My First Time With a Man

I was 14 years old hanging out round at my friend Steves he was 15 the year above me in a school but lived just down the street. we were joking around in his room up in the attic when he asked me did i want to see something cool, i agreed and he put a video in the player and pressed play. It was a porno of two girls having sex with one guy.

I laughed and Steve sat back on the bed, we were about a minit in to the video and already i started to get really turned on over the the two girls kissing and fondling each other and was restraining the urge to start jerking off, I just instead shifted my leg adjusting so that steve didnt my cock hardening though my jogging bottoms.

after another minit or so the girls were no taking it in turns sucking the guy off and i notice steve start rubbing him self through his shorts, he looked back at me and i knew he had caught me staring at him playing with his cock, and he just started to laugh and pulled it out of his shorts.

Steve looked back at the screen and just carried on jerking off and didnt say a thing to me, and i was intrigue and reach in to my pant and start to jerk off, Steve looked back and asked me what i was doing messing around in my shorts and told me to just pull it out, i was hesitant and steve saw this and i was shocked as he reached over and just tugged at my waist band pulling them down as my cock popped out of my sort it grazed across his hand and he just laughed again.

we carried on watching the video and just jerking off next to each other when steve asked me would i jerk him off, with out hesitation i said no, but then i just kind of sarcastically said "you jerk me off" adn strait away steve reached toward my cock and held it and straight away just started slowly jerking me off, i didnt say anything i just kind of let it happen and it was feeling amazing.

he continued like this for a moment or two i was staring at the screen watching the gil sucking the man off and steve bent down over my dick and strait away started to suck it it felt great and i just let him continue as i watched the vide.o

we heard a noise from down stairs and stopped strait away tuck our cocks away and i reached across the bed to pause the video player as steve went down to look, as we thought we were alone in the house.

a few moment later steve returned and said "it must just have been the dog" and i turned back and bent over to press play on the player and as i did steve shoved me down on the bed belly first and laid on top of me and started grinding in to me dry humping my arse and lauging.

i struggled at first but steve was bigger than me and pinned my arms down and carried on humping away. After a minit or so i stopped fighting and my cock already rock heard from before was being pushed down in to the matress as steve grinded on top of me and it started to feel good.

i could feel steve solid cock grinding on me and was rite in the crevis of my cheeks steve started to go faster and faster and pushing harder in to me. i didnt make a sound or say anything and i could hear steve breathing heavier and heavier and a few moment later he slowed down and and rolled off. and i was kind of saddened by it as i felt that i actually wanted to continue.

i stood up and steve laid back panting saying he was knackerd i could see he hard cock still popping up through his shorts and i just said fine and jumped on top of him and started dry humping at him but in the missionary position.

steve just went with it and lifted his leags up, our cocks were pressing against each others as i grinded. steve reached down by back to my arse and started to push my pants off i raised up and went with it, and helped i pushed them all the way off and steve took hes down then i laid back on top and carried on humping, our cocks massaging each other between out stomachs i was pooring with pre cum and could feel that steve was too this just worked as lubricant between us.

after a few minits steve started to moan and i knew what was coming he started to shoot cum but i didnt stop it felt all the moor better the cum working as even more lube as i grinded away still eager to continue .

Steve pushed me up after a moment and wrapped his hands around my cum covered cock and started to jerk it i looked down at him and i just said "what next" and imediately he raised his hips up and positioned my cock toward his are whole i started to push forward still just looking down at him and i felt my cock press against him and could feel his muscles resisting but i started to mush through the cum working a lubricant.

I felt my head enter steves arse and he started to breathe really heavy i pushed forwards a bit more and steve began to let me in, i slowly began to work back and forth each time going further.

His arse whole was so tight it felt great around my cock, i had only been with one girl before this and straight away i could feel the difference between regular and anal sex. I started to hump faster now and my cock was going all the way in steve started to moan and i asked should i stop but he said no and told me to continue.

I worked for a few minits and steve started to moan more and more it felt great i started to go harder and i could see that it was hurting steve but he seemed fine with it and it just went faster. I pulled my t-shirt up over my head and threw it to the floor, I was in ecstasy with how good this was feeling and i just started to go harder and harder and faster.

I looked down and steve was fully erect again he was jerking his cock and i decided that i wanted to i moved his hand and started jerking it, steve was loving it and with in moments i could feel his cock pulse and he came again shoot cum up my chest i was bothered by this in the slightest and just carried on fucking steves arse as i felt i was coming close.

I could feel my self about to cum so i pulled out and grabbed my dick pointing it towards steve and shout what had been by largest amount of cum to date all over steve hitting him in the chin and down his chest, i laid back on top of him humping a little as we began to go soft.

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Hot story
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Nice story sounds very good.
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reat story love itkeep up thegood work
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Super HOT story. Very sexy.
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really good story more please
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what a fucking hot story you nasty nasty boys
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Wow you are getting so much better great story i really had to jackoff to your story thanks
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Sounds like fun!!
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Hot story really enjoyed it
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WoOoW thats so hot loved it
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dude that is one fucking hot story - more please :P