Harry/Draco & Lupin/Snape

Please be aware that the first paragraph is an excerpt from a Harry Potter book and I in no way claim to own it, and that this story is UNFINISHED.


Harry kept glancing at the staff table. Professor Lupin
looked cheerful and as well as he ever did; he was talking animatedly to
tiny little Professor Flitwick, the Charms teacher. Harry moved his eyes
along the table, to the place where Snape sat. Was he imagining it, or
were Snape's eyes flickering toward Lupin more often than was natural?
The feast finished with an entertainment provided by the Hogwarts
ghosts. They popped out of the walls and tables to do a bit of formation
gliding; Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor ghost, had a great success
with a re-enactment of his own botched beheading.

As the last crumbs of food were vanishing off the plates in front of them, Harry glanced up to look at the staff table once more, and noticed Snape and Professor Lupin were both gone. Gone? Where could they have gone? Harry looked around quickly, looking for any sign of the two teachers. There, by the main doors to the Great Hall, he spotted it. Just a glimpse of a black cloak. He had no doubt in his mind that it was Snape.

What on earth were they up to? Harry gulped, his heart starting to beat faster. He told Ron and Hermione that he was going to the bathroom to wash up and that he would meet them back in the dormitory. They were quite obviously very full, and Ron didn’t manage more than a half-hearted wave to Harry, with a grimace on his face. “Ate too much”, Harry heard him mumble to Hermione as Harry walked off.

As soon as he made his way out into the hall, he heard the faint sound of a door closing, somewhere to his right. Harry ran off, heart pumping even faster now, and stuck the left side of his head up against the nearest closed door, listening intently for any voices. Nothing.
He tried the next, and the next, and so on, finally coming to the eighth door on the left. He did the same, and held his breath as still as possible. Silence. And then he could hear it.

A soft thumping noise coming from inside this classroom. What was that? It started off quiet, and slowly but surely it grew ever so slightly louder, and faster. “What could they be doing in there?”, Harry breathed to himself, still trying to calm his racing heart and pressing his ear a little closer to the door. “Thought…repay you…Snape…”, whimpered a male voice from inside.

Harry knew that Professor Lupin must have been in Snape’s debt from that stupid potion he had seen Snape bring him. Was Snape hurting him? Making him try some sort of new potion? No…no he couldn’t be… not that… But there it was again. The soft thumping noise had grown louder, and Professor Lupin was no longer talking, but Harry could still hear whimpering. No way that it was Snape making those sounds, he was too proud for that.
No, Harry only had one idea of what could be happening, and as he thought it, his heart worked at a pace that seemed three times as fast as normal. He tried to take a deep breath in and be quiet about it, but he strained to do so, and his throat seized up a little, making his exhale come out raspy. Electric shocks flew through his body, all the way out to his fingertips and toes, before jolting back up to a very sensitive spot. He wasn’t sure of anything though, and had to be positive that Professor Lupin wasn’t getting punished or hurt for drinking Snape’s potion.

As quietly and slowly as possible, Harry crouched down and squinted one eye shut as he looked through the small keyhole into the classroom. He could only make out the teacher’s desk, and Professor Lupin’s face. He was seemingly bent over it, making very strange faces and dripping sweat off his face and onto the tabletop.

“Is he hurt?”, Harry thought to himself. He was so distracted by what he saw and heard that he failed to hear the footsteps coming up behind him, the same way he had come. “What are you doing, Potter?”, spat Draco Malfoy. Harry was so startled that he lost his balance and fell onto his back. Draco just laughed as Harry quickly got to his feet.

He really wasn’t sure at all if Snape was hurting Lupin, so he decided it was time for a temporary truce with Malfoy. “Malfoy, I think Snape is hurting Professor Lupin in there…” Draco laughed again. “What would I care? He’s not that great of a teacher anyways, Snape’s probably just putting him in his place.” “Malfoy, please! Just look!”, Harry whispered frantically.
Malfoy looked disgustedly at Harry, but nonetheless bent down, bracing himself with his hands against the door, and looked through the tiny hole. Harry watched him closely, heart still beating a mile a minute, and saw a look of shock and… and something else come over Malfoy’s face.

He could hear Malfoy start to breathe heavily, and wondered if he was thinking the same thing Harry had just before Malfoy had shown up.
The thought of that threw his body into a sweat, and he felt as though his veins were coursing with white hot fire, heating him from the inside out. Malfoy finally drew himself up from the door, but didn’t say anything. Instead he leaned against the door and listened closely, still breathing hard, and stared at Harry. Stared into his eyes.

