A walk along the beach.

I parked my bike under the coconut tree and walked over to look at the beach, it was beautifully calm on the water with only a few fishermen out laying there nets in the shallow water. I looked up and down the beach and only saw one other person in the distance sunbathing, to far off to tell the gender. I decided I would head off in the other direction and explore the beach.
On my way back I could see the other person coming closer into view. the closer I got the more it looked like the person was sunbathing naked! My cock started to twitch as I slowly got closer. Whoever it was had now rolled over on to their front.
I kept getting closer and could now see it was a guy,
I started thinking about what to say as I walked past him but as I did he kind of looked the other way, so we didn't make any eye contact at all.
As I walked past he had his legs slightly spread and I could see his balls hanging down under his naked ass.
As I moved past him I looked back to see that he was watching me, I nodded at him and smiled.
I kept on walking as the beach curled round a little and there were some nice rocks to sit down and have a drink of water. I sat down and looked over at the naked man on the beach, I took out my water bottle and took a drink.
He was now rolled over on his side and was facing me, we were looking at each other and then he reached down and started playing with his cock.
I sat there for a while and watched him as he played with his cock, after a while he stopped and rolled over onto his back, I grabbed my bag and started to walk over, my mind was racing with excitement as I slowly walked over, I looked at him more closely now as he lay on his back, he wasn't a young guy, 50ish, about the same age as me and in good shape.

I didn't walk directly to him, I walked as if I was heading back to my bike and make ready to leave.
As I walked past I got the feeling he wasn't going to say anything, so as I looked at his semi erect cock laying on his thigh, I said "That looks nice".
And it did look nice, he was shaved smooth and he had a lovely looking cock, much fatter than mine although perhaps the same in length.
He looked at me as he reached for his cock and started stroking it, he said something in what sounded like German.
I moved closer until I was standing above and watched as he played with his cock, still talking in German.
I pointed at the sand beside him and asked if I could sit down. he nodded so I took out my beach towel and laid it out beside him.
I had a quick look around and saw no one else on the beach. I hesitated a little then as I thought about my wife's bikini bottoms I had on, I looked at him as I hooked my thumbs in to the top of my shorts and pulled them down. He could see my bulging cock inside my bikini bottoms and reached up and rubbed my cock and started to rub it. "Ja, ja" he said and smiled.
It was a then the I laid down beside him. he rolled over to face me and almost immediately reached out for each other cocks.

As I was playing with his cock I could feel and see a little sand so I pushed him on to his back and grabbed my water bottle. At first i put water in to my hand and slowly washed his cock, the first time I have ever had another man's cock in my hands. I loved pulling the skin down on his cock and pouring the warm water all over it and washed it clean. I washed his balls as the water flowed down. He had been wearing sun lotion and it was all over his smooth skin, I could feel it as I gently pushed my hand around his balls and the top of his thighs.
I bent down and kissed the top of his cock, he let out a little moan and put his head back. I put the head in my mouth and sucked it as I let my tongue move around the head. I could feel him getting harder in my mouth, I put almost half of it in, that was easier than I thought it would be so I slowly moved my head down and took all of him in my mouth, wow! fuck yes!

I can feel the silky bikini material against my cock as he starts to rub my throbbing cock a little faster, he then reaches in and wraps his big hand around it and starts to stroke me. I thought, here I am on a deserted beach, cock in my mouth, gurly bikini bottoms on, I was in paradise and living a fantasty!

He started to put his hand on the back of my neck and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, I took him all, opening my throat so he could fuck my mouth harder. I gagged a little bit and let his cock slip from my mouth as I did, it was wet and slippery as it bounced on my lips, I stuck my tongue and and licked him from the base of his cock to the top, I pushed my tongue a little bit into the hole at the top and then slid my mouth back over his cock. I started to bob up and down now letting his cock slide in and out of my mouth, my tongue caressing it as it moved.

I played with his balls with one had and stroked the bottom of his cock with the other as I sucked and tongued his head It wasn't to long before he was raising his hips up and down in a steady rhythm, he was moaning with pleasure as I lovingly sucked him. I tasted it before I saw it, I slid my mouth right over his cock as deep as it would go, I could feel it on the back of my throat as he squirted more cum from his pulsing cock, I didn't swallow at first as I wanted him to see some on my lips, so I pushed it out with my tongue until it started to dribble, then I looked at him and licked it and swallowed it. His head fell back on to the sand so I stood up and went down to the water and washed myself a little.

As I stood up, I could see a young couple who had been taking their dogs for a walk were sitting on the rocks where I had been, not long before.

Before I became a cock sucker!

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2 months ago
luved it
4 months ago
hot story
1 year ago
another excellent story. the last line was great!!!
2 years ago
Great stuff!
2 years ago
I liked the story, great ending, do you have others?