The Cave


There was nothing I could do but watch as the five pairs of hands m*****ed Fay’s beautiful naked body. She too was unable to offer any resistance. They stroked, squeezed, prodded, touched and roamed all over her body without remorse, without fear of being stopped, without fear of reprisal. Fay’s hands were fastened at the wrists over her head, leather wrist cuffs clipped onto chains suspended from a ceiling beam, her feet just touching the floor, her legs f***ed apart by a wooden spreader bar joined to cuffs on each ankle. She wasn’t even able to see her perpetrators; her eyes were covered with an eye mask. But we had walked into this situation willingly, with open eyes, curious, wanting it to happen, wanting to enjoy the experience.
Fay and I were good long terms friends and occasional lovers. She used me as a willing protective partner as she experimented with her sex life. Such was the case now. We had replied to an advert for a group, giving details of our desires for this adventure. The venue turned out to be a converted cellar in the basement of a house in the hills. The cellar was red lit, with spotlights over key entertainment areas.
We had been the last to arrive. The MC who met us at the door and ushered us downstairs had probably planned it that way. We shed and hung our clothes before being led into the cellar. There were seven other people there, two women and five men, all naked. Introductions by MC were brief, each having memorable non-de plumes. All had various roles to play, as dictated by MC. My allocated role, suggested by Fay in the contact phase prior to the event, was that of voyeur.
The group gathered around us and the men quickly and efficiently had me in position first; but at least I had one advantage over Fay; I could see what was going on. My wrists were put in cuffs and I was suspended from a beam on one side of the cellar, where I was both out of the way and would have an uninterrupted view of what was about to transpire.
It did not take long for the group to set Fay up to their liking. The electricity and excitement between them gave an impression that they liked what they saw, and would have fun with her as their new helpless and submissive playmate. Fay was a very good looking young woman. She had long straight light brown hair, a beautiful face, massive firm melon sized breasts tipped by large pink areolae and small nipples, a flat stomach, sparse fair pubic hair, and magnificent legs and arse. And now she hung there in front of the group, nothing hidden, helpless to their every whim.
Bitch, a heavy black haired woman in her early forties wearing a dog collar around her neck and f***ed to remain on her hands and knees, was the only non participant with Fay. It was Bitch’s task to look after me. She knelt at my feet where I was able to admire the way her pendulous breasts hung beneath her, the way her long thick lipped black haired snatch pushed out fatly between her thighs. For the moment Bitch and I both watched the crowd with avid interest.
MC, a heavy set olive skinned hairy man in his mid thirties, ran his hands over Fay’s body; stroking his finger tips over her face, tracing along her lips, down the nape of her neck. He fondled her ample breasts, weighing them in his hands, fingering her nipples. He must have enjoyed what he touched; his short thick stubby cock began to harden. With a nod of his head MC indicated to the others that they should join in. Sport, a muscular Negro in his early twenties, quickly stepped forward. He was a magnificent specimen of a man; tall, well defined hard muscles, and completely hairless. His cock was a reflection of the rest of him; massively long, hugely thick, topped by a very large dark plum coloured knob, with a heavy silk skinned ball sac hanging loose between his ample thighs. Sport was joined by Boy, a slim grey haired guy in his early fifties; everything about him was slim, including a long thin uncircumcised pencil of a cock hanging between his legs; he was MC’s assistant. Jockey was the smallest person in the group; while he was short in height, he was in good condition. Most impressive of all was his cock; it was huge, longer and thicker than Sport’s. It was the most dominant feature of his body, poking out from between his legs, hugely thick with veins traversing the ample shaft, topped by an apple sized knob with a large gaping slit. Starlet was the only woman in the inspection team; she eagerly joined the guys in m*****ing their victim. The white blond mane on Starlet’s pretty head was beautiful, and made her attractive. She was tall and slim, with small breasts; her legs long and sensuous, her buttocks small and tight; her pussy peeked out pink and smooth between her slim thighs. The last person in the group was Dog, the other half of Bitch. He too wore a collar, and was confined to getting around on his hands and knees amongst the group. Like a true dog he wanted to get his nose and tongue in unlikely places! While MC was handling Fay’s breasts, long before he had signalled the others to join him, Dog had been quietly kneeling behind Fay taking advantage of her spread legs, burying his tongue in the parted crease of her backside.
Starlet’s response to MC’s signal was to fall to her knees in front of Fay and fasten her mouth on Fay’s defenceless pussy. While MC stood back watching his team Boy and Sport took hold of a breast each, fondling with roaming hands, tweaking and sucking and biting the nipples to hardness. Jockey moved Dog away from Fay with a kick of his foot. He stepped in close behind her and began to rub his body over her arse, hardening his cock as he let it slide down her crack, into the outer lips of her gash, between her spread thighs. The kneeling Starlet seemed a bit annoyed that the large red bulbous knob of Jockey’s huge cock came sliding across Fay’s slit towards her sucking mouth, interrupting her own oral fun.