Into his soul, it felt like. He took a few steps forward, towards Malfoy, and then hesitated. Malfoy brought up his left hand and beckoned Harry forwards with one finger. Harry walked a little closer and then assumed the same position as Malfoy against the door, closing his eyes.
It was much, much louder now, and Harry could hear a slight slapping sound as well as what sounded like two different pitches of groans in sync with each other. He was right the whole time. Oh no, he had brought Malfoy into this! He opened his eyes again and happened to look straight into Malfoy’s face.

He too, was starting to sweat, it was beading just under his handsome blonde hair, right where it stuck out at the front of his forehead. “Handsome?”, Harry thought to himself. He finally tore his gaze from Malfoy’s face and sweat and was going to close his eyes, but just before he did, a little bit of movement caught his eye. He looked down and noticed that Malfoy was moving his left hand around. Up and down, across the front of his robes. Harry knew very well what he was doing, and was more than a little embarrassed to see Malfoy doing it, so he closed his eyes again and listened closely to the sounds coming from the other side of the door.
It was getting louder still, and the slapping noise sounded more painful now, and grew in frequency.

Harry opened his eyes once more and decided he wanted to look again. He walked carefully around Malfoy, but there was no need, because when he started to move closer to the keyhole, Malfoy took the spot where Harry was, and switched his left hand for his right. Harry crouched down at the hole and couldn’t help but take another glance at Malfoy’s moving hand. He noticed, with a gulp, that Malfoy was out under his robes.

As Harry watched, Malfoy gripped himself and Harry saw that he was quite large. He looked towards the door and squinted one eye shut again, and was surprised at what he saw. Professor Snape was completely naked, all but his billowing black robe was in a messy pile beside him, and was pressed up against Professor Lupin, who was bent over the far side of the teachers desk.
Yes, Harry had been right, and Malfoy must have seen them like this.

Perhaps he thought Harry had tricked him into looking, which would explain why Malfoy wasn’t being even the least bit shy. Harry watched them, and as he did, he could have sworn he saw Snape glance up at the keyhole for a fraction of a second, but no sooner had Harry thought that then Professor Snape grabbed Lupin’s right arm, pinned it to the desk, and grabbed his hair with the other, pulling hard and making Professor Lupin cry out in pain and pleasure.

Malfoy must have heard, because he tapped Harry on the shoulder and whispered, “Can I look again?” Harry obliged, and moved back to his leaning position on the door, while Malfoy got down on his knees, still rubbing himself through his robes. Harry shut his eyes and listened, the image of what he just saw still fresh in his mind, and couldn’t help but reach down and pull himself out of his boxers, but still under his robes. He grabbed himself through his robes and slowly brought his hand up and down the length of himself, loving the feeling of growing harder and harder. He was consumed in listening to Professor Snape pounding Professor Lupin, and didn’t hear Malfoy stand back up. However, he did realize that he was standing again when he could feel the hand gently caressing his ass.
He opened his eyes with a start, and Malfoy’s face was right in front of his. Harry wasn’t sure this was right, but it felt so damn good. He leaned to the right and lightly rested his head on Malfoy’s shoulder. Malfoy seemed to decide that this was his opportunity and pressed himself up close to Harry. Harry gasped; He could feel Malfoy’s girth, and relished feeling it twitching against his own.

Malfoy took Harry’s hand, and with a confused look, Harry whispered to him, “What are you doing? Where are we going?” Malfoy just smiled at him and opened the door to the classroom beside the one the Professors were occupying. They had gotten so loud now that once in the room, they could still hear the grunts and moans of Snape and Lupin. This classroom looked a lot like the one they were just peeping into.

Malfoy pulled Harry over to the teacher’s desk, the same side that the two Professors were at in the next room, and pressed up against Harry again. He stared at him the whole time, and f***ed his hips hard into Harry’s, driving his ass into the side of the desk. It hurt, but he liked the feeling, and he moaned his appreciation. His hands were on Malfoy’s back, and he slid them down to the bottom of Malfoy’s robes, under them, and back up again, leaving Malfoy naked except for his shoes, socks, and briefs.

His dick was pulled out from overtop of his underwear; which was pushed down far enough that Harry could see his plump balls, covered in wispy little white-blonde hairs. Other than that, he was completely clean-shaven. Harry was now quite red in the face, though not just from embarrassment. He himself had not shaved, but was trimmed well enough. Malfoy was still stroking himself, and moved back towards Harry now, deliberately forcing his hard length against Harry’s, still concealed under his robes. Malfoy bent down, kneeled, and did a funny little knee-walk to get a bit closer to Harry, in between his feet.

He reached down, grabbed the bottom of Harry’s robes, and pulled them over himself. Harry gripped the edge of the desk with both hands, and gasped as he felt Malfoy’s hands touch him. One on his ass, and one on the base of his cock, which was slowly dripping pre-cum now; Harry could feel it sliding down his head. Malfoy’s hand slid up to the tip of him, and he rubbed his thumb around in the center of his pulsating dick.
Harry wanted to look and watch him, so he grabbed his robes in the middle, pulled them up over his head and threw them off behind the desk. As he went to look down, Draco opened his mouth and drew him in, flicking his tongue around as he did it.

