Afternoon Delights

Afternoon Delights
Customer contacts and sales targets completed early for once I returned to my motel in the town a few hundred kilometres north of the city. The afternoon was fine and warm. I decided to work on my tan; to take advantage of and enjoy the quietness of the semi secluded pool at the rear of the motel units. The pool furniture was minimal but I stretched out on one of three outdoor lounges adjacent to the single table and umbrella. Half an hour each side I decided would tan me without burning. It was quiet enough to discard my bikini top and roll the bottom into a G-string. Back done I rolled over, minimised the material covering myself, adjusted my hat and sunglasses and hoped my big boobs wouldn’t get too burnt.
I was dozing when the metallic click of the pool gate disturbed me. My eyes flicked open. The two men coming through the gate paused as they saw me. I stirred, considered adjusting my clothing and retrieving my top, but discarded that idea as too little too late. Being a mature woman in her early forties of medium build with appropriate experiences of life caused me to assume men much younger than I would have little interest in looking at my attributes. Both guys entered the pool enclosure. The blond one apologised for disturbing me. They relaxed at my assurance that it was okay and yes they were welcome to use the other two adjacent sun lounges.
I lay back again to enjoy the sun but watched them from behind my sunglasses. Both looked like they were in their late twenties. They were in reasonable physical condition. The prematurely balding dark haired guy had curly back hair over his chest and flat belly. His blond friend had less body hair. Surprisingly both wore Speedos, a pleasant change from the more usual long baggy shorts for a voyeuristic woman such as myself. It was nice to unobtrusively admire their cute buns at the back and bulges at the front.
Just as the heat made me think about cooling off in the pool a splash caused me to open my eyes. The dark haired guy was in the water. Leaving my top on the table I modestly adjusted my bikini bottoms. After a few laps I paused in the shallows. Ross introduced himself. I noted that he noticed my breasts but was thankful he did not overtly ogle me. His mate joined us. Ross introduced Colin. We conversed pleasantly for some time before I excused myself, thinking it was time for a drink in my room. They said they’d had enough too. I put my top on and gathered my belongings. Colin even held the gate open for me. As we entered the upper veranda it was Colin who politely invited me into his unit for a drink. They were both surprised when I settled for a diet coke.
Colin suggested we hang our bathers and towel out on the balcony to dry. I ribbed them both about that suggestion being a poor excuse to get a woman out of her clothes, but was happy enough to shed my wet bikini bottoms and hang my towel with theirs on the balcony rail. So we three butt naked people lent on the rail, sipped our drinks and talked. Colin went inside his room. Ross and I continued our conversation about work. It was when Colin returned that the situation changed.
As I lent on the balcony rail his hands touched my back, ran down the length of my bare flesh from my neck to my backside. His touch was gentle. My skin came alive. His cock slid between my legs. Given I was bent forward, leaning on my hands, backside poking out, his access was easy enough. Seeing you like that was too much a temptation to resist he told me. I passed my drink to Ross and rested my head on my forearms. I looked down past my hanging boobs to my lower body. Colin’s hard prick slid across the smooth skin of my vulva, the knob visible in front of my shaved pussy on each forward slide. His hard thick prick sliding over my pussy lips felt superb. That, and the touch of his hands and mouth on my back, sent hot shivers through my body. Slowly the gentle but firm abrasion of his tool across my slit caused my labia to swell, the lips parting, opening my cleft. His knob began to gather up moisture. I watched it begin to glisten as I looked down between my legs.
The excitement steadily built in my body. His cock slid back and forth over the parted petals of my pussy, slid deeply along the flesh of my groove, over the erect bud of my clitty. Colin paused and adjusted my body. My backside poked out more, my legs parted wider. His knob found the entrance to my cunt. With a gentle thrust he buried his tool inside me. My cunt clutched at him. His hands reached around my body and his fingers massaged my long thick fiery aching nipples.
Colin’s thick long prick slid in and out of my depths in a deep delicious fuck. I met his upwards thrusts with humps of my arse, engulfing his penetrating cock in my cunt. My body felt hot. Watched by Ross on the openness of the balcony I felt wanton. Our fuck was hard and fast. Pleasure soared through my belly, my box and my breasts. My orgasm came quickly. I peaked and was conscious of his slower deliberate thrusts. His prick pulsed between my thighs. He groaned. His pricked pumped and emptied his load of spunk into me. As he slowly pulled out of me cum ran down my thighs from my sopping pussy.
I stood to ease the ache in my body. Ross, his long cock curving up towards his belly, reached for me, gathered me up in his arms and carried me into the room. The bed was turned down, by Colin obviously earlier, either in anticipation or preparation or hope.
