Advertiser Couple For FMF - An Interracial Encount

Advertiser Couple For FMF – An Interracial encounter

The couple’s advertisement in the local contact internet site for a bi lady was not that different from the many others in the same edition. There were, however, a number of points that appealed to me. While younger than I they were in roughly the same age range. They lived on the same geographical side of the city. And they emphasised significant requirements such as health, discretion, respect of limitations, fun, and the fact that they were ordinary everyday people; while they saw age and nationality as unimportant. Mindful of my husband’s travel itinerary for work, and with his ongoing tacit approval for me to have a range of experiences as I saw fit, I called the listed mobile phone number. The woman answered carefully as I introduced myself and explained the reason for my call.
Rosie’s response was positive and encouraging. She had an accent, but I couldn’t pick her origins. Anyway issues of nationality did not matter to me either. It was more significant that her suburb it was only a few kilometres away from mine. In fact we shopped at the same centre. Exchanging a brief self-description we agreed to meet for coffee at ten o’clock next morning, both happy that we knew the coffee shop well.
Only one woman stood outside the coffee shop when I arrived. She was tall and slim with short-brushed black hair, well made up with elegant clothing. Though shorter and heavier in stature I thought I looked pretty presentable too. We took a quiet booth at the rear of the shop where we could talk in relative privacy. Rosie, and her husband Yong, were both Hong Kong Chinese who’d been in Australia a few years. He was an investment banker. In spite of our differences we found we had much in common. Perhaps our physical and cultural differences served as an additional attraction. We certainly liked each other enough for me to agree to visit them at their home the following evening.
My husband flew out in the morning leaving me with a whole day to prepare myself mentally and physically for our first meeting. My stomach was full of nervous butterflies as I rang the doorbell. Rosie greeted me happily and perhaps with some relief that I’d shown up. She said Yong was in the lounge and I could meet him later after we’d both changed into something more casual. I had glimpses of their beautiful home as she took me along the hallway to their bedroom. It was softly lit. The massive bed was turned down, the black satin covered in a multitude of plump pillows, with a magnificent timber headboard inlaid with delicate motifs. The ceiling and one wall were mirrored. Three lounge chairs were strategically placed around the bed against the walls.
Rosie touched the mirrored wall, which opened to reveal a large walk in wardrobe and dressing room and ensuite bathroom. She suggested I hang my clothes on some spare hangers. We both undressed. Soon we were naked. My heart thumped. We looked at each other. Certainly we were a contrast in builds. Rosie had an all over olive complexion. She was taller and much slimmer than myself, with nice legs and tight bottom, small-coned breasts with brown nipples, and a short trimmed vertical stripe of black hair that ended above a yummy slit. On the other hand my legs were shorter and heavier, my bottom larger, my breasts big heavy firm melons tipped by large pink areolae and pink nipples. My shaved slit was long and deep, and always looked aroused because my long fat thick labia continuously poked out on partial display.
Knowing why we were meeting, knowing her preferences, and now seeing her nude excited me. Rosie’s face reflected similar feelings. She stepped up close to me and touched me. Electricity crackled between us. She gently and softly kissed my mouth and her fingers wandered over my breasts. My nipples hardened. My pussy twitched. I returned her kiss and touched her. Before we went too far she pulled away and suggested we put something on and she’d introduce me to her husband. She offered me a brightly coloured satin happy coat and slipped into a similar one herself. The coats were held together with a simple sash tied at the waist but they were very revealing, reaching just below our bottoms, and leaving plenty of cleavage on view.
I followed Rosie to their elegant lounge where Yong and I met for the first time. He was a slim dapper man, dressed similarly to us, with a shy but ready smile. He greeted me warmly, kissed me on both cheeks and offered me a seat. Rosie left us briefly while we chatted. It was difficult to sit demurely and not reveal too much. I knew that he saw my assets without being obvious about it. His coat splayed open too and barely covered the top of his thighs.
Rosie returned carrying a tray with three small porcelain cups and a teapot. She put the tray onto the low ornate coffee table, knelt in front of the table and poured us green tea. The drink was bitingly refreshing. Our talk was interesting and good-humoured, but an under current of sexual excitement was clearly evident. As we relaxed our initial attempt at modesty failed. I could see Yong’s flaccid uncircumcised cock peaking out beneath the hem of his coat. Rosie’s slit and most of her boobs were visible as she knelt on the floor. I was no better off in my lounge chair. The coat was too short and if I forgot to keep my knees together my bare pussy could be seen by both of them. My breasts almost completely spilled out of the top of the coat because the sash was too loose. What the hell I thought, given the reason we were together anyway. Hopefully we’d all see more than this before too long. Just thinking about touching her while he watched us made my juices flow and my pussy flair.
