a hot night with my cousin

im 20 years old and have a healthy relationship with my cousin Michelle, shes only 2 years older than me so we have often hung out a lot.

we have a lot of the same friend and often go out drinking in town together, when we do we often end up back at her house with our friends as it is the closest to the city center.

This one night we went back to hers and it was just the two of us, we had both been drinking and were rather merry in the idea that we were happy and loud when we got back, fooling around mixing more drinks and laughing together in her kitchen.

we decided that it was time for bed, now normally Michelle brings me a pillow and a cover out and i stop on the couch, but this time she stood up and said "i get the side closest to the door" i was confused at first, then she said "do you want the bed or not" i quickly followed.

i walked to the far side of the bed and started to take my jeans off, Michelle went to the bathroom to change, i took my socks and jeans off but left my t-shirt on thinking "its kind of weird to be stripping off in bed with my cousin" even if she was a great looking.

Michelle walked back in to the room wearing a large mens t-shirt and climbed in to the bed and cuddled up in to me strait away and said "sl**p well kev"

i was laid on my back arms behind my head with michelle laid on her side with her head on my my chest but tilted up and i could feel her breathing on my neck.

at first it didnt get to me but then after about 20 minits of lying there i lowered my arm from behind my head placing it around michelle cuddling her in to me she let out a "mmmmmm" and at the same time raised her leg over my body and instinctively i placed my hand on her thigh.

Strait away i though, maybe i shouldnt have done that but i cant exactly pull it away now and disturb her, my t-shirt had risen up and michelle slid her hand across my stomach just above the waist line of my boxer shorts, it gave me that nervous tingle and i started to get erect.

i tried to think about other things knowing that she would be able to feel my erection pressing against the inside of her thigh if i was to get hard.

she began to slowly move her thumb up and down stroking against my stomach and i began to do the same on her thigh, but now there was no hiding it i felt my cock pulse under her thigh and strait away she took a deep breath, her breathing had gotten heavier all of a sudden and i knew she had felt it.

she raised her head under my neck and at the same time her had raised up under my t-shirt and she started stroking my chest, i felt her lower lip gently rubbing against my neck i lowered my head a little while raisin my arm up her thigh and heard her start to breath heavier, our lips were almost together and she extended her lower lip stroking it against mine, which is when we started to kiss i had raised my hand up to her arse and she started to lower hers slowly down my body.

i felt her push and squeeze against my body with her legs grinding against my thing, we carried on kissing my eyes opened my eyes just for a second and saw her staring back in to mine, we stopped kissing and stared at each other as she slid her hand in to my boxers and started stroking my balls i raised my hand to her head and pulled her in and started kissing again, she began to jerk me off and continued to grind against my thigh.

she rolled me flat to my back and was almost laid on top of me i stopped kissing her and laid my head back on the pillow enjoying the feeling of her hand, i was so turned on knowing what we were doing was wrong that i had a fountain of pre cum that was working as lubricant and her hand was sliding over the head of my circumcised penis and it felt so good.

Michelle stopped for a second to pull the quilt off of us, and i saw her staring down at my hard cock while she jerked it, she lowered herself down the bed and began running her lips up the shaft and across the head up of cock teasing me, i remember think how amazing this felt even though i had had been in this same situation with other girls before, but for some reason this time it just seemed so hot!

she started sucking on my cock giving me a slow blowjob if felt amazing as she tightened her grip with her hand still jerking me of while sucking the end of my penis, the blow job continued with michelle, mixing teasing, deep throat and ball play in with each other for what seemed to go on for ever.

she stopped and raised to her knees, taking of the large t-shirt that she was wearing revealing her amazing figure and breasts and i noticed that she hadnt been wearing any underwear the hole time we had been in the bed as if she had planned for this to happen all along.