Fay’s hanging blindfolded body responded naturally and erotically to all this unseen stimulation. Her tongue wet her lips, her body colour flushed with heat, her nipples extended long and hard.
My own body delighted in the sights of the multiple m*****ation of my lady friend. My cock throbbed and hardened in voyeuristic excitement. I wasn’t alone. I noticed that Bitch had a hand between her own legs.
The group grope of Fay did not last too long; just long enough to excite both her and the crowd around her. Cocks had hardened. MC signalled a change. In a team effort the men freed the wrist cuffs from the overhead chains. Her ankles remained fastened to the spreader. Fay was picked up and carried to another part of the cellar. Her feet were placed on the floor; she was bent forward at the waist; her neck and wrists locked into a wooden stock. She was exposed. She was helpless.
MC positioned himself in front of Fay. He took his hard thick prick in one hand and ran it slowly and sensuously over her face, stopping, resting the knob against her lips. Dog meanwhile knelt crouched underneath her bent body and sucked on Fay’s hanging melon breasts. Starlet joined him; they had one each. Sport moved behind Fay, to run and slide his enormous black cock along the crack of her arse, through the groove of her widely spread thighs. Boy and Jockey stroked their cocks as they watched the scene unfold. MC looked across at me, obviously noting the impact on me by my hard helpless throbbing cock, and Bitch at my feet continuing to masturbate herself. He gave Bitch a curt command. He didn’t miss any of the others either.
Starlet moved out from under Fay, to accompany Boy and Jockey to the adjacent spot lit king size mattress against the wall. Sport, at a nod from MC, nestled the huge dark knob at the end of his cock in Fay’s open slit, before slowly but surely sliding its massive thickness and length into the hugging confines of her cunt. Fay moaned, moaned in pleasure. As her mouth opened to emit the sound MC fed his stubby cock into her mouth. Dog sucked wetly and excitedly at her long nipples. Bitch removed her hand from between her legs, turned to me, knelt upright and began to run her wet tongue over the length of my cock.
My cock was already rock hard, the veins bulging along its length, the knob engorged, the slit dripping clear sticky fluid; all from just observing the spectacle. Bitch’s hot tongue sent shivers through me, my cock throbbing in response. I had to concentrate on something else.
Fay was in the throes of her group fuck. MC was thrusting his glistening cock in regular rhythm in and out of her open mouth. Behind her Sport was lunging in and out of her snatch, the vision of his mighty black length shiny wetly with her juices alternating with the slapping sound of his scrotum against Fay’s arse as he thrust forward firmly, to bury himself deep in her cunt. Dog knelt beneath her, his face buried between her thighs, his mouth sucking at her clit, while Sport fucked his cock in and out of her cunt in front of Dog’s face. The excitement of the scene made me think about cumming; I looked away, trying to ignore the saliva’d tongue running over my cock.
On the mattress Jockey was on his back, his enormous long thick pole stretched obscenely along his belly. Starlet straddled his body, wrapped her hand around his cock to position its swollen bulb within her cunt lips, and lowered herself onto it. Slowly but steadily the thick shaft was sucked into her lowering cunt. She took it all, her stretched sex resting on Jockey’s pubes. She eased herself off him, lifting up until only the head of his cock remained inside her vagina, the rest of his cock visible, shiny with her moisture. Boy was obviously excited by what he saw. His thin long cock was hard, and stuck out in front of him, the foreskin pulled back along the shaft, the knob an angry bright red blister of hard flesh. Starlet slowly and steadily built up the rhythm of her fuck. Boy crouched himself between Jockey’s spread thighs, his face in against the man’s scrotum, sucking the massive nuts into his mouth, running his tongue along the shaft wet with Starlet’s juices, running the risk of having his face mashed by her arse each time she sunk herself down on Jockey’s fantastic shaft.
My look around the room had done nothing to slow the build up of pleasure in my belly. In fact it had probably excited me even more. I looked down at Bitch and her marvellous mouth. My cock was wet, soaked in her saliva. She formed a beautiful “O” with her ruby red lips placed over the tip of my glans. Bitch sucked my cock into her hot mouth, her teeth causing pleasure pain as they sc****d over my knob, her tongue sliding along the underside of my shaft. Her hand stroked my scrotum. My glans kissed the back of her throat. She began to bob her head up and down the length of my cock, tonguing, teething, and sucking me. The throbbing built up heavily in me. I was being drawn inexorably towards the orgasm that I had been trying to delay until I was in control; a faint hope given Bitch’s excellent efforts at oral sex. She knew what she was doing. I had lost control.
