My cuckold journey V

All my stories are true, only the names are changed.

Angie, my wife of three years, has a much higher sex drive than me, and as a result I talked her into taking other lovers. To be honest this was always a fantasy of mine so we kind of killed two birds with one stone so to speak. Her first lover was short lived as she never really fancied the guy, we had a good time though and it was a start at least. Her second was a guy she worked with, we even filmed her fucking him which was amazing, but he spoiled things by getting too heavy, talking about a relationship. Some guys get to fuck a hot married lady no strings, but that's not enough! Go figure. Six months passed with no extra-marital action, and I thought nothing would happen again....

I was sitting watching the TV when Angie came home from work and told me to come into the kitchen to talk. She looked a little flushed, I asked her what was wrong. 'I was walking up the stairs when Steve stopped me' she said. Steve had moved in downstairs a few weeks before after splitting up from his wife. They had said hello in passing. 'He asked me out Jim'. 'What did you do?' I said. 'I just walked on without responding, I was mortified'. I could see an opening for some fun. 'Remember I told you a while ago you could fuck anyone you wanted?' She nodded. 'Well, do you fancy this guy?'. 'Yeah, he's very sexy, nice looking body lovely smile', she responded. 'Why not go for it then?'. I really wanted to encourage her, this guy seemed perfect for us, she fancied him and he stayed in the same building, ideal for a pop around. 'What should I do though? I just left him hanging.' She asked. 'Well why not write your phone number down and put it through his letterbox?.' I said. She smiled and nodded. 'I will, tomorrow morning, on my way to work.'

The next night we were all having dinner when Angie's phone went, she answered it, looked at me and smiled, and then left for the bedroom. Around fifteen minutes later she called me in. 'That was Steve' she said 'I explained the situation, told him I'm married but that doesn't stop me (wink). He says he fancies me but he's not sure, that he's never done anything like that before.' 'So were did you leave it.' I asked. 'I'm going to go over to his place friday night for a chat.' She responded with a grin. I was getting hard already, 'I'm sure you'll bring him round.' I said as I pulled her in for long kiss.

Friday was a long time coming. Angie was confused about what to wear, sexy, slutty, demure. I suggested playing it slow, jeans and a sweater, but with sexy underwear in case anything happens. She agreed, she didn't want to scare him off by being to keen seeing as he wasn't sure. By 7:30 she was off to see (hopefully) her new lover. The night dragged by, the TV was rubbish and I couldn't concentrate on anything anyway. The longer she was away the more likely that something would happen I guessed. 11:15 and the door opened, my wife back from her 'date'. 'How did you get on?' I blurted out. She just beckoned me in the bedroom and told me sit on the edge of the bed. She removed her her sweater to reveal her sexy lacy bra. Did Steve get a look at it I thought, to remove it even. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down by her hips to show her matching red lacy panties. She moved closer and gently pulled my face towards her crotch. The smell of sperm was unmistakable! He had fucked my wife and came inside her married pussy. 'I managed to talk him round.' She giggled as she pushed me back onto the bed, removing her sperm soaked panties she crawled over me planting me with a sloppy kiss. Angie then slid herself up onto her knees and lowered her well fucked pussy onto my mouth. 'A little present for you.' She moaned as my tongue found her slit. I pushed my tongue into her pussy unleashing a flood of sperm. I had no option but to swallow it all, my wife had me pinned down with her legs, my arms stuck, my nose rubbing her clit. 'Aww fuck, that's brilliant Jim. Thanks for letting me fuck Steve. He's a good ride. oohhh. I'm going to keep shagging him, aahhh, if that's OK, ooohhh fuck I'm cuming ooohhh god....' Her orgasm pushed even more of their mixed juices onto my tongue. I lapped it up greedily, loving how dirty my wife had become. She finally rolled off me onto her back. I climbed on top of her and slipped my cock into her pussy, riding her slowly. 'So tell me the details' I pleaded. 'Well he was full of questions when I went over. How could I cheat on you, didn't I feel bad etc. I said it was a bit of fun that's all. We chatted for a while until I finally decided to kiss him. He was a bit taken aback but he didn't stop me. We frenched for a while then I ran my hand down to his cock. He was rock hard under his jeans. I decided to stand up and strip to my underwear, then walked to his bedroom. He was in in a flash naked but for his boxers. We rolled around the bed for a while, feeling each other up and kissing, before he removed my bra and kissed my nipples. Then he went down on me. He was good Jim, really knows how to treat a pussy with his tongue.' I had to slow my thrusts as I nearly came at that. 'He gave me a good orgasm. Really fucking good. I then sucked him off for a while, sucking his balls too. He loved that. His cock is slightly shorter than yours Jim, just as thick though and circumcised. A first for me. We then 69'ed for a while. We shagged doggy, missionary and me on top facing and reverse. He likes to look at my bum as he finally came in me the second time we did doggy. He was loud, shouting 'I fucking love your arse' as he fucked me.' My slow fucking didn't stop me cuming, pumping my sexy hotwife with her second load of spunk that night. One of my most intense orgasms ever. 'I think you enjoyed that Jim.' I just smiled stupidly as I rolled off of her. 'This one could be a keeper.' Angie said as she ran her fingers over my spent cock.

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1 year ago
yum, i love to eat cream-pies left by others....HOT
2 years ago
now thats HOT................Sweet
2 years ago
Great story.... great profile!! :)