Me And My b*****r Part 1

i am a young girl 17 ,slim , tits size 32D,nice ass and my story is about me and my b*****r, i always kinda thought that he was good looking hes muscley slim and very good looking hes 2 years older and one day when he was comming out of the shower i was walking past nd he was walking out of the bathroom and his towl fell and obviously it was by accident cuz his face went red and he had a hard on, i looked and his big veiny hard cock was so hard nd it made me horney so i went into my room and he went to his and i took off my clothes and spread my legs on the bed and started to finger myself and while i was doing this my b*o walked in in his tight lil boxers and he looked at me he wasnt hard any more but when he looked at me it was hard straight away nd neither of us said nothing so i jus sat there and didnt move and my b*o jus stood ther and didnt move and i cud tell he liked it bt we snapped out of it cuz my s*s came home and he jus walked out and into his room and i was still horney so i wanted to see him so i walked to his room fully naked and looked through his door and saw him wanking i was in shock his big hard cock was throbbing as he wanked it up and down fast so i went bak to my room and finished fingering myself and the next night i was in my room sooo horney jus tinking that there was a sexy boy next door with a hard cock for me :P so i called me b*o he came in and said wat i said com here he walked over he was wearing tight lil boxers again today but not the same ones , he was standing infront of me with his treaser trail of pubes cumming up from his boxers to his belly button and i didnt say nothing i jus started rubbing his cock over his boxers and felt it get hard instantly and then he jus stood there with his eyes cloths and his head up i cud tell he was enjoying himself so i pulled down his boxers and watched his cock pop out andi grabbed onto his hairy ass and pulled him forward nd sucked his cock and i sucked it so much in and out faster and faster each time, and den i stoped pushed him onto my bed and stripped for him slowly and took off all my clothes except my tong and bra so i turned my ass to him andbent over infront of him and pulled down my tong slowly and then turned and dropped my bra and i leened on him and hoverd my pussy over his cock and rubbed the tip of it off my pussy and shoved it in deep and fucked him faster and faster deeper and deepr his had veiny cock shoving inside my wet slippery tight pussy and let him fuck me then i stopped cuz i cud tell by his face that he wanted to cum and i started to suck him again and sucked and sucked not stopping and then he moaned ugh! and i felt the cum squirt out of his cock into my mouth and let the cum slide down my troath as i swallowed it my s*s started walkin up stairs so he jumped up pulled up his boxers and i jumped into bed and wrapped the blanket around me and he ran out into his room and that was it :P .
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3 years ago
If you're 16 you shouldn't be on here you idiot. -.- and i could spell perfectly at 16. The only excuse you have is if you are foreign. :P
3 years ago
it is good a spell check would have helped there is a free 1 with the google tool bar
3 years ago
im 16 sorry grammer nazi >:(
3 years ago
ur not wrong xXxPoistxXx could if only the wrier could learn to spell!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
not bad, could use some editing and sounds to much like its written by a guy for a 'girls point of view' story.