With a roar in my ears the spunk pulsed through the length of my shaft. Bitch eased her head back, opened her mouth, and placed her tongue just under my knob. The cum jetted out of the slit in white creamy gobs, over her face, into her mouth, along her tongue. My belly strained and heaved in orgasmic spasms. Slowly the pleasure stress subsided. Bitch milked my cock with her hand, rewarding herself as she licked the dribbles into her mouth.
A crescendo of orgasmic noise from the others in the cellar caught my attention. Fay was moaning around MC’s cock. In spite of the stocks she was rocking her arse back at Sport, lifting herself on her toes, as she accepted his heavy inward thrusts. He had her flanks firmly grasped in his hands as he shafted his cock deeply in and out of Fay’s gaping pussy. MC had hold of Fay’s head, pulling her face down to him as he fucked his short length into her mouth. Dog still had his face buried between Fay’s thighs. The three of them were reaching their peak.
On the mattress Starlet’s bum was a blur as she fucked herself on Jockey’s mighty cock. The moisture was streaming out of her cunt, streaking his cock, and matting his pubic hair. Sweat shone on her body. Jockey’s hands grasped her arse, pulling her down, lifting her up, raising himself only slightly in a vain attempt to impale her; but she was in control. Boy had given up getting his mouth in their way; he knelt and watched, jerking himself.
Snorts and groans from Sport filled the room. With slow heavy thrusts he orgasmed deep inside Fay’s cunt, his black torso sheened in sweat. Fay responded to both his climax and to Dog’s tonguing stimulation of her clitoris. Her beautiful body heaved and shook in the stocks. Her voice in orgasm filled the room, MC’s cock lost and forgotten in the throes of her pleasure. MC stood back from her to watch them both, stroking his cock. His orgasm must have been close. Within seconds of Fay and Sport cumming he groaned, hunched his body forward, streams of cum pulsing out the end of his tool, splattering over Fay’s imprisoned face.
Starlet’s screams of pleasure drew my eyes to her performance. She was raising herself slowly off Jockey’s cock before thrusting down hard and fast to impale him again; one of her hands pulled at her nipples; the other hand strummed her clit; and she came; long, hard, noisily. Jockey’s body tensed beneath her. As she lifted over him I could see the veins dark blue and bulging along his shaft. With a cry he too climaxed.
As people recovered MC brought some semblance of order to the three groups of people. Fay and I were released from our bonds. We all adjourned to the mattress, those of us who had just cum for respite, the others for more action.
The two a****ls Dog and Bitch were put immediately to work, licking the cum off cocks, cunts, thighs, faces and bellies. Lolling back relaxing on the mattress I began to think about what I would like to do next. The sight of Bitch’s fat lipped black hairy pussy poking out between her thighs fascinated me. It looked big, like everything else about the woman. Then again I was tempted by Starlet’s pink smooth smoo nestled at the top of those gorgeous long legs.
Bitch’s cleansing mouth on my cock, aided by my thoughts and the eroticism of the gathering, and the dictates of MC solved the dilemma for me. As I lay on my back hardening under Bitch’s touch she was commanded to mount me. She did quickly, easily, my cock disappearing into her engulfing but clasping hole of hot moisture. Her heavy breasts swung over my face, her nipples long and thick, wanting to be sucked. Bitch rocked her lovely cunt over my cock, her pubic hair mashed and intertwined with mine, my cock buried in her belly, her vaginal walls for all her size grasping at me. I feasted on her nipples, briefly lost to all the others in the cellar.
Movement between our thighs disturbed my reverie. Looking over Bitch’s shoulder I saw Boy’s leering face; then I felt his cock on mine as he sandwiched Bitch, and fucked his cock doggie style into her ample cunt. His hard cock slid along my hardness. His cock head rested against mine; the confines of Bitch’s cunt giving us closeness, shaft against shaft, enveloped in her hot muscular wetness. Boy began to fuck Bitch. She did not move. She rested on me, letting me suck her nipples, letting Boy fuck her cunt, and my cock. As he thrust in and out of her cunt his cock, eased by her lubrication, slid full length over mine; on his pull out stroke his knob resting against the base of my cock; on his inward thrust his knob and shaft sliding completely along mine, end to end. Boy hadn’t cum earlier. This fuck didn’t last long. His speed quickly increased. I could feel the throbbing and heat grow in his shaft. Suddenly he came, hot fluid jetting out of his cock as gave one final deep thrust into Bitch, his cum splattering over the head of my cock, running hot and creamy all over my shaft. The excitement was too much for me. My cock erupted.
The gathering continued long into the night, MC in control, everyone not only experiencing their preferences, but also the unusual and unexpected as well. The cave and its clients were an exciting experience to be cherished always.

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