sipping his beer. I grinned a bit as he slowly walked over to her, that big round ass just asking for a busting!

"You two fucks," He said, still looking at her ass.

"Get a few beers and get the fuck out!"

I tapped Bill on the shoulder, took a few beers from the refridgerator and we went outside in the front yard.

We couldn't see what was going on, but we sure could hear it! - Melissa was moaning like a damned Horse in dire agony - but loving it, and Gary - between a few occassional 'slaps' telling her 'Take it, bitch, you want it all?'

We were laughing a bit, enjoying our beers when I noticed Bill's face going blank. I turned to look down the corner - and there was his girlfriend Leslie marching up in her pajamas and a robe, arms folded - angry expression on her face.

"Fuckin' Bill, you said you'd be home by 2:30, it's fucking 3:20!" She demanded.

"Uh, we didn't notice the time Leslie, sorry." I reasoned with her as Bill set his beer on the stairs near the front door - probably not wanting her to hear what was going on inside.

"Sorry babe, I'm coming home right now." He said, throwing me a quick wave.

"Later, dude."

"Yeah, thanks for the beers Bill. Night Leslie.." I called out as she just waved her hand at me.

Gary stepped outside fixing his pants, with a grin on his face.

"Tightest fucking ass I've ever had!"

I raised my beer to him as he just gave me this stare.

"Now get the bitch the fuck out of here, asshole." He ordered.

I waited for Melissa to come out of the bathroom, seemed like it took forever! I knew Gary, and he wasn't keen on having broads over for long, not since his 3rd divorce.
Finally, she came out all fixed up - and I got her in the truck and started driving back to the bar.

"I'm glad you guys decided to talk to me tonight," She said, putting her hand on my leg.
"Third time I got stood up, fucking assholes."

"Guess you made up for it, huh?" I replied as she looked at me for a second and started laughing.

"Yeah, damn right I did - shit."

"So, you going to be okay to drive home?" I asked, pulling up in the parking lot of the bar.

"Yeah, just live down the street - so you want to go out with me?" She asked as I stopped the truck - looking over at her.
Sure, she was a pretty gal - had all the right stuff, but shit - she just fucked all three of us, and now she's asking for a date?

"Uh, maybe we'll see you down here again?" I asked, trying to dodge the question.

"Might want my number, huh?" She said, digging out a pen and a reciept from Burger King, writing on it.

"Call after six," She said as she handed it to me and opened the door.

"Husband works the cannery, in charge of everything but me it seems." She said as my eyes suddenly widened with surprise.

"Uh, night - drive safe." I said as I watched her walk to her car. It was then I realized who she was! We always knew the big bosses wife was some bitch by the name of Mel - and now she just confirmed it by telling me where her Husband worked, and being in charge!

We've always heard rumors about this 'Mel' chick, Frank's wife - (Our Boss), that she was a real sl**p around! - well, we certainly found out the rumors were true!
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