Ross put me on my back in the middle of the bed. His mouth fastened on mine. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, enveloped him in the cocoon of my flesh. His lovely big tool slithered across my dripping snatch, manoeuvred into the entrance of my hot wet vagina and, in one glorious slide, slipped into my depths. Oh god, it felt so good. My guts felt like lava. He fucked me slowly, deeply, firmly. My cunt muscles grasped at his thick shaft. My body rocked beneath him. Our tongues intertwined. My arms held his body; my legs crossed behind his backside pulled him into my depths. My cunt was on fire. Oh, oh what a fuck, what a cock. I revelled in his thrusts.
Pleasure seared my whole being. I fucked him hard, I fucked him fast. I soared to my climax around his cock. I shivered, rocked and shuddered. I came.
He thrust hard and deep into me. I felt his cock swell. His balls slapped my arse. His cock pulsated and twitched deep inside me. Hot spunk burned spurted into my cunt. Oh fuck, it felt so good.
Ross rested his perspiring body on mine. I held him to me as his wetness saturated my snatch, ran into the cleft of my backside.
Eventually we broke apart to lie side by side on the bed. I then became aware of Colin, temporarily forgotten, standing there with fresh cold drinks for all of us. It had been thirsty work. But now it was pleasant to have a friendly well built younger man on either side of me. We chatted until the drinks were gone.
Thoughts of a departure and a shower went from my mind when they both began to caress my body. Fingers and tongues hardened my already sensitive long nipples. Hands massaged the mounded melons of my breasts. Ross kissed my mouth and toyed with my tongue while his hands played with my tits. Colin trailed his mouth and tongue along my belly. Even though Ross kept me occupied I was conscious of Colin as he knelt between my thighs.
His tongue touch on my clit sent an electric jolt through my body. Colin’s hands opened up my pussy. His bunched fingers penetrated my cunt while his tongue stirred my love bud and his mouth suctioned on that small nub of super sensitive flesh. Bolts of pleasure seared through my thighs to my toes, shot up my belly, tingled through my breasts into my nipples.
Both men worked me over, my body now a pliable plaything in their hands and mouths. It was hard to maintain any sort of focus on one particular area of my body. Different parts of me just involuntarily responded to their ministrations. I rocketed to another orgasm, shaking and quaking to their combined touch.
Just as I peaked Colin moved. His long thick prick slid into the depths of my cunt. I lifted my lower body up at him as he thrust deeply into me. His firm deep thrusts filled my inner being. My cunt muscles grasped his shaft, caressed his knob as it slid over the inner hot spot somewhere inside me. He fucked me hard, he fucked me fast. God he felt glorious.
Ross pulled away from my mouth to watch us go at it. It did not take me very long to get there. The climax shattered through me. Ah yes fuck me, fuck, fuck I wailed. Colin’s thrusts slowed as his prick swelled and his muscle pumped. Hot spunk flowed and spurted into my twat.
They gave me no rest. As soon as Colin withdrew to lie beside me on the bed Ross took his place between my thighs. His penetration of my sopping snatch was effortless. He buried his tool in me until his pubic hair mashed into my parted pussy petals and his balls slapped against the crack of my arse. His fuck was hard and fast and deep. He bent forward and sucked my tits.
My body responded of its own accord. The pleasure quickly burned through all my nerve endings. My legs rose and wrapped around him. I engulfed his lovely fat hard prick with my juicy wet cunt. He fucked me. I fucked him. I was in heaven; oblivious to everything but that searing length of meat he fed robustly into my hot cunt. Oh yes, of yes, give it to me. Oh yes, fuck me; ah fuck me, ah yes. I climaxed hard, roared again to the stars. And he, beautiful man with a beautiful cock, poured and pumped me full of his cum.
Recovery took some time. Eventually I retrieved my bikini and towel from the balcony and tottered to my room, ostensibly for a shower. Under the air conditioning I spread a towel on the bed. As my body cooled I relived the afternoon in my mind, while my fingers caressed my sopping wet slimy pussy and strummed over my hard sensitive clit. The orgasm was just as wonderful as all the previous ones.
I slept for a while and woke up refreshed and smiled at the sight of my belly, thighs and snatch smeared white with dry cum. Now it was time for that shower.
If you and your mate ever see a mature woman sunning herself beside the pool at your motel always treat her kindly. You never know what might happen!

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2 months ago
Thank you for your comment. You might like some of my other stories too.
2 months ago
A lovely experience for all three.