Surprise after a day in the office

I get home from work to find you sat at the top of the stairs wearing a french maid outfit. Stockings and all. To my pleasure i see that you're not wearing panties and you are slowly rubbing what looks like an extremely wet pussy. I start to walk upstairs, cock bulging in my pants. I get within three stairs until you say "STAY THERE! I WANT YOU TO WATCH". I stop there with my body tingling with anticipation. I watch you as you use one hand to manipulate your clit and you slide two fingers from the other into your glistening pussy. You let out a loud groan as i see you push your fingers in deep up to your knuckles. I undo my zipper, take out my cock and start to stroke it. You smile as you see that my cock is strong and hard. You spread your legs further and place one foot on the bannister. As your pussy opens up wider you slip a third finger in. I can see your juices dripping down your wrist. i sense you are getting closer to orgasm as i see you arch your back as you frantically stroke clit whilst pounding your pussy with you fingers. I am so turned on and start to wank my cock fast and furiously. "PLEASE CUM OVER ME" i hear you shriek in a high pitched voice as you edge closer and closer to orgasm. Your body starts to shake as you edge on climax. "FUCKING CUM ON ME NOW" you demand. As if by will i stutter throughout the last few jerks as i squirt my load over you outfit. Simultaneously you shuddering as your orgasm hits you. You scream with pleasure and lay callused on the floor with no energy.

I pick you up and carry you into the bedroom. I place you on our bed. I slowly undress you whilst licking and kissing every inch of your body, from your juicy lips to the tip of your toes. I would have you on a bed on all fours and work my way up from you legs to you fantastic arse. As my tongue gets closure to your cheeks i see you cant wait for me as you start to play with your already moist pussy. I use the tip of my tongue to slowly lick the juices surrounding your pussy before i trace up towards your arse hole. You twitch and pull back as i flick my tongue around the rim. After the initial hesitance you push back and f***e my tongue inch by inch into your arse hole. I insert two fingers into your pussy at this point as you are frantically rubbing your clit. You groan with pleasure as you start grinding on my fingers and face. You pull away and turn over, spreading your legs wide. "FUCK ME" you gasp. I slide my again throbbing erect cock into your warm and drenched pussy. You dig your nails into my arse cheek with one hand and scratch down my back with the other. You pull my arse towards you faster and faster so that my cock drives into you deep. You slide two fingers into your wet arse hole and you are awash with pleasure at being filled up in both holes. Faster and faster you makes me pound as we both inch closer to orgasm. Your legs wrap around me as you gasp for air. Your face is red as the wave or orgasmic delight takes hold. I feel you thighs dig into my side as i feel your pussy clench around my cock. I thrust for a few more seconds before i cum inside you.

We lay there, in that position for what seems like eternity with our arms and legs entwined.

I cant wait till i finish work tomorrow !
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4 years ago
very good but discribe her better