This was a lot for Harry to take in; He groaned loudly and put a hand down on Draco’s head, lightly grabbing his hair the way he had watched Snape do to Lupin, but didn’t pull too hard, he didn’t want to pull Draco off of him; In fact, that was the very last thing he wanted to do. Malfoy was now thrusting his head back and forth, and got to the very base of Harry and moaned deeply. The vibration of his moan felt incredible to Harry, and he too whimpered.

This seemed to egg Draco on, and the hand on Harry’s ass came off of it, back to Malfoy; he sucked on his finger, got a fair amount of saliva on it, and then he pressed it against Harry’s tight hole, moved it around in little circles, and finally he pushed inside a little. Harry loved the feeling of pain and pleasure, mixing together and making him moan loudly, struggle for breath. Draco just smiled up at him, before putting both hands on Harry’s hips and turning him around.

Malfoy leaned up enough to become level with Harry’s pale ass, and kissed the bottom of his back, kissing downwards, bit his left ass cheek once, and moved down. He positioned his hands on either side of his crack, gently pushing his cheeks apart, and kissed Harry’s tight, pink asshole. He kissed it and spit on it and licked it and tried eagerly to suck it, huffing while trying to shove his tongue inside.

This wasn’t working, so Draco took his right hand off of Harry’s ass, put his index finger in his mouth, and then wiggled it around his asshole before pushing inside with a fury. This hurt, and Harry showed it by making a painful moan. “Shh, it’s okay, it’ll only hurt for a bit longer, and then you’ll really love it.” Harry clenched his teeth together and tried to bear the pain, and Draco resumed licking around his moving finger, and bit and sucked Harry’s ass cheeks so hard that Harry was sure he’d have bruises.

Just as it was starting to feel unbelievably good, Malfoy got back up, with Harry’s help, and he kissed Harry hard; deeply shoving his tongue into Harry’s mouth, and Harry welcomed it in, sucking on it, not getting enough of it before Malfoy turned Harry around and pushed him down against the desk. Malfoy bent down over him, leaning against his whole body, and bit Harry’s neck hard. He sucked and licked while he bit, and Harry cried out. He could feel Malfoy’s cock dripping pre-cum onto his back, warm and wet. It was too much for him to take, and he whimpered to Malfoy, begged him to fuck him.

They had become so entranced by what they were doing that they forgot all about Professor Snape and Professor Lupin in the next room. The sounds had stopped, and footsteps could be heard. They didn’t hear it though, so when the door to the room opened, it was instant shock and embarrassment for the both of them.
There stood Professor Snape and Lupin. They looked almost as shocked as Harry felt. Snape came in first, followed by Lupin. Snape closed the door behind them, and then sat down in one of the desks. Lupin didn’t seem so sure, but Snape motioned to him to sit in the seat beside him. He did so, and tried not to look at Harry or Draco, neither of which had moved.

Snape opened his mouth to speak, closed it, and looked thoughtful for a moment before saying one word, “Continue.” Harry and Draco’s eyes both widened considerably at this. Snape looked at them both and sneered. “You both got to watch and listen for a while, no? It is our turn now.”
“Oh God,” Harry thought. “He knew, he did look at the keyhole!”

Snape had that cruel smile that he always saved for when his students got a question so completely wrong, right before telling them the correct answer in the harshest way possible. He continued, “It’s very late, you two shouldn’t even be out of your dormitories. Wouldn’t want me going to Professor Dumbledore now, would you?” “No”, the two young men both said quietly. “Good, then continue. I believe, Potter, that you were just telling Mr. Malfoy here to fuck you.”

Malfoy looked at Harry, and Harry could see the love in his eyes; the comfort, and the passion. He pulled Harry back a little, off the desk, and started rubbing him back to hard. Harry reached around and tried to do the same for Malfoy, but he was still hard as a rock. This surprised Harry, and he wondered whether Malfoy enjoyed the audience.

Malfoy leaned in and kissed Harry’s shoulder softly. He whispered in Harry’s ear, “It’ll hurt, but try to relax and soon enough it’ll feel really good, I promise.” Harry nodded, and Draco spit in his hand and tried to get as much as possible on his throbbing cock, then leaned down and spread Harry’s cheeks apart and spit on his little asshole, rubbing it around with two fingers. © ™

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2 years ago
I love it. An impressively written twist on Harry and Malfoy's relationship :)
3 years ago
not the kinda story i figured it was going 2 b
4 years ago
mmhmmm i didnt even skim in ur story how big is malfoys dick? ; )
4 years ago
mmmm nice story