she slowly raised up my body gave me a quick kiss then placed her breasts in my face i held her firm around her back and pulled her in to me as i began to suck on her nipple her pussy was against my cock and i could feel her grinding in to it and the more she did the more slippery it was as she began to just flow like a river and i knew that she was finding it just as hot as i was.

she started raising up my body more placing her legs at either side of my head and running her hand through my hair as i began to like her clit, she started giving out a low moaning sound and slowly grinded against my face as she did, the faster i leiked the faster she would grind and the more she would moan, i held her thighs pulling her in towards me, the taste of her and the feel of the juicy pussy grinding against my mouth just felt amazing.

she moved her body back down min and began to kiss me again then said "i want you so much rite now" i looked up at her and replied saying "take it" as she reached down held my rock solid cock and lower her self on it taking a deep breath at the same time.

she began to lower herself on and of my penis, with the mix of pre cum and her own juices it slid in to her tight pussy with ease but still felt so amazing, she began to slowly grind while kissing me, but soon sat up placing her hand on my chest and grinding faster and faster.

i began to sigh with pleasure and she began to moan louder and louder as the bed began to move, i could feel that she was coming the faster she grinded on me the harder the orgasms sounded, i just looked up at her at first watching the pleasure on her face as she began to sweat i placed my hand on her arse pulling her in in rhythm and started to raise my hips and thrust harder and harder pushing deeper inside her and she began to scream with pleasure.

when she calmed a little i sat up with her sttil grinding against me we started to f***efully kiss like we were pushing though each others face as she raised my t-shirt up and over my head and threw it to the floor, i turned placing her on the bed my cock still inside her, she raised her body as i place a pillow under her lower back, and started to slowly thrust she raised her legs higher, i ran my hands up them slowly as grasped them pulling them over my shoulders and started to go faster and faster.

michelle started to moan again and i heard her in the middle of a deep breath say, "deeper i want to feel you deeper" i placed my feet against the bottom of the bed for leverage and began to push deeper and deeper and pulling almost all the way out making every thrust push rite through.

she began to orgasm and lowered her legs, her hands started to grasp in to my back pulling me in close to her, she began to dig her nails in to my shoulder blades and it felt amazing to me with every thrust we shared the ecstasy the pleasure of the moment, and then i felt i was ready to come i said i was ready and she said told me to hold it in and rapped her legs around my waist squeezing me all she could.

i continued to thrust and she began to moan louder and louder, i said i was ready and she started screaming "not yet" it was taking all my will power not to finish but all i could think about was how hot this had been it felt like perfect sex and was amazing, i held and held until i felt like i was about to explode and just as i couldnt hold it any more she started to scream with pleasure and i let go as she screamed "NOW!" with every thrust shot after shot of cum entered her and i continued slowly for a few minits after i ejaculated she pulled me in and we began to kiss more and more.

when i had finished i rolled of her laying on my side and she came against me and we started to spoon, we laid there in silence just heavy breathing for what seemed like ages just enjoying what had happened i held her close to me and she shoved her bum against my dick and it wasnt long before i could feel the twich that i was getting hard again, she reacted by pushing her ass back against over and over me, and as soon as i was hard she raised her leg as if inviting me to penetrate again, I place my arms round her holding her and pulled her tight against me as i thrusted slow and deep in to my her listening to my cousin begin to moan with pleasure again, this continued all through the night in to morning...

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2 years ago
Goodness! What a great story.
2 years ago
very hot story, sounds like she had been planing that for a wail
3 years ago
awesome hope it was more than that
3 years ago
I enjoy this story very much, did this relationship continue or just a one off?
3 years ago
You are an insperation to us all thanks
3 years ago
Nice, this was an amazing story
3 years ago
nope didnt knock her up, would have freaked out if i did though :S only ever had one pregnancy scare fortunately for me
3 years ago
did you knock your sexy cousin up?
3 years ago
Wow what a lovely cousin
3 years ago
luv cousins,,have one also and we enjoy eachother for sure...luv your story