Tea finished Rosie stood and took my hand, telling me it was time for us to go and relax, adding that Yong would join us in a little while. We hung our coats in the wardrobe and the mirrored doors closed. Rosie led me to the bed. We lay side by side and I realised how huge the bed really was. We talked only briefly before Rosie moved. She leant over me, her body touched me and our mouths found each other. The first exploratory kiss, the first hand caresses over each others body quickly turned to lust. She kissed her way over my face, neck, ears, and throat; down and over my breasts and nipples; along my belly; over my bulging smooth bare vulva; down my thighs to my feet and toes. Her touch made me hot. Being passive was no longer enough. I reached for her body and drew her towards legs me on the bed. She slid easily enough on the black satin. My feet rested against the bed head. I kissed my way up her legs, teasingly mouthed over the outside of her pouting pussy, brushed through her soft vertical moustache of pubic hair, spent some time sucking her nipples, before my mouth settled on hers once more.
There was movement in the room beyond the foot of the bed. Yong, coat undone, seated himself in the chair facing us. It was time for we two women to give him something to look at. The heat and lust burned through my nerve endings. I moved over Rosie so that I straddled her in the sixty-nine position, my head towards the bed head, more importantly for Yong, my big bum and pouting flared shaved juicy gaping gash pointed directly at him. I spread my legs and thighs wide to both enhance the view and open myself up over Rosie’s mouth. My pussy touched her mouth as my tongue made its first stroke through her pink open cleft.
My tongue found her pink pleasure pearl. I swirled around and over it, occasionally sucking it. Rosie’s lips had fastened on my own long fat bud. She sucked it and seared the nerve endings along my body. I focussed my attention on my own task. I sucked, stroked, twirled and swirled over her clitoris. Her body undulated under my mouth. I continued to try and ignore her probing swiping tongue between my legs. I soaked my mouth and face in her pussy and gently gripped the base of her clit with my teeth while the tip of my tongue played back and forth over her bud. Rosie shuddered under me, her body lifted up off the bed mashing her cunt against my mouth. Time after time she rocked herself up at me. Relentlessly I held onto her clit, enjoying the power of bringing her to her shattering climax. The peak passed and she applied her lips to my clitoris. I sunk my pelvis against her face. Her touch was good, very good. The surges began in my thighs and belly, rapidly spread to my breasts, and then my pussy seared with fire. I rocked over her mouth. I lifted my head and wailed my orgasm at the wall. My gash gushed and my body shivered and shook; then the sensation slowly passed and I returned to the present.
Rosie reached up and moved me off her. She placed me on my back in the middle of the bed, two pillows under my head and one under my bottom. Briefly she got off the bed, opened and entered the wardrobe. For the few seconds she was gone I looked up at my reflection in the ceiling and then at Yong still in his lounge chair at the foot of the bed. His robe was gone. He sat there naked looking at me, his dick stiff and pointing towards his belly. I looked at it with interest. The foreskin was drawn back revealing a bright pink nest knob. His erection wasn’t long or thick, perhaps average in size, a pleasant mouth full perhaps. My thoughts were interrupted by Rosie’s return.
Without any question on my part she showed me, and told me about, the object in her hand. It was a phallus carved from ivory and yellowed with age. Yong had bought it for her in China. It was a few hundred years old. The tip was a fat knob completely encircled by a large flange. The device had a raking curve in the veined shaft. It was not overly thick but it was certainly long.
Rosie knelt between my widely spread thighs. I had tow views of her, one in the mirrored ceiling and one when I looked down my body between the mounds of my boobs. Yong moved to the side of the bed to watch. I felt the phallic knob enter my vagina. Fortunately I was still dripping wet from my orgasm just minutes ago. Rosie eased the phallus into me. Two sensations were immediately apparent. The first was its absolute hardness. It had no flexibility. The second was the penetrating sc**** of the flange along the walls of my vagina. It was unpleasant, just different and erotically pleasurable. Fortunately Rosie was gentle. The knob bumped my cervix. She pulled it from me slowly. In the mirror I saw the shiny shaft appear between my legs. In it disappeared again. Gradually she built up the speed of the insertions and withdrawals. Then she rotated the shaft so that its curve was opposite to the natural curvature of my cunt. Now the whole thing seemed to completely fill me and stretch me around it. My body shivered and the muscles on my belly and thighs quivered. Her hand and the phallus moved faster.
“Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Oooooooohh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” I wailed as my body shook under the manipulations of the hard shaft spearing into me, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooohh shiiit! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck!” My legs lifted my cunt up at her hand that impaled me with the ivory cock. My cunt muscles gripped and spasmed. Juice gushed out of my gash and ran down the crack of my arse onto the sheets. My satiated body flopped back on the bed. The phallus wetly squelched as she pulled it out of me.
But their guest was to have no rest. The bed moved as Yong moved between my legs carelessly akimbo. I looked down at him and my gaze rested on his hard tool, foreskin now tightly drawn back, knob redly swollen glistening with precum dew, a small circle of black hair around the base of his shaft. His body was hairless, skin complexion similar to Rosie’s. His cock slid into me easily. I reached for him with my arms in welcome and drew my knees up towards my chest. I guessed he was too excited by his wife and I to be able to last long. Nevertheless I wanted his first fuck with me to be wonderful. Besides I couldn’t recall ever having fucked a Chinese man before and I wanted it to be good for me too. Knowing I was multi orgasmic led me to believe I could get there too if he could stay hard just long enough.
As Yong fucked me so I fucked him. I gripped his cock tightly with my cunt. His mouth found mine and I sucked his tongue while my body rocked in unison with his. It is true he was only average in length and thickness but my body and mind were certainly aware of each slide in and out of my love hole. Involuntarily my body elicited its own response. My mind remained focussed on him for just long enough. The heat and muscular tension in him grew more intense. His thrusts became faster and harder. He began to shudder. Inside me his prick burst and pumped his spunk in hot jets. I used my muscles to milk him dry, then lost the plot as I spasmed around him in a heaving grasping frenetic climax. I lay back holding him to me, feeling his cock shrivel inside me, while the familiar sensation of dribbling spunk coated my gaping gash and arse.
When he finally moved off me to lie on the bed I had another small but pleasant surprise. Rosie knelt once more between my thighs and slurped Yong’s cum from my cunt and crack.
The three of us lay side-by-side and rested. But I was conscious of the fact that Rosie could probably handle another climax. Thoughts of the phallus played in my mind. It was lying near me on the bed. Yes, I decided to put it to good use.
I roused myself and took control of Rosie, ignoring her halfhearted protests, putting her in a similar position to myself earlier, on her back with legs well spread. The ivory knob slid easily passed her pink petals and imbedded just inside her open hole. I eased the phallus forward into her gobbling cunt. Yong knelt beside Rosie and watched. Both of us enjoyed the way her flesh flaps bent inwards around the shaft as I depth sounded deep inside her tiny twat. As I withdrew the phallus her flaps stretched along the surface of the shaft. Inwards and outwards I fucked her with her phallus. Rosie’s groans, interspersed with Cantonese, became continuous. As her excitement slowly built I rotated the shaft inside her so that its curve was opposite to the natural slope of her cunt. From my recent experience I knew this would enhance the sensations travelling through her tunnel. Her response was immediate.
Rosie bucked and rocked to a vocal climax. The phallus gleamed with her wetness. As she passed her peak I withdrew it from her and turned my attention to Yong and his erection.
I laid him back on the bed beside his wife and knelt between his legs. His sac was smooth and hairless under my mouth. He groaned as I rolled each ball gently in my wet mouth. I ran my tongue slowly in a trail of saliva along the underside of his shaft. I held his prick upright with one hand and caressed his nuts with the other. Yong groaned again as I slid his knob into my mouth, swirling it with my tongue. His groans increased as I slid my suctioning mouth downwards, taking his cock into my throat, all the way down until my lips and nose touched his belly. Up and down I bobbed my head in one continuous deep-throated cock slide. It was easy to fell his impending climax. His prick throbbed, his veins hardened, and his muscle pumped. Yong’s spunk spurted into my mouth and throat. I swallowed fast. He did taste good. Gradually his orgasm subsided. I milked him dry with the pressure of my lips and sucked the last drops from the slit in his knob. His body shivered one last time.
As I knelt upright I grinned at them. They laughed too. It was obvious we all thought the same thing; we were compatible. Their advert and my reply were a success.
We showered together and again had tea. They asked me would I like to meet them again. Of course, I wanted that. We agreed same time next week.

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